Thursday, October 06, 2011

Questions and Answers

A number of people who still live in their mom's basements, including our own Tyler Dellow, whose Mom yells at us a lot when we get cheezie dust all over her good chesterfield, participated in a Q and A with the Post. Although I am a dashingly handsome man and an excellent lover I am also lazy so I have copied their questions and here are my own answers:

1. Which player would you build a franchise around?

Even with the concussion I'd go with Crosby - I think he will be back and he will be okay and last year before he got hurt he had so completely separated himself from the rest of the league that its no contest.

2. Who would be the first pick in your fantasy draft this year (and where would you take Sidney Crosby)?

Fantasy? Emma Stone. Love those redheads. Fantasy hockey? I'm 43, I have no idea what that is.

3. What player do you expect the biggest bounce-back season from?

Duncan Keith. Buddy was worn out to start last season and never got his groove back alternately doing too little and trying to do too much. With a long summer I expect him back in form.

4. Who do you expect the biggest growth from?

I'll say Jordan Eberle, he had a good rookie season, I have a feeling he really makes a huge leap. Or maybe JF Jacques. Its bound to happen.

5. What prospect/rookie are you most excited about watching this year?

Pretty well any young Oiler player for obvious reasons but most of all Ted, if he becomes a star then the Oilers will be looking fantastic in the years to come.

6. What off-season addition will have the biggest impact for his new team?

I'd have to say Mike Richards, he give the Kings great depth up the middle.

7. Who will win the Art Ross Trophy as the league’s top scorer (and with how many points)?

A Sedin, lets say Pierre-Jacques because they look the same to me and what does it matter? 120 points because they play four patsies six times each.

8. Who will win the James Norris Trophy as the top defenceman?

Keith in a big rebound year for him and his club.

9. Who will win the Brendan Shanahan Award for most games suspended?

Either Matt Cooke who cannot help himself and will pay in full for all of his sins the first time he steps over the line or some poor no name goon who blatantly headshots a star player and gets executed in the market square.

10. Who is the most overpaid player in the league?

Has to be Wade Redden, he's not even playing in the NHL and he's pulling down immense coin. If we're talking about guys still in the NHL it has to be Gomez. He's a shadow of his former self.

11. Who is the most underpaid?

Frans Nielsen, tremendous player.

12. Which team will have the biggest improvement this year?

The Devils.

13. Which team will have the biggest dropoff?

I'm tempted to say Phoenix except I believe in Dave Tippett so lets go with the Flames. Sooner or later they are going to drop off of the cliff and I look at their lineup and see a team that is getting thinner everywhere. With Kiprusoff sliding and Iginla aging I think this may be the year it falls apart.

14. Which coach would you like behind your bench?

Seeing as my team is the Edmonton Oilers I want Joel Quenneville, he has done a great job with a young Chicago team and was solid in his previous stop in St. Louis as well.

15. Which general manager would you like building your roster?

I like Chiarelli from Boston because he built the majority of that roster through trades and FA. The Oilers have a ton of kid forwards and prospects but need an astute eye to start moving up the ladder by bringing in pieces to augment the kids. He's the guy.

16. Which coach or GM is the most likely to be fired before the season ends?

Who is Colorado's coach? Sacco? I think he takes the fall early if they struggle (and they will). I think the GM screwed up with that trade and he will lose HIS job over it before the Capitals select in the lottery next summer.

17. How many Canadian teams do you expect to make the playoffs?

Vancouver, Montreal and I do think Toronto will make it this year.

18. Which Canadian team is in for the longest year?

Calgary. I think that Edmonton and Ottawa fans are resigned that their clubs will be poor so if they are then so it goes and if they do better than expected its gravy. Calgary, on the other hand, has been pretty solid for nearly a decade but are about to slide. I think most Flames' fans are going to be shocked as to how bad the club is.

19. Who will pick first in next year’s draft?

Hard to say because injuries always play a part. I'm going with Washington just because that would be almost Scott Niedermeyer/Tom Kurvers funny.

20. Who will win the Stanley Cup?

Chicago is going to rebound and win their second in three years. My Dad will be a happy little old guy and hopefully my wife and I will again have drunken couch sex whilst a toothless Duncan Keith mumbles and slurs in the background. Some memories never fade.


nanaimo oil said...

Ted looooking good for the Oil. What a year to draft first, he was really the only consensus choice of scouts in the end, there wasn't anyone else even close! Lucky, lucky Oil. Stay loose man.....Brian

Cory Klein said...

I'm sorry, I haven't read the post yet. But HOT DAMN is she smokin hot.

Unknown said...

She is definitely my choice for oral wednesday's. Who is dat?

Black Dog said...

Brian - yeah I think the kid is going to be good.

Emma Stone, lads.