Monday, November 14, 2011

Time Stops For No One

When it comes to music I'm an 80s guy pretty well. We had this discussion here sometime back and it was the venerable Lowetide who remarked that the music of your youth is always the music that stays with you most of all. Makes perfect sense of course. Unless music is your passion as you get older and the kids come along there's no longer time for smokey bars with up and coming bands or stadiums with thousands of screaming youngsters. I still love music but I haven't bought any in years and until I saw U2 this summer the last concert I saw was over eight years ago. And of course that was the Hip. The closest I get to the scene these days is when I pass Jim Cuddy in the halls at DeLasalle arena.

What can I say? In this as in most things I'm a Philistine.

Still love it though. Have gotten the kids into Van Morrison and I've got the YouTune playlist, about once a week I put on the headphones and run through it.

Last week I listened to some stuff from the Spoons and then a little Pursuit of Happiness and some Spirit of the West (Home For A Rest remains one of my alltime favourite songs - I am sure I will stroke out forty years in the future bouncing around to it at some wedding) and I did a little Google on some of the band members and lo and behold those cute girls with the big feathered hair don't look the same anymore. Now of course none of us do really and I'm not making any comment here that should be taken in a negative in any way. Its just that sudden shock of seeing someone who has always been frozen in time as a kid suddenly age twenty five years by the click of a mouse.


Which makes Ryan Smyth's start such a wonderful story. He can't keep it up, he won't keep it up, all of those miles on his body, all of that battering, the ridiculous shooting percentage ... he can't keep it up, right?

So often the returning hero comes back, Wendel Clark did it twice, each time a little more dininished than the last. Doug Gilmour's own return didn't even last two shifts. Its a tough act to follow when you left town as an icon at the height of your success and then returned as an older man, beaten down by time.

And yet so far Smytty has defied all of the odds. While the kids have been up and down, as kids will be, and the team has struggled of late, Ryan Smyth comes to the rink with his thermos and brown bag lunch and punches the clock (hat tip to Twitter, sorry I cannot remember the person who tweeted that).

Its glorious.


Chappy said...

If I had to pick one Spoons song, Nova Heart would probably be the one I'd go with. They've got a pretty vast catalogue to pick from though.

Men Without Hats is one of those bands that I thought never got their due respect. Excellent debut album. They're more than just a one hit (or two if you're from Qu├ębec) wonder.

As far as Smyth goes - 17 GP, 17 points (10G-7A). It can't get much better for him at this point so far. Sneaking into the Great Big April Dance would be a nice touch.

Black Dog said...

Yeah Nova Heart was great. Romantic Traffic and Old Emotions were terrific too.

So many fun Canadian bands back then. Pursuit of Happiness remains a favourite but yeah Men Without Hats was a great one too. And of course the start of Safety Dance remains classic.

You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind *doffs cap, breaks it down*


54-40, The Odds and The Northern Pikes are three other great ones. I played hockey with Bryan Potvin from the Pikes. terrific guy.

As for Smytty, the playoffs would be fantastic indeed. The dream remains that he might win the Cup as an Oiler. Imagine!!

Unknown said...

Just saw The Odds at the VIEX in September, they are classic with the back and forth banter and songs. 54-40 plays around the Island all the time, same with Trooper and Doug and the Slugs, until Doug Bennett passed away. Last time I saw him was at the Queens in Nanaimo and he was heading out on a cdn road trip, died in the prairies never made it back to Van. Gotta love those great west coast bands.
Ryan Smyth I love that guy always have, even have his autograph. If he can take us to the dance you never know what can happen, Stanley could be coming home....Brian aka Nanaimo Oil

Chappy said...
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Chappy said...

One more for the road -

"We Run" by Strange Advance

Thomas G said...

Super post! Just like your blog professionalism! Keep up the good work.

zow said...

meet you in the middle by the arrows,great sax solo!

bradr98 said...

BD I have to add Colin James to this list. If you don't own any, download it or by the CD's used. His 90's stuff is a treasure and even the most recent is gold.
54-40 will forever live with me as one of the only concerts I've ever enjoyed and walked out of at the same time - after they denounced logging (and the logging loggers who log) we left. Coming from a town supported by that type of work, it didn't feel right to stay.
Damn good CanCon list tho, the CRTC would be proud!

Black Dog said...

Ah yes Strange Advance. And I forgot about The Arrows.

54-40 was such a terrific band. I never really got into Colin James though, not sure why.