Monday, February 11, 2013


 So last night at about 4 am I could hear some moaning from down the hall from our youngest daughter. My wife sleeps like a rock, I do not, so for the most part I'm the one who gets up at night. Its not a big deal, we've been lucky, our kids aren't ones for getting up a lot at all for any reason and they've all slept through the night for ages so with the odd exception I may get up once or twice a week to check on the girls. The boy gets up about once a year needing something.

 So I wander in and she's crying a bit in her sleep so I rub her back and speak a few soothing words and tuck her in tightly and head back to bed. This is usually the cause of me having to get up, sometimes I have to visit again, sometimes not. Bad dreams or some sort of ache I guess, she is always asleep when I go in.

 Except this time a few minutes later she starts screaming I mean heavy duty holy fuck screams. Its a nightmare and I go down the hall and its bad enough that she is coming out of her room to meet me.I pick her up and her heart is pounding like mad and when I go back into her room she absolutely freaks out about the bug that's in her bed that has just told her that its going to eat her for lunch.

 Which is pretty funny though not to her at this time.

 She points to the bug which first of all is a screw in the frame of the bed and then a shadow and then nothing. I go to put her down but she completely freaks out and my older daughter is awake now of course (not the boy though, this morning I asked him if he heard anything and he had not) and trying to calm her until my youngest says the bug is gone because its now in the top bunk and now my oldest is freaking out as well, in the haze of just having woken up, thinking that there is an actual bug rampaging through their room.

 The end result was our youngest in our bed, literally wrapped around my wife for an hour and a half and me on the couch (I can't sleep with a kid in the bed, never have been able to).

 Pretty funny shit though.


 I don't know if its the shorter season or ridiculous expectations or just because Oiler fans are dumb (For the record I don't think Oiler fans are any dumber or smarter than any other fanbase. I think they tend to be very easily led by ownership and management, on most other clubs Kevin Lowe would have been fired years ago. I think they turn on players faster and more easily than most. And I think they also love prospects more than most. But I think like any fanbase there are dummies and not dummies) but you'd think this club was bottom of the league right now. The brand new coach should be fired. Everyone over 21 should be shipped out. Etc etc.

 Where the Oilers are is where expected them to be. In the mix. They've had a tough early schedule, they have a large number of guys slumping, teams have obviously watched tape on their PP, their centre corps was basically wiped out for a couple of games and Ryan Whitney who Tambo (shockingly I know) seems to have thought could still contribute, is done.

 And yet ... and yet ... they're in the mix. And this is with who outperforming what we might expect? I mean really outperforming. Dubnyk. Justin Schultz. Maybe Nick Schultz slightly.

 Did the Oilers just have a bad week? Sure. They were missing two of their top four centremen for all but one game plus Ted is obviously hurting and their fourth centre this weekend was Ryan Smyth who hasn't played centre since that time they slotted him in between Newsy Lalonde and Frank McGee a couple of years before poor McGee went West at the Somme.

 I mean really.

 And yet the calls for Kreuger's head have already begun. Buddy never had a chance having been to Europe and all.

 Here's a coach with no training camp, one of the youngest teams in the league, everyone coming in with varying levels of fitness (same as everyone of course) - he is still figuring it out. Where everybody fits, what they are capable of. With Whitney sitting  in the pressbox and Hordichuk barely playing before getting waived its becoming clear he's figuring it out.

 (More impressive to me is how useful Paajarvi has become under Kreuger's tutelage. This is a kid who wasted away under Renney. That in itself was worth old silk scarf taking the gaspipe.)

 So be like Fonzie Oiler fans. They are where you should expect them to be. The bad news is that Dubnyk is not going to be Jack Plante all year. The good news is that they aren't going to shoot 5% all year either. And Tambo's job is on the line if they don't make the playoffs so expect some moves to shore up weak spots.

 Of course the question of wheter or not we trust Tambo to do the right thing is for another day ....



MacT's Helmet said...

I've been pleased with the team.
So-so results, but you can tell that the effort and swagger is there. There aren't any Patrick O'Sullivans or Robert Nilssons. There are no JF Jacques on the first line. The coaching decisions have been rational: good lines, good call-ups, good benchings, good goaltending decisions.

Dubnyk has been unreal. JSchultz also. Sam Gagner needs to be locked up. Hemsky is a healthy; fans forget and continue to forget how great a player he is.

I worry about RNH's shoulder and struggles 5x5 tho.

Black Dog said...

MacT H - I don't worry too much about RNH 5 on 5, it will come. He's a baby still.

But the shoulder is a serious issue. He's heading for surgery same as Hall was. I presume he can't do further damage by him playing and they have no better option but he's not the same player as he was last year.

Loxy said...

I'm loving Paajarvi.

It's really hurting watching Smytty though. This is what it is like to watch someone in their last year in the NHL. It's hard to change your expectations after so long.

scottsdale dui lawyer said...

What a night. The game was intense!

Halfwise said...

It's still a snakes and ladders team but the offensive ladders seem to reach higher this year.

On the other side of the puck Dubnyk, J Schultz and dare I say Belanger are keeping the GA snakes from reaching the low levels we have been conditioned to expect since 7 frickin years ago.

Black Dog said...

Loxy - yeah I love Magnus too. As for Smytty its tough but as we saw on Saturday he's not dead yet. The layoff this fall may have hurt him more than most. I am not ready to write him off yet.

Halfwise - yeah they're better on both sides of the puck. Still a long way to go on the blue though

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