Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Oh! Mel! Gibson!

I'm old enough that I remember when Mel Gibson began to make his name. Mad Max and Gallipoli. Fantastic movies and the young Gibson was a charismatic star in the making. He ended up becoming one of the biggest names in Hollywood for year, very popular, gave the impression of a guy you might go for a beer with. And then Mel went off the rails. Not sure if it was everything gone to his head or if it was just a case of the facade being peeled back, most likely the latter, considering some of Gibson's outrageous comments and actions. Paranoia, racism and violence tend to be symptoms of a sick soul methinks, not of a guy spoiled by Hollywood.

That's the starmaking machine for you though. Gibson, I think, is a pretty simple guy, he likes his pints and his practical jokes. His movies are dressed up revenge fantasies, using historical figures as a backdrop. Watched We Were Soldiers Once last night, fighting a losing battle with insomnia. I'm familiar with the story, read the book, and it didn't need any Hollywood dressing up (as my old man calls it, Hollywood BS) to make it any more compelling or dramatic. But nooooo, they had to dress it up. Gibson leading his men in dramatic charges, traipsing about the perimeter as the battle rages about, dramatic killshots fraught with meaning, all the while twitchy and bug eyed. I kept expecting Danny Glover to pop out of a foxhole to yell that he was getting too old for this shit.

Diplomatic Immunity.

Now Mel Gibson probably doesn't give a shit what a guy like me thinks but I could not take any of that movie seriously for a second. I just kept thinking what a mess he is. And so maybe Mel Gibson should care, you know what they say, you're ok as long as they aren't laughing at you.

What is he doing these days anyhow?

Probably drinking Guinness out of a supermodel's vagina, the bastard. So much for karma, eh?


Of course that was the theme for my last post and strangely enough, for one night at least, the worm turned. Whether it means anything or not other than the Bruins making the series two to one we will find tonight. Game three had the whiff of the Chicago series to it and if the Bruins, like Chicago, have figured it out, then this could go a long way and it could end up poorly for Vancouver. If the Sedins disappear and Luongo falters well then ....

Of course lost in all of the swirl of shit flying around game three is the fact that the Canucks had the run of it in the first period, even with the Rome major to kill. A goal or two and we might be fitting them for rings.

So it goes though. Does anyone remember that both of these clubs faced sudden death OT in game seven in the first round? I certainly do. Either club loses and my pool chances are shot to hell. As it is I started behind and then slowly crept up, passing each person in turn until I arrived in the final, five points out of first, seven players left, my remaining opponent down to two, one of whom, Horton, is now gone. We started last game even and two periods in, despite my advantage remained so (he has Krejci). By the end of the game I was four up and I'm looking fine now. I'm not in a pool every year but last time (and only time) I won one was in 1989, which also happened to be one of the first I was in. It came pretty easy and I figured I'd be in the money every year but time has taught me that this is not the case and so I am really enjoying it this time. There's some guys who are in pools every year and never get a chance to win it all. ;)

So with that looking wrapped up (inviting disaster I know) its time to just sit back and enjoy the series and really this has been a fantastic series to watch when it comes to entertainment. Game one decided at the end of the game, game two decided at the beginning of OT and last game featuring temperatures rising. The Canucks irk people. When is the last time a club in the Finals inspired such derision? Now I'm with Hank Sedin, I'm sure they don't care how they are viewed and they certainly won't if they win it all and I can understand that but man do people hate these guys. Its really something.

That brings me to the CBC and its not news but the homerism has reached new heights. Last game one would have thought that the antics of Lucic and Recchi were far beyond the bounds based on the comments coming from the broadcast crew yet little said about the work of Burrows and Lapierre and Torres and others. (Although to be fair the whole Lapierre finger thing in G2 was fucking funny). Now I grew up on HNIC but I am getting to the point where I can barely stand it and I never thought I would say that but TSN has it all over them in terms of commentary and analysis and even a shouting maddening Pierre Maguire has it over most of the boys on the CBC and I can't even believe I said that. Having suffered through Kevin Weekes the past couple of years (and I have vowed to go mute or with the radio next season when watching the Oilers on CBC) I really am no longer surprised at how poor HNIC has become. The spouting of cliches and nonsense (did you catch Stock and Hrudey affirming that going on the PK early in the game is better than going on the PP?) and the root root root for one team coming from the booth makes me wonder if it may be time to see TSN take the franchise over.

Because its fucking terrible. Cherry is the best part of the broadcast now and he's a mental case.

Back to the whole fingers thing and all that I have to say is good on Julien for admonishing his players and following up on what he believed in. I kind of wish Vigneault would take a similar stand but I understand why he does not, his team plays best on that edge and he can't really pull them back now. Anyhow good on Julien for backing up his earlier words. Easy to cheer for a guy like that and easy to cheer for Tim Thomas too. What an engaging and entertaining player eh? That hit on Sedin has to be play of the year.

If there were hockey gods you'd have to believe that the Bruins will come out on top tonight, no? Based on how the Canucks have gone off the rails and Horton has been knocked out of the series in exchange for Aaron Rome, karma has to favour the Bruins.

But we all know my thoughts on karma now don't we? It won't be karma that does the Canucks in, if anything does. It will be Andrew Alberts in the lineup and Dan Hamhuis not and Tim Thomas stopping the puck and Rich Peverley or Michael Ryder stepping in for Horton and doing a job.

Not karma.


Shawn McMann said...

The real comedy? Van fans here in BC swear that Hughson and Simpson hate the Canucks. It is an amazing conversation to have, you really shake your head at what these people are capable of believing. Of course nothing tops the guy at the bar on Saturday telling me how Boston fans were clueless Americans who know nothing about yeah, the Original Six Bruins we're talking about right?

Bar Qu said...

I'm enjoying the Globe and Mail articles regularly contorting itself trying to explain in complex formulae why it seems the rest of the country wants nothing to do with verdammt Canucks but really are rooting for them. The latest says the numbers for the SCF are the highest ever, so people want to watch them. Meanwhile I'm thinking the rest of us want to see more of the Bruins pounding them into the ice (especially Burrows). Really, there is nothing to not like about the Bruins right nowk, including the bringing the cup to more of Canada than the 'Nucks foreign-born players would.

umbar - the corsairs of Umbar!

Ryan said...

Wow great blog sir. I totally agree with you on CBC. Tax payer dollars down the drain. They can't even figure out HD feeds properly. The Oil game after the flames heritage classic wasn't even hi def, bush league Mickey mouse club CBC is.

HBomb said...

Not believing in karma yet, Pat?

Because it's gone to total shit for the Cuntnucks ever since the Rome hit on Horton.

Tied 2-2 and could easily be 3-1 Boston given how close the two games in Rogers Arena were. Now they head back to the west coast for game five - Vancouver has home ice, but Boston's got that intangible known as "momentum".

I'm hoping momentum wins out. Seeing assholes like Gillis, Burrows, Kesler, Bieksa, and Lapierre get their names on the Cup would be vomit-inducing. By the power of Chara, may it never happen....

Anonymous said...

Another tough night for us Nuck fans. I'm
Likin the 2 of 3 in Vancouver though. Van actually played well til the brutal 2nd goal. This series is gettin pretty nasty, I didn't see that happening.
@ Hbomb- you seem like a pretty solid dude, I hated the oilers during there last run, so I take no offense at the nucks hate. Chara though broke a guys neck on a questionable hit, how you overlook something like that is odd. Anyways. Cheers
- Billy -

Anonymous said...

Billy: The Chara hit wasn't nearly as late as what Rome pulled, and if it happens anywhere else on the ice, it's a harmless play and everyone would just say "oh, Chara finished his check". Apples to oranges.

And never ever cheer within the division. I don't tolerate bandwagon jumping under the "Canada's Team" logic. That argument has never made sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that last post was HBomb, but for some reason I can't log into Google from my Blackberry browser.

Black Dog said...

Shawn - you'd have to have the blinders on to think Hughson and Simpson aren't homers, I can barely stand it.

Thanks Ryan.

Bar Qu - yeah I've read those articles, pretty funny stuff, the ratings are going to be high, its an attractive matchup plus obviously the Canucks participation is going to drive ratings in BC for sure.

But I came into this final ambivalent as to who won and it only took a couple of games to put me in the Bruins' camp. I just don't want to see the Canucks win. (sorry billy)

Black Dog said...

Hbomb - the Canucks were in both games (even the 8-1 game) so if I were a fan I would not be worried about them yet. The loss of Hamhuis has really hurt them.

Vigneault will get the matchups in game five so it will be interesting to see what happens and if that makes a difference. Boston has to win one in BC, very doable, hell Thomas could steal one easily.

Its been a fun series to watch. The nastiness is really something but not a surprise considering the Canucks' abrasiveness and Boston's penchant for physical play.

Good stuff.

uni said...

BD, I wholly attribute the Bruins turnaround to you, Peverley finally being bumped up the batting order notwithstanding.

I look forward to your post on Friday. If I'm ever in your neighborhood or you find yourself in Mississauga or Burlington, I'll buy you a Guinness.

Shawn, Hughson doesn't even try to hide his Canucks love. Exclamations of "Take that [insert oppposing player's name here]", "Robbery/Larceny/Theft by Luongo!" for 40 foot slapshots with no traffic in front etc. don't even begin to scratch the surface.

Anonymous said...

I dont want or need Canucks love from fans who cheer elsewhere. I still remember wakin up at 3:00 a.m in Finland and trudgin 5 kms to a teachers house to make sure Calgary would lose game 7 to Tampa. I couldnt leave til I knew it was a lock for the Flames to lose. I could also spout a similar story for game 7 against the Canes, but i'm sure you understand without bringin up that pain.Point is that I could NEVER cheer for a rival team, so I expect the same back. In the end, its just sports and it doesnt affect me or my family in any meaningful way.

I'm still confident, we lost terrible to the Hawks like this back to back in the 1st rd, and came back with a solid game 6 in Chi-town. We'll be alright.
As for Hughson, I dont really get the hate. He is a self-professed Nucks fan, and I think he does a decent job trying to be impartial. Maybe though i'm used to it after he called games here a few years back.
By the way Pat, this is a good blog. I kinda took a year off from the blog-media-paper worlds of hockey. Focused on work, the wife and my kids. I've sorta come back now and i'll most likely be lurkin around here again more regular.

ps- i'm afraid you all will have accept a cup for Vancouver, if it happens try to be happy for the people who actually live and die with the team.

Black Dog said...

Thanks Billy

Hey there, I know a few Canucks' fans, not many but a few and if the Nucks win I will be happy for them, no worries. But until then I'm hoping. ;)

uni - if we ever meet I will take you up on that ;)

and we'll see what happens tonight

Swabbubba said...

The Nuck fans are as fickle as they come. wtf cheering Bobby Lou at Rogers after he was pulled. All I can say is that with the fan base they have I feel bad for the Nucks. As Oiler fan I am digging it... adversity they have not had to deal with it and they are not rising to the challenge.
Timmy Thomas man that is guy I would buy a pint for. the dude delivers. Big game tonight.
CBC is so skewed that it is a joke.

Is Tambo really serious about dealing the #1 pick?