Monday, February 27, 2012


5:00 Going to have to check in later, time to feed the kids. A weird deadline, a few bigger type deals than the usual depth guy for a fifth. Boston and Vancouver appear to have done well, same as they did last year. Not a surprise to me that so many clubs stood pat. Few sellers really.

The Canucks/Sabres trade - big deal. Might be good for both clubs. Typical Canucks, deal from strength, you know that with Kesler and Sedin up the middle there is no room for Hodgson so they moved him to shore up other areas. Very similar to the Oilers' move where they added a quality top four Dman by moving ... their best top four Dman.

Unclear as to why one of these clubs is a bottom feeder and the other is a Cup contender again.


3:09 Well ... lamest deadline ever? Nashville added Gaustad. Bruins have added Motteau and Rolston? Sharks deal pending? Still waiting. And nothing from the Oilers except moving their best defenceman.

Shitty all round.


2:19PM Vancouver, like they did last year, adds a guy who will help in Pahlsson and do so for very little. They really have to be considered favourites in the West again I would think. And Chicago picks up Oduya? Erm, he's going to hurt more than help. Lame.


1:46 Schultz isn't magic beans but Minnesota gets better player. Gilbert plays tough opposition, more minutes, has more offence, blocks shots, even hits more, if those stats float your boat. Not a horrific trade but a step backward.


1:15 Willis says Schultz is a quality shutdown guy, I trust Jonathan's opinion a lot but Tom Gilbert has been the Oilers' best defenceman. Seems to me its a loss. Not a complete disaster but still a loss. And on this club management takes too many steps backward. All the time. Fuck.


12:59 Oh man seriously. Seriously? Our best defenceman, gone? So fucking brutal. So fucking terrible.

12:33 Having hot dogs for lunch. Last year I had a salami sandwich you can look it up.

Jets pick up Clitsome, good move I think. Why Columbus would waive him is beyond me other than to save a few hundred grand.


12:03 I don't follow Terry Jones on Twitter anymore because I get more hockey insight from the banana peel in my compost bin but love the retweets today. Someone is bitter that Hemsky didn't get moved and I think he's pouting, poor guy. Somebody get that man a sandwich or two!! You can tell, as Darren Versteeg noted to me, that Hemsky doesn't give some of these losers the time of day. As a result, quality objective reporting!!


11:19 My three year old is sick. She says when she talks her teeth hurt.

She also says anyone who trades for Khabby has rocks in their heads but looking at some of the NHL GMs out there that she figures Tambo gets a sweet deal somehow.


11:14 And by Bernier I essentially mean any young goalie with a realistic upside as a number one.


11:10 Fuck this TV had better be fixed. Basically the PVR had ten episodes of Dora and four of The Wire. Son of a bitch. Might have to rent the dvds although who knows where the hell you can do that these days?

Serious chatter about Khabby. If Tambo can move him and pick up Bernier I think I'd be happy with this day.


10:47 Nashville reunites the Kostitsyn brothers. I guess Andrei will help? He can score. Figured they might be looking for bigger game.

In another example of how the whole Elmer Ferguson thing is kind of a joke Matheson is touting Khabibulin because he won a Cup. And this is a guy who watches the Oilers! So if he is saying this you can bet there are folks out east who probably think the same way. I think Khabby gets moved, against all odds.


10:20 Crisis - TV guy is here and he's replacing our receiver. There goes four episodes of The Wire we haven't seen yet. Fuck.


10:15am If the Habs really do have Plekanec in play then they may as well just blow it all up. Seriously? What the hell is going on there?


9:30am OK so the boy has been sick for a week which is very unusual for him, he rarely gets ill. And its a real bastard too. Anyhow he's over it and now the youngest has it.

So looks like I am following deadline day on the Interweb because Dora is on the TV.

Here's an update. Dora and that ratty fucking monkey are wandering around, butting in as usual. The map gives them directions. At some point they grab something out of the backpack. The fox comes and tries to swipe their stuff. They stop him from doing so. They finish their mission. They dance.

Repeat this ten times.

I shoot myself.

More to come.


Garnet said...

This just in: Dora the Explorer has been moved to Columbus. Word is, she is refusing to report.

PDO said...

TSN figured out how to keep the ratings up today... and you're missing on it Pat.

Larionov's Daughter.

Horcov would be proud.

Black Dog said...

PDO - I've heard.

Garnet - I'd trade for Dora just for the chance to turn the monkey into a hat.

Mr DeBakey said...

Is Barney the Dinosauer still around?
He was the bee's knees in the early 90s.

Johnny Bower won a Cup.

mattwatt said...

Best part of trade day so far? Bob McCown in the shittiest suit of all time? You dressed him? Dirk Diggler after a all-day cocaine binge?

As for Gilbert for Shultz, I will gauge this trade after the summer. Oilers did not get the best player in this deal, so hard to defend it. However, one has to hope that Tambo v4.0 has something up his sleeve this summer.

If not, this is another move backwards. And the SOB should be fired.

mattwatt said...

It should have read who dressed him, not you. Even I know with your limited fashion sense Pat that you would avoid putting him in that hideous suit.

mattwatt said...

Favorite tweet of deadline day; Spector saying that Gilbert trade is a move for "changing the culture." Really, another "culture changing" move? That is how you defend this trade, yet those in charge of the culture get a free pass? Why not think about changing them Spector?

I promised not to swear but those in the MSM have pushed me too far.

Fuck are they stupid.

Pete. said...

Gilbert-Schultz thing makes some kind of limited sense if plans are afoot to, say, pick up a guy in the summer who puts up points from the back end but plays suspect defense. Otherwise it's confusing and troubling.

Anonymous said...

That is what happens when you ask for the reach around first. You had to know something like this would happen after Hemsky signed.


Druds said...

Are you drinking stout again? Gilbert is our BEST defenceman????
ummm we are in 29th place and Gilbert is as soft as a marshmellow and your saying he's our best defenceman? yeah maybe for the last month but he has been bare shit for the last 3 1/2 years so WTF?? Whitney? Smid? what the hell man...get in the game...

Black Dog said...

lol ok buddy

Gilbert blocks more shots than nearly everybody in the league. Until Carcillo ran him through the boards he never missed any games despite back issues and playing over 20 minutes a game against the other team's best players.

Renney ran him out whenever the Sedins or Toews or Iginla was out there and whenever the puck wa sin our end. Why do you think that is.

I like Smid but he can't move the puck like Gilbert. And Whitney can't even skate anymore.

And actually since Gilbert came back he has not been playing well due to the injury.

In other words the opposite of what you think he is.

Don't let your personal bias get in the way of the facts pal. You don't like Gilbert that's fine. He's a very good defenceman.

Black Dog said...

Pete 0 yeah it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Keep Gilbert and pick up Schultz or that type in the summer for magic beans I think.

lol Joey no kidding eh?

Druds said...

Okay maybe I freaked out a bit...but I have no personal vend on Gilbie I just think its not a big loss here. Not to mention for what he is and for his current salary, his next contract he will be looking for 5.5 million...He is overpaid for what he brings and I feel Shultz is a better step forward and not back. sure its a meh deal but crap man its not like our defence is going to go to hell...its already IN HELL!!!

Black Dog said...

lol that's fair, I don't agree but that's cool

my argument is the same as always, that D would look a lot better with both (or Gilbert plus a Schultz equivalent) than with just one

Need to build that depth.