Monday, April 30, 2012

Hopeless Hopeless Hopeless

Four and four in round one and a cunt hair (as an old pal of mine once used to say) from being two and six and man oh man dull matchups abound or maybe not? Anyhow you will have to trust me that these were my round two picks even if we're three days in now but I can be trusted, you'll believe it when you see my Nashville/Phoenix pick. And my impression is that with these picks I'm pretty well with the consensus anyhow, same as I was first round. Anyways I'm long gone in both pools, done in by that smiling buck toothed bastard Marc Andre Fleury, should have known not to trust anybody who let Patrick O'Sullivan get the better of him. Also eat it Vancouver. Thanks a million. Philadelphia/Jersey The Flyers pounded the Pens despite their own goaltending woes and now they have another opponent with iffy goaltending. Discussed on Twitter as to whether or not Flyers are one and out with Bryzgalov hurt and/or lousy but the reality is they will not face another team with the offensive firepower of the Pens. Wings, Blackhawks, Bruins - all out. Pretty well everyone left does not score or does not play their players who can score (I'm looking at you Dale Hunter) so while its likely they will not score eight goals a game against the non Fleury goalies they also don't have to face Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Letang and company again. Now ... does this mean that they cannot be stopped? Of course not. But this is a club with admirable depth up front and the field is flawed and they probably have the best player left as well in Claude Giroux. Jersey's no pushover of course but they're looking like the Flames or Stars of the last decade more and more - a good team, they'll give you a battle, but they aren't beating you. Just not good enough. Flyers in six. Rangers/Capitals Capitals beat the Bruins in what turned out to be a pick em and the Caps are playing 'playoff hockey' which seems to mean benching Ovechkin and Semin essentially. Fans and the talking heads love it (or most of them anyhow) and its hard to argue with a win in round one except of course this club was a bounce from going out and I'm always of the mind that you may want to play your best platers but I NEVER PLAYED THE GAME so what do I know. Oh well. Now they get the Rangers who don't score a lot but defend a whole ton and all of a sudden they are starting to go in for Brad Richards and he's a guy who can score enough and create enough to get that extra goal or two they need above one goal to win. Will be interesting next year if Hunter stays and just as interesting if he goes and his replacement decides that playing Ovechkin a lot is not a great idea as well. Someone is going to get a very good player, probably for 75 cents on the dollar, if this is the case. Rangers in 6, less if Holtby comes back to earth Blues/Kings I'd love to see a Flyers final with one of these two clubs just because these are two franchises with a long history and no Cups to show for it. I was figuring Kings in seven before Pietrangelo was hurt and if he is done then so are the Blues. Even if he plays and plays well I will go with the Kings. Better goaltending and while the Blues have better scoring than their season suggests (Perron, McDonald and Steen all have nice ppg numbers but were out for parts of the season) the Kings can bring offence from the blue and have the guys up front who can flat out score - Kopitar, Brown, Carter, Penner, Williams all can snipe if they get the chance, I think that flat out talent carries the day. Kings in seven. Preds/Yotes Well ... I have this one wrong by the looks of it but I figured the Preds. Phoenix got by Chicago thanks to the latter's shit goaltending (both of the Dane's OT goals were fireable offences), pisspoor officiating that seemed to go the Coyotes' way and an awful lot of luck. Sooner or later that shit evens out but two games in they've got the Preds in a bad bad position. Nashville HAS to win the next two pretty well, the way Mike Smith is playing they can't get into a position where they have no margin for error. Unfotunately for them they are there now pretty well. Anyways my original thought was Nashville in six but it looks like we're looking at another round for the Yotes


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