Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Thanks Ales

 Ales Hemsky was the best thing about the Edmonton Oilers for almost a decade. A highlight reel of his goals would be better than almost any other player's in the league. He was an entertainer and an artist and he could lift you out of your seat, make you shake your head and gasp in amazement. He was underrated by fans and media alike and its too bad. After the dynasty days only Doug Weight and Ryan Smyth rank with him as players in Oilers' history.

 The goal pictured above is one of the great goals in Oilers' history and sits with the Marchant goal and the Pisani OT shortie in the holy trinity of Oiler goals post dynasty. And he scored it minutes after tying the game against the Wings and shortly after scoring the goal that put the Oilers in the playoffs and keyed that beautiful run.

 Only Ryan Smyth in his second goround remains from the last good team the Oilers had. When he is gone (maybe later today) all we will have is a bunch of losing losers who lose. Hopefully this will change some day.

 Good luck to Ales Hemsky. He deserved better and hopefully he will see success and good health over the remainder of his career. Thanks for the memories you beauty.


Pete. said...

I like "losing losers who lose". It's much more concise than my "half a dozen entitled little wieners who've been handed everything on a platter, and a bunch of ECHL-caliber garbage".

I'll miss Hemsky an awful lot. May he sign with a legit contender in the summer.

rubbertrout said...

Fare the well Dangles. You deserved better.

Lord Bob said...

In the traditional language of my people, "fucking rights."

Chappy said...

i gotta pull for ottawa? i guess so.


Anonymous said...

How can TSN and ESPN and get the Hemsky trade wrong?

3rd pick 2014

5th round 2015

That is correct. Shocking