Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dog's Breakfast

A little late here but you can check the tweeter for what I said before this round started, I am sticking with it, more in a moment.

 3 and 1 in round two, so 7 and 5 now and a chance for redemption on my picks. The conference finals is where I do good work, 16 and 6 overall since I started doing this.

 Gary Bettman has his NHL now and it's ugly as sin. Any team can win it when you get down to it, Ottawa scored less goals than they allowed this season and here they are in the conference finals and it's not like they have been riding a hot goalie, although Anderson has been good, they have been actually better than their opponents. It's parity. Parity and the league throwing away the rulebook in the playoffs to further even things out. Faceoff battles like Malkin and Turris had at the end of last night's game? I don't really have any issues with dick measuring contests like that. But the Ducks were allowed to turn their second round series into a rodeo at times and they are doing the same against the Preds.

 Johansson is letting Kesler get to him but the fact that Kesler and Perry and Getzlaf are allowed too basically do what they want because ... they're vets? Carlyle is a good guy? you have to 'play through it'? ... well this is just reason number 3,784,637 why the NHL has always been and always will be a junior circuit compared to other pro sports' leagues. It's a league run by amateurs who are enabled by a primary rights' holder that employs a bunch of ex scrubs who, surprise surprise, tear down the stars at every turn, all the while pushing the narrative that guys like Tanner Glass and Chris Neil are the reason that their clubs win.

 Would you rather see Crosby and Malkin and Kessel in full flight or Kesler wrestling a top player to the ice after every draw? The latter is not hockey, except in the NHL.

 Joke league.

 Anyhow on to the predictions:

Pens v Sens

The Caps are the new Sharks/Sens/Wings (that's going way back, 25 years, before they broke through). They always always always find a way to lose. And yes they outshot and outplayed the Pens just as they always seem to outshoot and outplay whomever they lose to but like Boudreau's Caps/Ducks/Wild one has to start to wonder what gives? Fleury was very good, sure, and yes if that Ovechkin shot doesn't hit the shaft of Fleury's stick (!!!!) then we may not be having this conversation but .....

 You can say what you will about the Oilers (I thought they were outplayed but if they had not collapsed in G5 they probably win that series) but at least in game seven in the third period they came on and had their chances. The Caps never even got a sniff. Trotz? Personnel? Tactics? Sullivan's tactics?

 (A quick digression. You know what I would like too know? What is Sullivan's system? How do the Pens play that won them a Cup last year with a D that was Kris Letang and five guys named Moe and how are they three wins from another final with six guys named Moe back there. Maybe HNIC could stop talking about how Tanner Glass and Chris Neil are the most important guys on their teams and how Russians are terrible people and actual FUCKING ANALYZE SOME FUCKING HOCKEY!)

 So here we are Pens against the Sens and I got the impression that the Ottawas barely broke a sweat against the Rangers. And when did the latter become such a nondescript generic team of nobodies anyhow? A good team, sure never good enough of course, but they are basically Columbus in New York at this point.

 They don't have Erik frigging Karlsson that's for sure. What a player. What a player. Amazing.

 The problem for Ottawa is the Pens have Crosby and Malkin and Kessel. Three game breakers to the Sens' one. And the Sens' gameplan, trap trap trap, isn't going to exploit the Pens' weakness, that D.

 Pens in 6.

Ducks v Preds

 I despised the Ducks before they beat the Oilers - Kesler, Bieksa, Perry, Carlyle - and I would hate to see Kesler win the Cup (which means he is probably going to win the Cup) but I think they beat the Preds for two reasons.

 The Preds are a bit top heavy up front and the Ducks can run two lines out there that can shut their top line down.

 And Pekke Rinne is, at some point, going to be Pekke Rinne.

 Gord, this is actually going to happen isn't it?

 Ducks in 7.

 It's funny, the NHL, in the last ten years six teams have won the Cup, three have won seven of those and Detroit was coming off a run where they had been the top team in the league for nearly twenty years. The only 'random' winners were Anaheim and Boston and here we are, a decade after the Ducks won and they might win another.

 At some point some new blood will come in and we might get like we see in the NFL or ball, where except for the Patriots, Red Sox and Giants you basically get a new champion every year. I don't know how much I like that personally, I grew up with the dynasties and now that every team is jst another team, well, it's dull.

 Oh well. Go Preds!

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Gord said...

Completely agree. I only watched last night because I had nothing else to do - will not miss watching hockey the rest of this week. Am heading to the Slo-Pitch diamonds tonight to drink beer & watch my friends play...