Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbour?

The team was a bit smug after Sunday.

They wanted to put on a show for their fans and were nervous.

Dubnyk was bad.

Bad penalties (again) put them in the hole early.

Kreuger, trying to see what he has, (I hope), chose not to match Horcoff against Thornton.

Team defence was atrocious.

San Jose is a good club.


Last year the Oilers smoked Chicago. Twice. Did that mean that the Oilers are a better club than Chicago or that Chicago should have blown it up?


Shit happens.


And then there is this.

Four months later Vancouver was burning.


In other words have a beer. This club may make the playoffs with some luck, as I said. They may not. They're a bunch of kids. Relax.

Now who's with me? Seriously, I'm on a roll. *drinks, smashes guitar*


cartooncolin said...

Now granted the Sharks took the foot of the gas after the first ... but the second half of the game was there to be had. As much as they lost their heads in the first they clawed back and created a bunch of quality chances. A couple bounces here or there - a call going there way ( the high stick on Schultz Jr comes to mind ) and who knows.

One game.

PS - was it just me or was Danis a calming influence?

Black Dog said...

One game.

If, in the third, they had cashed another chance or two early it would have been interesting to see. SJ took their foot off the gas, may have been hard to slam it down again.

As for Danis, I think it had little to do with him to be honest. Sharks took it easy on them.