Friday, November 16, 2012

The Man In The Window

 After our parent/teacher interviews last night (and yes both of our older kids are doing great, thanks for asking. No interview for the youngest, likely will have to book a week for that one.) we had an hour or so to kill so we figured we'd take a run to a neighbourhood fancy burger joint we hadn't been to in a while. I was going out for some pints with a pal later so we didn't have time for a fancy but when I first asked Jenn out it was over a burger on the way back from Panmere Beach on PEI (I was giving her a lift home from a gathering) so it was just like old times except for the fact that we were in Toronto, we own a house and have three kids. And over fifteen years have passed us by.

 Fucking mental.

 So we're eating our massive fancy burgers and onion rings (Great Burger Kitchen btw I recommend it), sitting at the rail overlooking Gerrard Street, chatting and watching the world go by, its an interesting one down that way, when all of a sudden this little guy walks by, looks at us, does a doubletake and comes ambling over to the window. He proceeds to press his face against the glass, staring at our burgers. His eyes bug out, he sticks his tongue out and licks his lips, he mashes his face into the glass as if hoping that by the sheer will of his appetite our tasty burgers will come through the glass into his gaping maw.

 I'm killing myself and Jenn is aghast - Oh my God she says what is wrong with this guy? OH MY GOD!

 He pries himself away from the glass, leaving slobber marks there, walks away and then suddenly turns and opens the door to the restaurant. Jenn grabs my arm and shrieks, Oh my God he's coming in here!!

 And then I introduced her to my buddy Scott, 49 year old grinding winger on Capsule Music.

 Best. Ever.


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Bruce said...

Is that Scott in the picture? ;)

Black Dog said...

He's way more handsome.

The monkey I mean.