Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Round Two, ooo ooo ooo, ooo ooo ooo

 Round one was sweet for me, seven and one to bring my alltime first round record to forty seven and seventeen.

 Checking back on round two over the years I was surprised (just as surprised to see how well I had done in round one) to see that in round two I actually have a losing record at thirteen and fifteen.


 So here goes nothing, I'll probably write up some further thoughts on the first round later as well.

Chicago v Detroit

 For the Hawks, like the Pens in the other bracket, things could not have gone more swimmingly for them unless you rate the Wings highly, which I do not. Five games to roll over Minnesota in a series that was pretty well a no hitter on top of being short. Bolland back from injury now too. Meanwhile the Wings went the distance against a Ducks' team that fell back to earth, as many expected.

 I'm not saying the Wings are garbage, they're not, but imo there were five teams in the West to watch, the top six minus Anaheim (and apparently the Canucks too, oops). The Wings are a good veteran club but they don't have the horses that Chicago does and they don't play the heavy game that LA and St. Louis do that might (might) be Chicago's undoing. Of course there are Datsyuk and Zetterberg and both are amazing but Chicago can roll four lines and three pairs of D and as a result I think this is done in five, maybe six. The games will be close but Chicago will prevail.

LA v San Jose

 There really is very very little to separate these two clubs. LA still doesn't score a lot although Penner waking up from his annual hibernation is helping them. I rate Niemi higher than I do Elliott but then again St Louis' D is probably the best in the league. Hm.

 I think San Jose is a bit deeper up front. And I think they are a bit deeper on D and that the goaltending edge goes to them or at the very least is a wash. I also think the Kings took a beating in round one and that this is going to catch up with them. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I'm going Sharks in six.

 (I think I tend to go with my gut more in this round which is probably why I am a LOSER in it)

 Pittsburgh v Ottawa

 A lot of people, I mean almost everyone, was picking Pens to go all the way but I had my doubts. I figured the east was theirs for the taking unless Boston was healthy but the Islanders proved that they can be had. Lucky for the Pens though the draw is a bit easier for them with the Sens beating Montreal. Ottawa won't be a pushover, they have a big D and Anderson is very good but I don't think they score enough. The Pens D and goaltending can be had but its going to have to wait at least a round. Pens in five or six.

 Boston v Rangers

  The Bruins had a comeback for the ages last night and if they were healthy I'd consider them the favourites here but with Seidenberg and Ference on the shelf they're not going to be able to handle the Rangers. Chara looked mortal at times against the Leafs and at his age I can't see him handling a half hour of icetime a night against a Rangers' team that's going to hit him every chance they get. The Rangers don't score a ton but they have a deep enough lineup up front to match the Bruins and in the end the decimated Boston D is going to cost them the Series. Rangers in six.

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Bar Qu said...

I disagree on the LA-SJ series, but that's strictly an emotional call (hate SJ), plus I think series one woke them up a bit. But I think you are spot on with all the other series.

But if NYR goes through and the Pens too, I think the Pens will roll to the SCF. I don't see the NYR being a team which can match the firepower and Vokoun is playing well enough to carry them. JMO.