Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wasting Away In Margaritaville

When people I have met a little more recently, say guys I play on my hockey team with, find out that I lived in Florida for three and a half years they are a bit astounded.

I'm not a Florida type of guy.

I don't like to golf and I am not into boating. I like the beach in small doses but that's about all.

Everyone who drops by here knows I'm a pretty positive guy, right? Other than when it comes to Oilers' management. I enjoy life, look on the bright side, don't like running folks down.

But God help me I don't like Florida much at all. And I lived here for years so while I'm certainly not born and bred I'm not casting stones from afar.

If you were to ask me of my lasting memory of this place - one time we were taking the big fellow (God bless him) down to the beach for a swim and as we putted along looking for a parking spot we noted a girl, about sixteen or seventeen, enormously pregnant, dancing in the back of a pickup truck in a thong bikini, can of beer in one hand, smoke in the other.

Should be the state flag right there.

And yes I know many lovely people here and Key West is one of my favourite places but sometimes I think if a big wind came and blew the endless sprawl and tattoos and gun shops and billboards advertising personal injury lawyers and the personal injury lawyers themselves and all of the rest of it into the Gulf of Mexico and left the peninsula to the geckos and the manatees and the palm trees it might just be a better place.


Now having said all of that we're having a grand time here, just finishing up our near two weeks before heading back north. What can I say, nice place to visit .... We hit Disney and the kids loved it, as did we, what can I say we're just two big kids ourselves. We drove down to Sarasota today to catch a spring training game at a lovely little park and the kids (the boy especially) loved their first encounter with baseball. We did one of the crazy mini putts and we've been to pools and barbeques and the beach pretty well every day and we're all brown as we can get. And God help my poor wife I can barely keep my hands off of her when she's brown and smelling of the beach and all salty tasting. Mmmm hmmm.

So its been a fine time and the cheap beer and wine certainly has not hurt.

Front row seats to see the Oilers tomorrow night, fifty bucks lol, and I'll keep an eye on the young Finn first and foremost but hopefully the entire club puts on a good show especially Hemsky who is catching fire (healthy at last) and the old Russian captain, God love him.

Friday we'll be on the beach all day and then Saturday and Sunday we'll be heading up I75 home but hopefully I'll have a few words on the game and the Florida hockey experience next week and then will be back in the saddle again.


Jana said...

50 bucks in Edmonton will get you seats in the 300s, where all that's behind you is cement wall. Some things in life are so not fair.

TigerUnderGlass said...

Ah Florida.

The only thing that could make that State flag more complete would be if the pregnant drunk girl was grinding on her cousin.

spOILer said...

Don't know if you will get to see it Pat, as it's not really an Everglades kind of thing, but the FA Cup rematch between our two sides is tomorrow.

Apparently Muamba is doing better, and was able to sit up and watch the Wanderers-Rovers match on Saturday. There was a stirring tribute to him at Reebok before the match.

Tomorrow should be a pretty emotional affair.

Black Dog said...

lol Tiger

Jana - nope its true

spOILer - I'm back but am working so no luck for me

Fantastic news about Muamba, read what the doctor who apparently was in the stands and came down to help treat him had to say, basically its a miracle that he is still alive

Bruce said...

Come back, Pat, all is forgiven.

Black Dog said...

lol Bruce very good.