Thursday, March 06, 2014

Why You Heff To Be So Bad?

 Ever wonder why the Edmonton Oilers are horrible? I mean historically bad? Do you?

 Every once in a while you'll see the phrase 'Get good players, keep good players' floating around this part of the interweb or on the twitters. Now its not the most original thought but I'm the guy who coined it around here. Do you want to have a good team? Acquire quality. Hold onto it or move it for other quality.

 The Oilers don't do that. What they do, better than any other club in the NHL (or professional sports most likely) is turn good players into nothing. The opposite of the paper clip into a house guy.

 I've compiled a list of players who were Oiler property for whom they have nothing on their NHL roster to show for. I have not included players who were out of the league within a year or two due to retirement or waivers or who have moved onto Europe (although I'm pretty sure Patrick Thoreson could play in the NHL he doesn't have a gig right now so he is not included). I have included a couple of players who by all accounts were willing to sign with Edmonton for cheap but for whatever reason were allowed to move on.  I have also included players who were traded for picks and / or prospects who have not arrived yet. When Klefbom becomes a regular then Penner comes off the list. Until then, no dice especially seeing as nearly all of these guys were traded for picks or prospects who have never panned out.

I've also included Horcoff because face it if Larsen can't grab a spot on this blueline he is no NHL player. Finally I've made decisions as to value so I have included Lubo instead of Stoll and Greene and Cole over Pitkanen or Lupul although you could substitute any of these guys in over the other if you prefer. In the end all that remained was nothing. They had something and they ended up with nothing.

 Of course there were circumstances and this and that but hilariously all of these guys went on to play for better teams (everybody is better than the Oilers of course). Give this team a goalie and they probably kick the Oilers' ass 99 out of 100 times even though they are a bit thin up the middle. Great on the wings and a solid blueline though.

 Anyhow if you want to know why the Oilers are so bad check this list out.

Ryan Smyth
Dustin Penner
Curtis Glencross
Raffi Torres
Shawn Horcoff
Kyle Brodziak
Ales Hemsky
Andrew Cogliano
Erik Cole
Radek Dvorak
Colin McDonald (thanks Bruce)
Jan Hejda
Sheldon Souray
Tom Gilbert
Lubo Visnovsky
Ladislav Smid
Mark Fistric

Too much.

Am I missing anyone?


Bruce said...

Dan Cleary.
Jason Chimera.
Ray Whitney.
Colin McDonald.
Linus Omark. :)

Black Dog said...

Aha forgot Colin McDonald!

Yeah they have a tradition of doing this for sure. Was just looking at the recent run but fack yes all of these guys are still playing!

kanadienkyle said...

That team beats the current Oilers in a 7 game series, right?

Take a leap of faith that the 4th will not pan out and give them Bryz for a goal keeper?

Black Dog said...

Yeah Kyle probably could do that.

And oh yeah they beat the Oilers in 7 I would say. Probably pretty easily.

Muji said...

Should we add some coaches to that list too?
- Craig MacTavish (now GM of an NHL team)
- Tom Renney (associate in Detroit)
- Ralph Krueger (by all accounts, was a great resource to Team Canada at the Olympics)

The Oilers have definitely sucked at keeping good players. I think MacT is better, but we don't know for sure yet. Horcoff and Hemsky are not really his fault.

I'm hoping that we can look back on this list a couple years and say, "wow, the Oilers sure used to suck at keeping good players" instead of saying, "why do the Oilers continue to suck at keeping good players!"

Black Dog said...

Hopefully Muji, hopefully.

It may have been time for Horcoff and Hemsky to go, I guess (I'm not sure I believe that but I'm not on the inside so who knows. I think I heard Horcoff asked out) but ideally they would have brought an actual player back in each case.

Oh well.

Zach Frey said...

None of those players are even very good, other than Ryan Smyth, who they kept until he got old. Trading those guys isn't what hurt--what hurt was the lack of return, and the inability to draft and farm a better squad of players. And that may be changing now, with their influx of talented youths.