Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Don't Know Any Carmen.

Shortly after this picture was taken Chara conquered Bulgaria. The Bulgars never stood a chance.


A few nights ago I was making a run to a new restaurant in our neighbourhood, its this terrific Scottish joint. I know I know sounds weird right? Anyway I think its going to be a big hit.


So as I neared the entrance I saw these two young dudes just outside of it and all of a sudden this older guy, maybe my age (its hard to tell really) comes roaring out and he's pretty agitated and he gives one of them a bit of a shove just as I arrive on the scene. Its ugly. These two guys are punks. You'd recognize the type. There were a bunch of them on the streets of Vancouver last night. Soulless and stupid. They immediately begin cursing this older guy and as I stroll up I admonish everyone to just be cool and take it easy. This has little effect except to distract one of the young guys while the other pushes the older fellow back a bit. There's some cursing and then buddy goes back inside. The two kids go to follow but are blocked by the night manager. They tell her to call the cops ('you saw it, he laid his hands on me') to which she replies that they will have to do so themselves. Of course they did their little pimp walk into the gloom, declining that option.

I wasn't there when it started but I can imagine what happened because when I went to get our milkshakes and french fried potatoes inside I saw the older fellow was sitting in the kids' section with his daughter who was around five or six years old. I've seen it before and experienced it before. These guys likely walked by cursing up a storm and he probably told them to cool it. They probably cursed him out and he lost his temper and went after them. I've admonished their types before once or twice and actually had no fallout luckily but its hard to say how he spoke to them. I'm just speculating here of course but that's what I'm thinking happened.

A risky thing to do and when I returned home and told Jenn the story she asked me if I was crazy getting involved. Now my involvement was minimal at most and there was nothing to worry about (although if things had escalated well then ....) but buddy took a risk standing up for what he believed in.

Just like some of the people last night who stood up to the mob in Vancouver were assaulted.

There was no social or economic reasons behind last night's chaos. This wasn't the poor dispossessed youth of European suburbs rioting against a system that has excluded them, this was a collection of cowards, most of them Canucks' fans, most of them middle class kids with 200.00 jerseys and laptops or home computers (based on their posts boasting of their actions on social networking sites).

They are cowardly punks and the fact that they posted about what they did on the Internet reveals that as well as having no courage or soul they also have no brains.

I don't believe in karma as we know from my posts the days of the four Bruins' wins ;) but I think some people are going to get theirs in the next few days. Here's hoping they 'fall down the stairs' when they are charged.

Sorry. Old school you know. I have no time for cowardly thugs at all.


Thoughts on a very satisfying end to the season.

When the final began I really could not care much one way or the other how it went, I was just glad that for the fourth year running we had two hockey cities involved. It didn't take too long for me to start rooting for the Bruins though. There were a few reasons.

Rooting against the Canucks rather than rooting for the Bruins was one reason. I know that every team has its share of jerks but the Canucks seem to have more than their fair share. They have a lot of guys with a lot of class too, the Sedins at the top of the list and I really hate Kesler a lot less than most. I sure wish he'd drop the whole diving and hiding behind linesmen thing though. Its beneath him. Buddy is one of the best players in the league imo. And I don't mind Bieksa even though I'd like to see him drop the gloves with a guy like McQuaid for a change. But Luongo, while not hateful, (and seemingly cured of his former flopping habit) could not keep his mouth shut and Lapierre is a disgrace. And Burrows, well he is a very good player but he embarassed himself repeatedly over these past two weeks. I wish he'd just play the game because in the end he probably hurt his team. Even when he was legitimately fouled he got no calls - the boy who cried wolf writ large.

And I know the Bruins were no choirboys but to see them win, led by their spectacular captain, was gratifying. So many very good veteran players - Ryder, Kelly, Peverley, Seidenberg, Kaberle, Recchi, Bergeron, Ference - its nice to see these guys make it to the summit. And of course Tim Thomas, capping off perhaps the greatest season by a goalie of all time, a year after losing his job, just a short time after he could not get a job in the NHL at all. Just a great story and a breath of fresh air.

And Claude Julien and Cam Neely and the kids Seguin and Marchand and McQuaid and Krejci.

A lot to cheer for.

And now all but one Original Six club has won the Cup at least once since 1992. That's pretty cool as well.

A buddy of mine texted me as time wound down. His Mom is a Hawks' fan and his brother is a Wings' fan and so he had seen them celebrate recently while his club had never won in his lifetime. He was soaking it all in and I told him to enjoy it - my old man was 28 when his club won it in 1961. The next time they won, last spring, he was 77, a lifetime later. You never know. His family has had a pretty good few years though, except for their dad Joe who is, you guessed it, a Leafs' fan. Maybe someday. ;)

I feel bad for a guy like Sami Salo who may have just had his best chance at it. I feel bad for my cousin and frequent commenter Billy and the Canucks' fans who wanted this so badly. There is a huge douchebag contingent when it comes to the Canucks' fanbase, as demonstrated by the riot and by the keyboard warriors who called Theo Fleury a faggot and mocked his battles with addiction or who threatened guys like Bruce Arthur and Pierre Lebrun with violence. But they are a small minority really, compared to guys like Tom Benjamin.

Its tough. I remember June 19th 2006 and it still makes me wonder what might have been. If anything though I envy Canucks' fans for two reasons. In 2006 it was quite clear what migh thave been. The Oilers might have won games one, four or seven with a bounce (of course they might have lost games three or five too). They were inches away from a different outcome.

The Canucks lost four games by a good margin and I don't think there can be many sleepless nights about what might have been. The Bruins were the better team.

The second thing is that the Canucks will be back. Gillis is a pretty smart guy, imo; sure he inherited a lot (who doesn't) but he made some very good moves. He won't blow this up (imagine if Boston had done so after last season) and likely the Canucks will be back next season. If you're a Vancouver fan you have that. They will be back. The window remains open.

So ends another season and of course now the silly season begins. Buyouts, the draft, trades, free agency. Its Edmonton's time, our only time (sob). Can't wait to see what that old fox Tambellini has up his sleeve. (Loads gun) I'm sure he won't move guys like Gilbert and Hemsky for futures. (Pulls trigger).

I mean if Vancouver and Boston proved anything you certainly don't need a good veteran core and solid depth to go far. Right?


macaotim said...

You might not believe in Karma, but Karma believes in you.

Lucky bastard.

Adam D said...

One of those Scottish joints opened up around here too, those Scots sure know how to make a burger.

hexty2001 said...

Angus beef in those burgers per chance? Love the stuff, although never heard of a restaurant offering purely Scottish cuisine - and I'm in the UK!

With regards to the Bruins winning (yay!) and the veterans that got to raise the cup, I kind of felt like everyone who had anything to do with the Bruins organisation got a mention - except Marc Savard. That is unless I missed it on my crappy internet feed. Still, I know he's not everyone's favourite person, but he must have been going through a horrible time the last year or so, and I hope he gets his name on that cup and a ring to go with it.

hexty2001 said...

p.s. I'm actually EasyOil, but having to link Blogger to Google has kinda messed that whole thing up.

Anonymous said...

The Canucks will not be back for at least 10 plus years. Their talent died with their loss see San Jose.

Anonymous said...

I picked up my bag, I went lookin' for a place to hide;
When I saw Carmen and the Devil walkin' side by side.
I said, "Hey, Carmen, come on, let's go downtown."
She said, "I gotta go, but m'friend can stick around."

And so it goes...

Black Dog said...

EasyOil - it will be interesting to see if they do what the Wings did with Konstantinov in '98, his name was inscribed on the Cup

Of course different circumstances really so I guess not.

Tim - I wouldn't complain for a moment

Black Dog said...

Adam - I really think its going to take off.

Andy - its possible but I think they'll be back, its Luongo who will be the key.