Friday, August 09, 2013

The Way It Should Be

Seeing as some guy got traded twenty five years ago here are my two cents. First of all apparently Gretz has the biggest knob in the world (My buddy hung out with a guy who was drafted by the Kings and saw the horsecock first hand) and secondly, this:

 It was a few weeks before I got married, back in aught one, we were just wrapping up three and a half years in that shithole called Florida, we'd move back to Canada on Labour Day Weekend. My boss was going to a meeting in Toronto and in her Iowan drawl asked me what kind of money do you crazy Canadians have and how much should I get when I'm up there. My response:

 'Its pretty well the same as in the States except we have a two dollar coin. Other than that the bills are all the same except they are different colours and we don't have a hundred dollar bill. When Gretzky retired they got rid of it and released a 99 dollar bill with his picture on it' 

'You Canadians are so crazy with your hockey!'

 'I know. Anyhow you'll need a hundred bucks probably so when you're at Pearson just ask for a hundred bucks. Ask for a Gretzky, a Little Gretzky and a penny.'

 'What's the Little Gretzky?' 

'That's the ninety nine cent coin.'

 She would have done it too except the girl at the desk next to mine, who was from Ottawa, fell out of her chair she was laughing so hard.

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Calgarysux said...

That's a good one to play on the Americans.

I guess we also know now why Gretzky has 5 kids, lol!!!!!