Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sp-Sp-Sp-Sp-Sp-Sp-Sp-Sp-Spadina Bus

Hey, check it out

I went down to the station
I didn't scream or fuss
I didn't have lots of patience
Waiting for that bus
Dug deep down in my pockets
To try and find some coin
But much to my chagrin
All I found was my groin


I've never been a big New Year's guy, same as St Patrick's Day you know, amateur hour. I had a few monster benders back in the day on NYE and the St Patrick's Day I spent in PEI was riotous but generally I keep a low profile.

 It was probably about twenty five years ago or so, a year or two after we finished school that a group of us went to the Pilot Tavern, a fine old place here in Toronto, for New Year's Eve. We had plenty of drinks beforehand and at some point we smoked up as well and so by the time we got there we were feeling pretty fine, just that nice buzzing you know. And around, oh Christ I don't know what time it was, they announced the headliner and The Shuffle Demons came out of the kitchen or bathroom or somewhere, playing their saxamophones, they danced through the crowd, right by our table and oh man I was freaking out, crazy crazy shit to see when you're high man, I highly recommend.


 Someone must have slipped me some peyote this week because I am in a fevered dream, no? Oilers win the lottery and then Bob Nicholson is named head of state and spoke about change in general terms, no promises, and we cynics, damn we're cynics after nearly a decade of shit, we sneer and shrug and then suddenly Peter Chiarelli is in town and on Friday it seems that he will be named POHO, which happens to be Kevin Lowe's job.


 Now Chiarelli is like anyone who has ever run a team. He has made missteps, most notably the Seguin deal of course although that one may be Neely's handiwork. As Cam said tonight the thing with these bloated front offices is that it's hard to say who is responsible for what, Christ look at the Oilers - Katz, Nicholson, Lowe, MacT, Howson and so on.

 In any case Chiarelli is a guy who built one of the three most successful teams of this decade. A Cup, a trip to the Final which could have easily resulted in a Cup and a President's Trophy. Pretty great, only Chicago and the Kings have been better.

 And he's not one of the guys on the bus.

 So what we have awaited for years is here unless this is all Katz taking the piss and adding another layer to this mess but according to Bob McKenzie who doesn't throw shit against the wall to see what sticks Chiarelli will get full autonomy.

 Did he make mistakes in Boston? Yes. Were the Bruins nine years out of the playoffs, worst team in the league? No. He's a vast improvement, make no bones about it.

 So Christmas has come early or is it Ukranian Christmas now? Whatever. Lowe is going to become VP of Remembering the 80s and Pancake Breakfasts. All the old boy scouts, pro and amateur, gone. MacT and Howson, gone, or on thin ice.



I can hardly believe it.


Woodguy said...


bsmart said...

I'll tip my glass to that!

calgarysux said...

"Lowe is going to become VP of Remembering the 80s and Pancake Breakfasts."

LOL!!!! Good one....

humantorch said...


rubbertrout said...


Next step, McLellan or, the maker bless us, BABCOCK?

Stephen Sheps said...

ha! we have a brief email convo and then this appears... you should know better than to get your info from a hack like me!

the reality is that we might be witnessing a new morning in Oilerville, yet strangely many are unhappy. Some of the comments and articles written about this new move is actually shocking - for years fans have talked about burning it to the ground, and now that someone from outside is brought in, people still bitch and moan. I don't get it...

Black Dog said...

Is this ... happiness?

Yeah Sheps well some people have been broken by nine years of ugly and some people will bitch about anything and some people won't give credit to anybody so I guess that's it?

Gord S. said...

"for years fans have talked about burning it to the ground"

Sheps - we wanted Oilers management burned to the ground - this is just the first step.

We do NOT want the players burned to the ground - there had better not be a Seguin type trade...