Thursday, April 04, 2013

What A Feeling

This past weekend was a roller coaster for sure. Capsule's annual appearance at the Exclaim Summit of the Arts was a disaster as not only did we not win a game but we did not score a goal. (!!!!!!!) We played well in two of our three games and in the third we were beaten as badly as we have ever been beaten by a team which we play every year. Sometimes we beat them. Last year we tied them. Apparently not pleased with last year's result where they didn't even advance out of the round robin (which we did) they forgot about the fact that the tournament is literally about sportmanship and fair play (if you rack up too many penalties your team will not advance) and sent a team of ringers, top to bottom.

We got smoked and it was a total disgrace.

On the positive side we had our annual team party on the Friday night and a wonderful time was had by all. We took advantage of the lovely weather to take the annual family trip to a maple sugar bush. And we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ by having a fantastic roast lamb dinner. We're athiests. Or at least the kids and I are. Well they're undecided I guess. We don't discourage it. You don't care about that. Also we had the sex and I drank some good beer. So hooray for our side. Oh also Saturday night the Oilers smoked the Canucks. So that also helped the general mood.

 The biggest news though, the best of it all, was that Jenn finally caved in. On Friday night, unprompted, she announced that we could get a new dog. I believe her words were 'Everyone but me wants one and I can't be the bitch who denies it anymore' or something to that effect.

 Now there are conditions. She doesn't want a puppy. It has to be smaller (~30 pounds or less) and it can't shed (or at most very very little).

 So this makes it a little bit difficult but not impossible. Looking at Cairn Terriers and Scotties, preferably around a year old. So yeah. Amazing.


 What's almost as amazing is that I woke up this morning and the Oilers are in 8th place. Tough tough row to hoe the next three games but right now the Oilers are in a playoff spot. Crazy.

 Back in January I figured with some luck the Oilers would be here and they, for the most part, have been pretty lucky. They have a few guys, notably Hemsky, battling nagging injuries but for the most part they have been healthy for the first time since 2005/2006. Only the Horcoff injury has been a longterm problem they have faced. Almost killed the season but they're still in it warts and all, God knows they have warts but then again so does everyone else.

 Will they make it? Who the hell knows? Right now everything is going in just as two months ago nothing was and so if this keeps going for another three weeks then they probably will. Tough schedule and all but sometimes shit just happens. It is right now.

 I'm enjoying it. It takes time for kids to develop. We saw it with Smid and then this year Gagner came of age in his fifth year in the league and now we are literally seeing Taylor Hall become the man, all in the space of a few weeks. He is one of the best players in the game right now, the underlying numbers have been there forever, he's got the hot hand for sure but as LT says he's been pushing the river since last year. He's unreal. And it looks like Ted may finally be healthy and I would bet on his turn coming next season if he is healthy. He's not the same player as Hall but honestly I could see him top twenty in scoring next season as well.

 Its really something.

 I sure wish Tambo had made a move last summer though, they might be home and cooled right now, this is not the Oilers' way though, they're just waiting and waiting. Patience is good, it is, hell we saw Milbury trade enough good young players out of Long Island to know that a dummy can ruin a team pretty easily but man a top four Dman and top nine LW (and maybe a C when Horcoff was down) would have meant a guaranteed spot rather than a possible spot.

 Oh well. I'll enjoy it for now. It could be over in a week, literally, but its in their hands and what more could we ask for. Especially seeing as the core of the team are just kids.



lowetide said...

Yeah, Jenn! Team player! :-) I cannot believe how much joy our little doggie has brought into our home. She's humping the neighbor lady right now!

mattwatt said...

The Catholic in my will allow your use of Jesus is jest to slide by just this once Pat, just this once ;).

Seems that your firing of fans did the drink. Since you got rid of the riff-raff, the Oilers have been on some kind of roll. If you had only gotten rid of Tambellini, this team might be going to the cup!

Jokes aside, it will be nice to witness the Nuge coming out next year, and Yakupov after that. It will be nice to see actual NHL players on a team that was void of so many. Now Nuge won't hit the stage with such an impact that Hall has, but feel it will have close to the same punch. You can already see it in how he wins puck battle. Doesn't seem to remove the man from the puck, but rather the puck from the man. Truly gifted at both ends of the rink, and he is only in his second year. Stunning.

Then there is Yakupov. Kid is already a load for NHL players on the board, taking the puck away often from men. He has also shown glimpses of the same vision that Hall has been putting on full display this past year, and Nail has a passion for playing the very few players possess. You can tell winning, team, and playing the game mean a lot to him, and although those are "cliched" traits, combined with his talent that makes one deadly combination. I look forward to him having several hat-tricks 2 years from now.

Yes, our days of leaving Egypt and wondering the desert seem to be behind us. No, it won't be perfect. God knows management could still muck this up. But it is nice to finally settle down and have something as fans to call our own.

God bless what has been happening the past few days ;)

Loxy said...

Oh no. Orgle is going to see that you got a dog and the race will be on for our own.

Thanks, Pat.


Black Dog said...

Sorry Loxy, what can I say? ;)

lol LT. I'm looking forward to it. Our youngest was not even 2 when Ben passed away. I think all kids should grow up with a dog.

Black Dog said...

Matt - yeah Yakupov is going to be unreal. If they can just get a few NHL players to help out here and there its going to be a fun ride.

rubbertrout said...

Pat, the dog you are looking for a is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Slightly above the 30 lbs boundary but still small enough to cuddle up with on the couch. Plus if she sees the pics of how cute these buggers are when they are puppies she will melt.

Black Dog said...

Rubbertrout - also on the list yes

Jana said...

Yeah for a dog! I have a puggle but that won't meet the shedding requirement for you. Great dog with kids.
Take Jen to the local SPCA - her heart will melt. Those dogs need love.