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The Prendergast Era - The Dregs

And now for the good news. Prendergast's record is not great but there is a lot of room for improvement. The jury is still out on Cogliano, Gagner, Petry, Peckham, Dubnyk and Omark. If these guys all turn out to be players, which is possible, then Prendergast moves into the top half of the league I think. Maybe not top ten but at least better than average which was LT's original remark. And if even a few of these guys get it together then the Oilers pass a few of the teams that guys like PDO find iffy.

What is almost certain is that nobody below them is going to catch them. There are a couple of teams below the Oilers who have had or are having some success right now but some of these clubs' draft records are just awful. Not surprisingly amongst this group are perennial losers like Atlanta, Florida and the Islanders. Read on and realize that as we always like to say around here, things can definitely get worse.


2001 - LeClaire (8), Jackman (38), Johnson (85)
2002 - Tolleson (65)
2003 - Fritsche (46), Dupuis (104), Methot (168)
2004 - Picard (8)
2005 - Brule (6), McQuaid (55), Russell (67), Boll (101)
2006 - Brassard (6), Mason (69), Sestito (85), Dorsett (189)
2007 - Voracek (7)

The BJS have been abysmal forever and taking a look at their list its easy to see why. This includes five picks at 6, 7 or 8 of which only Brassard and Voracek look like they may have careers. The rest are mostly pluggers, thugs and journeymen who bounce between the NHL and the minors. These are from the Doug MacLean era - its easy to see why he remains unemployed. So fucking poor.


2001 - Gleason (23), Emery (99), Schubert (127), Laich (193), Bochenski (223)
2002 -
2003 - Eaves (29), Elliot (291)
2004 - Meszaros (23), Regin (87)
2005 - Lee (9), Bass (95)
2006 - Foligno (28)
2007 -

The Sens 'almost' clubs, those terrific clubs from the turn of the century and beyond who never could get past the Leafs despite all that talent, those clubs were built on the draft. So many quality players came up to the Sens, a lot of them due to Ottawa's poor early years but also a lot of quality mined from the later rounds and from Europe. Not so much any more. A few nice players on this list - Meszaros, Laich, Gleason but really very little in terms of quality and quantity. No wonder they fell apart as the core aged and moved on, nobody has come up to replace the old guard.


2001 - Kobasew (14), Moss (220)
2002 - Nystrom (10), Lombardi (90), McElhinney (176)
2003 - Phaneuf (9)
2004 - Prust (70), Boyd (98), Pardy (173)
2005 - Pelech (26), Sutter (179)
2006 -
2007 - Backlund (24), Aulie (116)

Lately the Flames have moved a lot of picks as Sutter brought in veterans to try and recapture the magic of 2004 but there are some first rounders here and some fairly high ones, one wonders if something more in 2001 and 2002 might have helped those clubs that could never get out of the first round in the tough west. In a lot of ways the Flames are similar to the Oilers - the tale remains to be told for Backlund and Aulie - but the quantity is not there and you'd be hard pressed to say that any more than three guys on this list are good hockey players - Moss, Lombardi and Phaneuf. Pretty bad.


2001 - Sjostrom (11)
2002 - Eager (23), LeNeveau (46), Jones (80)
2003 -
2004 - Winnick (265)
2005 - Hanzal (17), Yandle (105)
2006 - Mueller (8)
2007 - MacLean (32)

2005 was a nice year for the Yotes but otherwise its a bunch of fourth liners and a top ten pick who was struggling before the concussion issues. Its hard to believe that there are clubs worse than this but there are.


2001 - Krajicek (24)
2002 - Campbell (67)
2003 - Stewart (25), Meyer (55)
2004 - Olesz (7), Booth (53)
2005 - McArdle (20)
2006 - Frolik (10)
2007 - Ellerby (10)

Booth looks like a player and Frolik does too but that's about it. A few massive underachievers, a nice role player in Colie's boy but overall its awful. No wonder the franchise looks doomed.

New Jersey

2001 - Voros (229)
2002 - Janssen (117)
2003 - Parise (17)
2004 - Zajac (20)
2005 - Bergfors (23)
2006 - Zharkov (77)
2007 - Halischuk (117)

Hard to believe that Jersey is on this list at this point, I was pretty shocked to see it. A lot of folks point to the departure of Stevens and Niedermeyer as the end of this club's heyday and a lot of quality has left over the years but with the exception of Parise (a big one I know) and Zajac there is nothing here at all. You might actually bump them up the list because of Parise I guess but my god this is abysmal drafting. And there are FOUR teams worse than this.


2001 - Nurminen
2002 - Slater, Dwyer
2003 - Coburn (8), Enstrom (239)
2004 - Valabik (10)
2005 - Pavalec (41)
2006 - Little (12)
2007 -

You have two nice defencemen in 2003 and Pavalec and Little might be players too but here is a pretty good reason this club is now defunct. Five picks in the top two netted them some quality but they couldn't do anything after those top guys (plus they moved Coburn, well done!) and the end result is one playoff appearance in franchise history and not a win.

New York Islanders

2001 -
2002 - Bergenheim (22), Neilsen (87)
2003 - Nilsson (15), Colliton (58), Gervais (182)
2004 - Nokelainen (16), Comeau (47), Campoli (227)
2005 -
2006 - Okposo (7)
2007 - Katic (62)

Neilsen is absolutely outstanding and Comeau may be a player. Most of the rest of these guys are crap. The Isles make the Oilers look like the seventies Canadiens when it comes to procurement although things seem to be looking up.


2001 - Zigomanis (46)
2002 - Ward (25)
2003 -
2004 - Peters (38), Carson (109)
2005 -
2006 -
2007 - Sutter (11)

The Canes are generally competitive and of course they have a Cup, a Finals appearance and a conference finals appearance in the last decade but wow this is bad. Sutter looks like a player of course and no complaints about Cam Ward but three absolute misses and five players in total over seven years? Rutherford is pretty canny when it comes to the trades and free agency I think. I wonder if the scouts from this era are still around?


2001 - Artyukin (94)
2002 - Ranger (183), Norrena (213), Craig (255)
2003 - Rosehill (227), Tarnasty (287)
2004 - Lundin (102)
2005 - Blair Jones (102)
2006 -
2007 - Tyrell (47)

Who is the best player on this list? Ranger maybe? He showed promise before he went to walk the earth like motherfucking Kane. Seriously this is so so so bad I can't even stand it. The Oilers have maybe a dozen players who could rank in the top two here, actually most of them would be the best player here.

Its not even close.


Anonymous said...

Good job Pat in showing just how the Pendergast era played out. Greatly appreciated.

Also, should have told you this through email but I saw your favorite Olympian Becki Scott the other day. Was part of a float in the Vermilion Parade (Becki's hometown) and just happened to notice that there she was one of the streets, with her little one, watching everyone past by. And yes, she looks as cute as ever.

- Matt Watt -

Lee said...

Thanks for wrapping this up BD. Interesting to see that the Feaster regime lands in the basement. That is heartening news for someone who hates the Flames nearly as much as I love the Oil ;)

Scott Reynolds said...

Great series, Pat; it was thoroughly enjoyable. I think pegging the Oilers somewhere in the bottom half of the middle third is bang on, but like you say, there's still plenty of time for guys to emerge.