Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Kreuger and Some Thoughts On The Draft Schmaft

Ralph Kreuger gets the nod today and what is that now, four coaches in five seasons? A losing proposition for sure, teams that run through coaches and/or management generally are losing losers who lose and of course the Oilers are no exception. I've said it before, Scott Bowman and the ghost of Toe Blake couldn't get much out of the mooks management has given the coaching staff since 2006.

Next time its Tambo's head on the block though. MacT was at the end of a long run and said himself that he was done but we're talking about the third hire now for the GM and its his last one unless a few years down the road the club has had some success and it looks like Kreuger can't get them over the final hump.

I didn't like how the Oilers handled the Renney situation, they fucked him over pretty good but I really don't mind that they took this long to hire Kreuger. They had some candidates in mind, I presume, who may not have been available to interview until the playoffs were over (and yes as I said I am presuming here) so I'm not one to make a big deal of it. Of course if they didn't then lol and wow are these guys terrible.

They're terrible anyway but can't get on their asses when not merited, right?

As for the actual hire, I like it. As I have said before I think that you have a handful of great coaches, a handful of rotten coaches (Craig Hartsburg, Michel Therrien, Pat Quinn for example) and then the vast in between where there are varying degrees of competence. If you're coaching at the NHL level you're one of the best in the business regardless of how fans moan and groan but switching out a guy like Craig MacTavish (good NHL coach) for Tom Renney (good NHL coach) isn't going to make the Oilers a playoff team.

 Better players will.

 I am glad though that Edmonton did not go the route of hiring Marc Crawford or Brent Sutter, the same old same old tired retreads that seem to make their way through the league year after year. For me when it comes to a coach I'd rather go off the beaten path in the hope that you might find a topnotch guy. Is Kreuger that? Probably not. He seems like an articulate guy and he had success last year (very small sample size) and with the Swiss program. In other words I think worse case he is an average coach and maybe, he's better than average.


What's that old saying, sometimes its not what you do but what you don't do? Is that a saying? How would I know?

Its a sign of how little faith in the Oilers many fans have that no other team is surrounded by so much angst, rumour and innuendo and it all culminated last Friday. The Oilers were probably shopping the pick and couldn't hit the home run they would have had to hit to make it worthwhile and so they did the only thing they could do and they picked Yakupov. But oh the questions. Who did the scouts want? Who made the final decision? Did Katz come from on high and lay down the law? What media member/shill was in the know?

God what a circus. I presume the Oilers showed up to the draft in a Beetle and all piled out in clown outfits. Katz, his kid, Lowe, the scouts, Stauffer and Tencer. And Tambo riding behind on one of those tiny bikes, honking a horn. BWAP! BWAP!

Tough? Sure but they deserve it. Stop losing and then maybe folks will start respecting you. Losers.

So they got the one and only guy they should have picked at number one and as for the rest of the draft who knows? Tyler Dellow did his usual excellent work and so one is left wondering (as they did at the time) what they were thinking when they picked Moroz when they did. He may have been at the top of their board but of course it seems like a reach, especially when they couched it as picking complimentary guys for the talent.  Not the best plan.

But they are the pros, we're not and its not like this kid doesn't have some good arrows. Same as the next two they got and there Zharkov seems like he may be a steal indeed. When will we know? Maybe in two years. More likely in five, if then.

We still don't know how 2007 is going to rate so don't get your knickers in a knot lads. If they end up with Yakupov and another player from this draft then its a good one. Yakupov and two and its a big win.

So we'll see.


Anonymous said...

They had the night to decide who to pick 32nd. This pick was not a case of we were surprised X was picked before us. and had 10 min to decide.

I was hoping they would hire Jon Cooper , someone outside of the company, and probably not a yes man.

We will wait and see and if it does not work out Oilers management can move the goal posts again.

Black Dog said...

anon - when it comes to the 32nd pick I am of the mind that they should have gone in another direction but I'm not a scout so what can I say. I think its a reach but based on what I have read about the guy he may be a diamond in the rough.

I would have liked to see Cooper as well but I think Kreuger is a good choice. Also I think once any guy gets in there politics plays a part.

Your last point though is on the money of course. Although if Kreuger does not have success then Tambo is a goner.

Scott said...

I think that Katz, or Lowe, did come from on high and told Tambo who to pick. I remember when he went up to announce the pick how I noticed right away that the announcement of this pick was a lot different than the first two First Overall picks. Tambo didn't look happy at all, and there was none of his usual preamble. He just went and called the pick. While one may simply chock this one up to him not being happy to be there for the third year in a row (didn't seem the case during the draft lottery though), I think it was more indicative that he was being forced to make the call he didn't want to make.

In terms of Zharkov, I don't think that I've every been as intrigued by a later round prospect of the Oilers as I am of this guy. I defintiely think he may turn out to be a steal. He fell, in part, because of the Russian-KHL phobia thing. But that is something that I don't think should be a major factor when it comes to kids that come over here to play junior. They obviously have their sights set on the NHL as their final destination.

calgarysucks said...

Beyond the top 10 picks it's pretty much a crapshoot, anyway. There's a case to be made for "we should have picked so and so" or "we should have picked that guy" but ultimately even if they make the most popular choice there's no guarantee it works out.

Anonymous said...

I really like what I've read about that east indian kid they took in the third round. Sounds like an incredible character and with 4 of the best young players in the world, the last thing the Oilers need to worry about is drafting scoring talent---for the next 5 years at least.

Black Dog said...

Scott - yeah I like the Zharkov pick a lot

anon - I like that pick as well. I don't fully agree with you on the scoring talent point though. You always draft BPA. You never know what may happen with injuries, contract issues, trades. Always bpa even if the club looks stacked.

Black Dog said...

calgarysucks - yeah I agree for the most part. Everyone has their own list and they go by it. If your scouts are good then you'll do well, if not then you have to fire the scouts.

The Oilers' list didn't match a lot of folks once it got to their second pick. Hopefully they are right. I can't get too worked up about it, not when we see guys like Gernat and Reider.

At least not yet. ;)

Mr DeBakey said...

Yakupov and two and its a big win.

So, two of Zharkov, Moroz and the field….
That’ll be tough. Its amazing how many guys disappear each step up the pyramid. Curtis Hamilton I’m looking at you.

Stop losing and then maybe folks will start respecting you. Losers.

Notice this morning at Lowetide, when someone posted a link to TJ’s column mocking Tambo, that both Ducey & Godot10 jumped in to attack TJ & the column.
Surprising huh?
If the Oilers don’t get off to a good start next fall, those two commenters are gonna be busy.

I’d like the Oilers to sign Vadim Krasnoslobodtsev, a LW with decent size [6’ 2”, 203] to give Yakupov a Russian buddy.
The guy had a crappy KHL season, but scored 3 goals in seven games at the World Championships.
I’d love to see an Oiler jersey with Krasnoslobodtsev across the back.

Jordan said...

Pat I've seen a lot of chatter about the picks. Especially about when they were picked.

LT posted this on ON today:

Mitchell Moroz selected #32 overall and #56 on BM's list (2012)
Jujhar Khaira selected #63 overall and not ranked on BM's list (2012)
Daniil Zharkov selected #91 overall and #47 on BM's list (2012)

If the Oilers had selected these
players like this:

Daniil Zharkov selected #32 overall and #47 on BM's list (2012)
Mitchell Moroz selected #63 overall and #56 on BM's list (2012)
Jujhar Khaira selected #93 overall and not ranked on BM's list (2012)

How would you feel? Happier because they had followed the conventional wisdom provided by the darft Gurus we've all been told to follow?

Or would you still feel that the Oilers had left too much skill on the board?

I'm quite honestly very happy with the picks. There's a lot of value here, simply because the Oilers haven't successfully drafted a player with size and skill who's made the cut as an NHLer since Stoll was redrafted by the Oilers. THey acknowledge a problem in their pipeline, and addressed it. Best of all, they did so in a weak year, with little depth.

This is a good move, and a smart move. It goes against conventional wisdom, which is super - conventional wisdom just produces the same results.

I'm hopeful this will produce different ones.

Max Powers said...

Pat. Would love to hear your take on the Schultz signing.... Woohoo!

Curious to hear if you hold the retards in higher esteem after this apparent coup.

Black Dog said...

Mr D. - yeah the usual suspects eh? I swear those guys must be Oiler employees.

You always have guys who fade, like Hamilton might be. I did see him play though, I think he has a shot as a bottom of roster guy.

But then again you have guys who come out of nowhere. If two is the benchmark then they need one other guy to be a player. I would think one of those guys will be.

Max - on its way

Black Dog said...

Jordan - I'm not really too worried about the draft honestly. I know quite a few people are but the amateur scouts have done well over the past few years imo and I'm willing to trust them.

I think the Moroz pick is the one that makes people crazy and there was some quality there. You know one of the consensus guys will be a player and guys will make hay from that.

If that was the guy they wanted then he's the guy they had to take though.

Zharkov falling to them was lucky but at least they had the sense to take him.

Druds said...

BD your a harsh do make me laugh...the visuals on the clown car keeps me chuckling all day but still....your a harsh man