Thursday, October 27, 2011

painfull To Bow! painfulltobow!

If you're on the twitter you need to check out @oldmansearch - I suspect its a put on but it looks suspiciously like what my old man's search history would look like if he ever took to Google so who knows. Regardless of whether its truth or not its certainly funny shit. Some examples:


weather forecast for indianapolis tonight

squirrel poison

re-using stamps

cat traps

what is a pride parade for? Indianapolis

gyms with no teenagers? indianapolis

cream cheese jewish

mother in french? m something something e


My old man, like this old man, is also obsessed, at least mildly so, with the weather, killing varmints (anything smaller than a medium sized dog has to go - the other night he referred to raccoons as creatures that threaten humanity) and saving money. Apparently these traits know no borders.

Like Moe Berg sang once, I'm an adult know. My back aches and my knees hurt and I find myself waking up before the crack of crow's piss (that's before dawn for all of you non Islanders out there). We did family pictures on Sunday and I was constantly stuffing all of this newly arrived hair up my nose and back into my ears.


As I get older I wonder what will amaze me when my time comes. My Dad talks about computers like they are witchcraft and every one of the three emails he has ever sent me begins and ends with the line "I'm sure you won't get this" but I'm not far behind him when it comes to being astounded by it all. We figured by now we'd have flying cars but the fact that we can use these little handheld devices to do almost anything blows that idea away any day I think. Just the other day I was back and forth with a guy from Stockholm who was pub crawling through Dublin on recommendations I wrote in a post from a while ago. He went to Davy Byrne's and Neary's as we chatted and he gave me Toner's and The Hairy Lemon as two new possibilities for my next time in that wonderful old town.

Crazy if you think about it. All of that just like that across the width of the world.

So who knows what is coming around the corner. I'm sure fifty years from now my grandson will be doing something so far beyond our understanding and laughing with his buddies about how his grandfather was using the flux capacitor to pleasure himself.

Dirty old man.


Change is scary but change is good or at least so far it has been for the Oilers. Its so damn early (although its fun to see panic in the streets of other cities) although those clubs off to good starts certainly shouldn't complain. Bylasma and his injury riddled Pens run rampant without Crosby and Malkin and Orpik (and now Michalek) and the Caps are blowing everyone out (and we get them tonight hoo boy). The Avs and Stars are making the pundits look dumb and Chicago looks like they're getting the bounces they did not get last year while Marian Hossa shows, once again, that when healthy he may be their best player.

Its early but none of those clubs are complaining about the points they are racking up or how they are getting them nor should the Edmonton Oilers who have had a nice start and one that has some nice underlying numbers. Tom Renney is coaching again, after a year off, and the addition of Smyth and Belanger and Petrell and even young Lander and Eager has given him options aplenty. Horcoff is healthy so far and suddenly the PK is humming and they are winning faceoffs and he can send the kids out for those offensive zone draws and protect them from the other teams' big guns if he wants to.

Its going to get tougher, and soon, as they are going to hit the road but I would submit that this club looks to be better than we expected. Here are some reasons why:

1/ Depth up front. Hemsky is out but they can still send out three reasonable lines and when is the last time we could say that? Omark sits in the pressbox and Gagner is playing the wing and what happens when Ales comes back? Someone else drops in the lineup and possibly Lander or Petrell gets sent down. This club has more up front than at anytime since 2006/2007. And unlike that club there are some up and coming stars up front.

2/ Guys up front who can play different roles. Smyth and Belanger and Petrell and Lander can PK. Belanger can win draws. Even the kids - Paajarvi and Lander - have pro experience and can play in their own end.

3/ Ted is the real thing. He'll take his lumps on the road but the kid is a player. That allows Renney to let the kids run together and send Horcoff and Belanger out to handle tougher roles.

4/ Sifting for coal. I bust Tambellini's chops as much as most but he needs some credit here. I liked his summer for the most part but that was even without considering Petrell and Potter. Good management teams find guys like these guys. Low cost, low rish, great return on both so far. Good work especially with Potter who is playing a bigger role than anybody would expect.

5/ Defence. This was supposed to be an issue but so far even without Whitney they are hanging in there and doing far better than we ever thought. Tom Gilbert has been tremendous and Ladi Smid may have finally arrived. Sutton has been solid, immovable even (!) on the third pair. Peckham has been disappointing but he will bounce back (he says adoringly). They still need to shore this position up with a top four guy but its not so much of a gong show so far.

6/ Khabibulin and Dubnyk. Both have been very good. Not sure how long Khabibulin will keep it up but he's been great.

I suspect that they take a beating tonight. Caps are flying. Even so its been a nice start. Now, can they stay healthy and can they sustain it, especially once they go on the road?

We will see soon.


Ribs said...

I think I'm on the other side of the fence when it comes to future gadgetry. I find so many things that annoy me in day to day life that will eventually be made easy and sometimes I wish I was born a bit into the future.

Why do we still carry cash around? The assortment of plastic cards in my wallet are like old black and white TVs to me as well. Mobile devices are taking over but I wish it was quicker. I saw people boarding flights with their tickets on their phones and smiled as the line lady scanned their phone and let them through. How simple was that?

TV and the internet are slowly combining themselves but damn does it feel like it's taking forever. The newfangled tablet devices are really just slimmed down laptops but it's about time for them. Wireless connections everywhere make it so you can access anything wherever you'd like! Glorious!

Next up, bank card Apps (Debit machines? Hah!), QR coded everything, Global Free Internet, Faster lineups, Auto-Drive vehicles, Airless Tires, and Computers that never lag!

Of course it will all be too new for me to afford...Sigh.. Fast forward!

I'm glad the Oilers decided to rebuild when they did and if everything goes right I should have a pretty decent hockey club to cheer for for a long time coming.

macaotim said...

We win we win. 5 beers to ight instead of the usual 2. Onward you beautiful bastards.

Black Dog said...

Ribs - lol I haven't even thought of some of the things you are talking about.

Its mental. Ten years ago when we got married there wasn't even a digital camera to be seen. We had a bunch of disposables on the tables and we were excited because we got the negatives along with out pics.

So who knows what else is coming.

Tim - yeah, that was one they maybe didn't deserve but having said that they were in the game, they got good goaltending and they'll take the two points against one of the best in the league. A nice win.

Adam said...

Can't forget Potter either, that guy's looking like a real champ so far and possibly even a legit top 4 man going forward.

Unknown said...

Very nice analysis, well written and insightful, you my friend are a real gem. Thank God for Ted, he allows the other two boys to really shine. Remember when Horc was their centre? The D is playing well and even Barker is starting to play better. What will happen to Omark? any thoughts. Man I can't wait to watch tonight's game against the Av's, every night now is like Easter morning. Where can I get one of thos flux things?...Brian

Unknown said...

Can't seem to make this computer recognize my moniker, I hate being Unknown....Brian aka Nanaimo Oil

Black Dog said...

Brian - thanks. As for Omark well, he's in a tough spot, he's not cut out to take Petrell or Eager's spot so he needs the club to lose a few games or for someone to get hurt or or someone to have a poor game. Paajarvi has been rumoured to be maybe coming out but until they lose a game Renney isn't going to change things up.

Paquette said...

Every time I stop by I'm flabbergasted. How are you not most handsomely rewarded in a feduciary sense for this stuff? Seriously. I read. I'm a reader. I know my reads. And this is good reads.

Anyway, keep it up. And thanks for it all.

Black Dog said...

Thanks Paquette