Monday, July 29, 2013


One of my favourite series of posts was the work I did on the 1972 series, looking at each game, counting shots attempts and scoring chances in an attempt to find out who was driving the bus, whether or not the myths surrounding those eight games stood up to the test (they mostly did not) and to try and make some sense of it all. A couple of summers ago I started to do the same type of work on the '76 series and life got in the way and I never got untracked. I still need to finish that up. At Christmas this year I received the '87 Canada Cup DVD series and so I had that in the hopper as well (by in the hopper I mean that it was a barely formed thought in the back of my mind that likely would never get done until my kids were out of the house) and then today I received an email from Jason Scott who is looking at the series himself and has compiled data for the first game. Its terrific stuff and well worth the read and I highly recommend it. Its a huge amount of work as well so please give Jason kudos for putting in the effort to give us a snapshot of what many consider the best hockey ever played. Here is where you will find it Thanks for this Jason.

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