Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Hossa Night

I'm sure you've all seen this by now. My favourites - Frolik Navidad, Grandms Got Run Over By A Reindeer (You might think there's no such thing as John Scott) and of course Oh Hossa Night. But I've always been a Hossa man, what can I say.

Wife is at work, kids are abed (although I went upstairs an hour after bedtime to find my youngest sitting up with her light on 'reading' for the second night in a row - that one is trouble, we're doomed basically), all of the gifts have been wrapped and the house is returning to a semblance of order after weeks of chaotic neglect.

So I'm having a rum and egg nog (rum being the great 'discovery' for us this year, suddenly we have numerous bottles of it after years of Nunavut) and watching a little exhibition action of Dennis King's favourite tournament. I've got one day to work in the next ten and I'm looking forward to a few drinks, relaxing with family and friends and maybe a blowjob or two if I'm lucky. Its been a very good year and hopefully we'll wrap it up nicely here.

The kids are mental right now. Absolutely menatl. The boy said the other day that 'Christmas is the best day of the year' and its that childish enthusiasm which gives Jenn and I, who need very little to get us going for this time of year anyways, that extra little charge. I remember the look on our youngest's face last year when she came down the stairs and saw the tree Christmas morning and always will. Just such a look of awe and joy and it was so wonderful.

I'll be getting my books (I always ask for books and I alwsys get about a dozen) and hopefully a new stick, the timing is good, my last Sherwood gave up the ghost last Saturday night. Hopefully this one will have a few more goals in it than the last one. Then again maybe I should ask for new hands ;). Need new legs and lungs though too.

No new dog though. Not yet anyhow.

Merry Christmas to all of you and to all of yours. Have a safe and happy one, eat, drink, be merry and enjoy the company of your loved ones.


Loxy said...

Frolik Navidad to you and your family. :)

Anonymous said...

Read every article but never post, thanks for every one of them. Incredible insight on life, and all things Oilers.. Have a great Christmas and New Years.. SG

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family a very Mery Christmas and a prosperous 2012. Enjoy your posts immensely and I'll raise a dram or 2 or 3 of some nice Single malt in your honour sir, a Glen Garioch 12 Year Old at 48% abv or Springbank 12 year Old Cask Strength at 55.3%. probably both :-)


Nanaimo Oil said...

Merry Christmas Pat...cherish these years with the yardapes and rugrats for they go by too darn quick, and keep up the sexy prose you goodlooker.

rubbertrout said...

Merry Christmas Pat.

A tip I just learned and now regret every eggnog I've ever had prior to knowing this.

Bourbon and eggnog is absolute paradise. Makes rum taste like cleaning fluid by comparison.

Swabbubba said...

Merry Xmas Pat & all Oiler fans that enjoy this blog. Go Team Canada!!!!

mattwatt said...

Merry Christmas Pat.

Any blowjobs you miss out on, I'll see to it that I receive them in your honor if that is okay with you.

Hope everyone reading this has a happy holiday season.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas back at ya. My 2 lads launched themselves into the gifts last night at the parents, and again this mornin. Greatest part of Christmas is watchin them :)
Are you still usin wood as your stick of choice? Haha, obvious jokes aside? Everyone has switched to one piece carbon, I'm still firin away with a 5030 wood Sherwood. The switch for me is comin.
Anyways, enjoy your Holidays, I'm gonna
- billy-

Mr. Pederson said...

Merry Christmas everybody! Thanks for writing a very entertaining, thought-provoking blog, Pat. And laughter provoking. God damn do I love your Putin letters to Horcoff in particular.

The combo of life stories tied into hockey is great. Hope Santa was good to everybody and you all got some good family time.

Showerhead said...

Merry Christmas, Pat. I'm late to say it but I mean it just the same. Let us know how the robot quest ended, yes?

Black Dog said...

I'm back!

A little worse for wear thanks to the food and booze but back just the same.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments.