Monday, April 13, 2015

Fire Them All

Craig MacTavish stood up before the cameras and said that the one positive this year was that the team has even more room to grow, in other words the Oilers have that over the Lightning and Blues of the world who, because they are good teams, have very little room to get better. Also those teams don't have a lot of free time in the spring, unlike our Edmonton Oilers, so lol to them right? MacT must have been killing himself laughing in the past two Junes at Stan Bowman and Dean Lombardi whose clubs, two Cups each in five years, had nowhere to grow at all. Losers!

MacTavish also called his buddy Scott Howson an ace talent evaluator and said that next year is going to be another development year and with those two comments he has made up my mind.

 Fire him. Fire them all. Every last one of them. Open every orifice at Rexall and divert the river through it to clean the shit out because until this happens we fans will never see improvement.

 The first kids from the dismantling of the team that almost won a Cup have all been moved along, retired or off to Europe or greener pastures. The Hall cluster are now the longest serving Oilers and are getting into their mid twenties which is about when the management team likes to cut them loose. Willing to wait for Nurse, Draisatl and whichever new hope emerges this summer? By the time they are ready the last group's contracts will be up or, more likely, they will have asked out, sick of wasting their careers without even the sniff of a playoff race.

 We can't fire Daryl Wirtz sadly though it looks more and more like we are going to have to wait for his kid to clean up this mess. I always wondered what happened to Bob Pulford and await forty years from now when the Kevin Lowe mask gets ripped away to reveal that franchise destroyer.

 Bob Nicholson talked about an audit as to what is going wrong and all we get is more of the same and so he also has to go. We need a Shanahan, a guy who is going to come in and get rid of everyone from top to bottom.

 In Vancouver after a successful run that included a run to the Finals, one bad year meant everyone got gassed. In Boston the architect of one of the best three franchises of this era is apparently on very thin ice after their first stumble.

 In Edmonton the song remains the same. Nine years out.

 Fire them all.


Gord S. said...

The good news is that it is warm in Edmonton. Playoffs will not destroy my enjoyment of drinking beer with my friends after playing ball - for the 9th straight year.

But Oilers management continues to ruin my winters - sitting inside hiding from the freezing temperatures. Yep - fire them all...

Loxy said...

You know where it is also warm?


Not sure where I'm going with that, but something to do with "fire" and "them all".

Pat H said...

9 years out? I thought it was only 7...

Anonymous said...

The Oilers are a joke and the fans are the punchline. Just an absolute, unequivocal fucking joke.