Monday, December 19, 2011


Still alive. No, seriously ... Am starting to get to the point though where I long for Christmas morning to arrive, just to get everything beforehand over with. Am enjoying the kids' excitement but other than that I am finding, for the second straight year, that I could do without the preceding stress. Humbug, right? I thought last year's grumpiness was a one off but again this year I find myself not really in the Christmas spirit, despite having done some pretty fun stuff these past two weeks. And Christmas Day and the week after look to be grand so here's hoping the spirit strikes me then. Just worn out maybe ... so as always will try and drink my way out of it, tonight will be the third in four and last night had a good time out with longtime Oilogosphere regular Showerhead and a few of his pals. Have to say have not had a bad experience with a man I have met through the interweb yet, although that time I woke up in an alleyway with a sore bum after meeting Winters was a bit uncomfortabe. Just meet him in group settings now.

The lethargy I am feeling has extended to the Oilers. Its going to be another year out of the playoffs, the present spiral has confirmed that. The club had a nice start, bought and paid for too, which makes this swoon even harder to take, especially when we saw Whitney, Potter, Hemsky and Gagner come back, I mean this should mean the team would be better still, right? Right?

But Hemsky looks like he knows he's a goner and have to say the guy is letting the uncertainty wear at him. Smyth and Horcoff look tired and are both slumping and opposing teams look to have figured out how to defend the PP by taking away Ted's time and space aggressively.

And of course there is the usual litany of bad penalties and dumb line changes to make it that more grating.

Once this next road trip is done its going to be more of the usual for us Oiler fans and while its a process and we know its going to take time perhaps the worst thing that could happen was that beauty start. All of the losing is getting tiresome and one can only imagine how the players feel. When Hemsky gets moved and then Whitney and Gagner probably soon after, one wonders if for them it will be a sigh of relief that they take when it ends. And with the third of the last kid line moved out the door it will be a reminder of how what looks to be future glory can turn sour quickly. For us fans though there is no escape other than increasing boredom and indifference. We've been sold on the Chicago model but until this team actually becomes good and more good veterans get shown the door one thinks that this may be the Islanders' model after all, right down to the haunting glorious past fading into the gloom.


Terrible attitude, eh? But then again I am slightly hungover. Perhaps I need to drink more. Not sure if that's possible with going all Nick Cage in Vegas though.

And that's Leaving Las Vegas, not the one with the skydiving Elvises.


Showerhead said...

1) That's why they invented Winter Ale.

2) You used the word "model" like two whole times and resisted the urge to post a foxy picture along with this blog. Are you feeling OK?

Cheers. And for anyone who has been wondering if Pat is as entertaining over a pint as here on this blog: he is. Also he paid me to say that.

Black Dog said...

lol, feeling much better thanks, a bit grumpy when I wrote this, partially because I was slightly hungover

good time Sunday, say hi to the lads for me next time you see them

Bruce said...

re: Christmas spirit(s), be thankful that you have excited kids to share with. Mine has moved away this year, he's going to school in PEI which is a hella long way from AB. So for the first Xmas in 25 we are just back to being a couple, and are downsizing the whole friggin' works. Got a 3-foot high tree for ten bucks and going from there.

The Oilers pissing on my mood by diving into the tank for the nth consecutive December is only a small part of it, but doesn't help.

mattwatt said...

I am going to answer your post in hockey-panel-member fashion: "Pat, I could not agree with your sentiment anymore. You nailed it on the head."

Watching this team has me constantly saying to myself "Youth is always promised, but it is never guaranteed." The future does look bright, and rightfully so. However, we are a ways off from that day coming and much can happen between now and then. This management has a lot of time to screw things up.

As for roster make-up, change some things. I understand the coaches love with Petrell, but he is not the reason this team will win games, nor is he better than Thoresen (would rather have the latter). Sometime in the season, get him out of there along with Eager and have a fourth of MPS, Omark and Lander. Or have Lander go to the AHL and allow VV to show his stuff. Rely less on this truculence and more on skill. Furthermore, no way with MPS's speed and perimeter play that you cannot mold him into an improved Petrell. Am I wrong to think this?

Not saying the team has to do all that I mentioned above, but it would be nice if they did something at least. This rolling with what we have and expecting a different result is getting to be a bit ridiculous and maddening if you ask me.

high hopes said...

how bad were the Rangers under Renney???

memories are returning as one watches the current futility...not only bad hockey but dull hockey, the kind of hockey neither glen sather nor the fans had much patience with...jagr looked like hemsky does now, frustrated, simply waiting to move on

whats worse is the mess Renney's making of macgregor's drafting, once the reason for so much optimism....the swedish experiment seems to have been bungled at this point, is there a team that has a worse record with European players??

lowbellini aren't likely to think their way out of this any time soon, one fears little will happen until there is some vision and the youth and smarts at the top

yes, forget chicago, the neverending islander debacle looms on the horizon...