Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dreamland Whoa Whoa

I tried to tweet about this but I need to write more than that will allow.

A few words on Travis Hamonic who apparently wants out of the Island, asked for a trade out before the season started and wants to move closer to home, which is Manitoba, for family reasons.

 Hamonic is, well he is exactly what Edmonton needs. Top pairing RH Dman, young but established, and on a sweet sweet deal.

 He isn't a project, he isn't going to be unrestricted in a summer, he isn't a guy with a bunch of question marks. Slot him in with Klefbom, have Nurse play with Sekera and Fayne with whomever you want on the left (Reinhart? Davidson?) or make it work however your mileage varies and this team is, well it's legit or a lot closer to it.

 The problem is that he is a top pairing RH Dman, young but established, and on a sweet sweet deal. Everyone is going to want in on this.

 Snow has two problems. One is that he has a pretty good team right now. They may not be an elite EC team (I would list Tampa, the Rangers and the Habs as those clubs, maybe the Caps) but they are a good team, good enough that they could come out of the conference with the right draw and if things fall the right way for them. So for him to trade one of his top pair for a pick or a prospect or a prayer, well, he doesn't want to do that obviously.

 And secondly he is pooched. He doesn't have to trade Hamonic right now but he has to trade him and the result is he is not going to get full value, as much as he needs it.

 So ... what is out there and do the Oilers have a shot?

 If Snow decides to make the move in season then the Oilers are a longer shot. I love Klefbom and Nurse but neither is going to step into the Isles' top pair right now. (And personally I would trade neither. I know the Oilers need to make strides but trading a 20 or 21 year old Dman who is the real deal when you are short on the backend does not make sense) So that means Chiarelli either has to convince Snow to take a forward or Justin Schultz.

 If Snow wants a Dman he may not get Dougie Hamilton or Trouba or Pietrangelo but a guy like Myers or Spurgeon is better than Justin Schultz and for both the Jets and Wild that is an upgrade.

 An option that my pal Dennis King floated is the idea of a three way, which doesn't surprise me, seeing as our summit over many pints at the Horseshoe this summer continually digressed into that territory (but now I digress) and of course this works. I am going to totally steal his idea here - Nashville sends a D to the Island. The Oilers get Hamonic and they send a forward to Nashville.

 Easier said than done though.

 The other possibility is Snow waits until the offseason. In his public comments Hamonic is not pushing the issue (of course privately this may not be the case) and if Snow waits until the summer then he may be more amenable to an Oiler package that includes picks or prospects or a forward and he can fill the Hamonic hole another way.

 The problem with waiting until the summer is that then you have a wider range of clubs competing with you. A team like Minnesota, for example, may like Hamonic but not want to make a move right now. A first round exit might make them decide to throw their hat in the ring.

 Whatever susses out I expect Chiarelli is in on this hot and heavy as he should be. Bring in Hamonic and especially in the weak Pacific they're a lot closer than before.


eastcoastolifan said...

Don't always agree with that Jays-hater, but I like the idea of that 3way deal with Nashville. Would prefer to do something with Schultz leaving town, but doubt that happens. What if you packaged Schultz+Yak+DProspect(or pick) and take back a shitty contract like Grabovski (who may actually be able to play still). Another possibility. But if isles are dead set on getting a top4D, the Oilers don't have one to give 'em. I'd say maybe the oilers could swindle 'em into taking Jultz or Fayne, but given what we paid for Reinhart, i think they may catch on!

Anonymous said...

Boychuk and Leddy are #1 pairing D with NYI

Black Dog said...

Hmm that may be anon but Hamonic leads the team in icetime both as a total, an average at at even strength. Second SH to Boychuk. Third on the PP to Leddy and Zidlicky. Ergo I would say he is actually their number one Dman. They play him more than anyone else.

Eastcoastoil - yeah as much as I'd love there to be a fit I think Minny or the Jets are the team to beat here :(

Olivier said...

My guess is Eberle's the forward that gets things moving in either a 3-way or even on a straight NYI-EDM deal. No need to finagle either way, both teams have the cap room to make this a foundation for the deal. If not, Eberle may be enough to make Nashoville willing to engage. They are a bit thin up front and have RHDs coming out of the wazoo (If I can say so...).

The Islanders are looking for whatever makes them take the next step. I suspect they can patch things up behind Boychuk/Leddy between now and the trade deadline and Eberle is helluva shot in the arm when it comes to offense. So they don't *need* to replace Hamonic right away.

Everybody's harping about the dearth of defensemen, but the truth is, there are a bunch of them around, it's just that the moves haven't started yet. Hamonic moving might set things off.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who is correct if he is 1st pairing or 2nd. This article says 2nd

“He’s a second-pairing defencemen … (Johnny) Boychuk and (Nick) Leddy are the top two and they’re paid as the top two.”

Anonymous said...

"Boychuk and Leddy are #1 pairing D with NYI "

As a pairing they are but Hamonic plays against the big boys. Playoffs would have been very different if Hamonic wasn't hurt. He would have been out against Ovechkin/Backstrom giving Boychuck and Leddy more time to generate offense against the other lines

Black Dog said...

Olivier - yeah I think Eberle is the man to go too. And yes you can say whatever you want ;)

Anon 1 (and guys, not like I get a ton of comments but easier to 'converse' if you have a handle) - to me if the guy plays the most, especially at ES, then he is the number one guy. I've read that he is in the top pair and also in the second pair. I think icetime is the best tell. You are going to play your best players as much as you can.