Friday, April 29, 2011

Modern Family

You ever watch that show Modern Family? We absolutely love it. Favourite episodes? When the kids walk in on Phil and Claire having a little early morning ee-ee ee-ee (Luke, the son: whatever they were doing it looks like Dad was winning). Also when Mitchell suspects that his high school beard has had a kid by him and, thinking he is the father, brings him a "Little Slugger" baseball mitt. Turns out your man is actually the woman's husband and a midget, er, dwarf, er, little person. You know, a munchin like.

Had to pick me up off the floor after that one.

Thing is we see a lot of ourselves in Claire and Phil. I am relentlessly positive like Phil though I suffer from a far milder case of ADD. And Jenn, like Claire, has a propensity to worry and label things. I'm sure some day I will wake up with a sticky on my forehead that says Husband. She got a labeller for Christmas and loved it.

We had a fun Easter weekend and by fun I mean it was mental. Some snippets from a few days with the McLeans.


For once we left town early and looked to arrive at my folks' place for lunch just after 1. Fifteen minutes from home our youngest threw up all over herself repeatedly. Arrival in Sudbury? 4 pm


Saturday Jenn and my sister were out running errands and my folks and I were home with the kids. The kids are seven, five and two. The two oldest are pretty self sufficient. They'll get up and get themselves breakfast, for example. The oldest can swim. They can read.

The two year old drinks bottles of contact solution, paints her hair pink and is generally a danger to herself and others.

After a while Dad suggests that we make a beer and wine run. We'll leave the kids with Mom, he says.

What is the baby goes downstairs? I say, due to the very pertinent fact that Mom is in a wheelchair.

Dad thinks for a second.

Right, he says. We'll wait for Jenn then.


After cooking a lovely Easter dinner Jenn was suddenly laid low. Call it a flu, call it a virus, it resulted in her shivering under a heap of blankets and rushing back and forth to the bathroom for four hours. She lost three pounds really fast and I made numerous trips upstairs from where Dad and I were drinking wine and watching the Canucks lose in order to check on her and empty the puke bucket.

Good times.


Our inlaws arrived yesterday. Jenn and I are off to the Dominicano this weekend, just us, for a week, to celebrate our tenth anniversary which is coming in July. Crazy huh? It seems like we've been married forever.

Er, I mean, um.

I keed, I keed.

Anyhow a week of drinking eating and another of my favourite things (whatever they are doing it looks like Daddy is winning).

Looking forward to it? You bet.

So our inlaws are in charge of the asylum. Amongst the dinner conversation:

Our youngest, after running upstairs, comes down with an enormous smile:

I peeded in the toilettt.

Our oldest:

I don't like when the closet door is open at night. Its black and I think things are in there.


Remember not to worry about any monsters. Ben is watching over you and he'll take care of them.


I know that.

To the boy, eating dinner in his underwear:

We don't play with our nipples at the table son.

I love it, I really do. When the dog was still alive dinner time was bedlam what with him lurking and rushing in periodically, Jenn's angry response, the kids' laughter and antics. Things have toned down slightly but its a great life. Still, next week? Beautiful.

Everyone have a great week. As for me, no TV, no interweb, no hockey playoffs (!), no election. Weird but damn its going to be good.


Travis Dakin said...

I finally got around to watching the PVR'd episodes of Modern Family last night. I couldn't stop. What a wonderful show. This is right up there with Arrested Development. I can't believe I waited so long to jump on that wagon.

My daughter is 6 now and already I see way too much of the oldest daughter on the show in her. After watching the episode where the wife is mad about him trying the salad on a friend's recommendation, my wife kept saying I was like the wife on the show. Damn, I hope not. The show makes me laugh my ass off but it scares the hell out if me too.

Side note: Love that the show has such prominent, likeable homosexual characters. Pop culture is the best tool to wipe out discrimination. Still too many homophobes.

Ribs said...

Man, Julie Bowen still smoking hot at 41.

I've only caught a couple episodes of Modern Family and I remember enjoying them. I just don't seem to watch television when the networks expect me to, I guess. Maybe once it hits syndication I'll get a heavier dose. \

Have a great week!

Black Dog said...

Travis - your wife says you're like Claire? Hmm. I'm confused yet also slightly turned on. ;)

Because yes she is super hot!!

Thanks Ribs, will do my best.

LittleFury said...

Julie Bowen is imminently bangable.

Bruce said...

Eminently, yes. Imminently, I doubt.

kanadienkyle said...

Don't harsh his buzz, Bruce. We love that show too. Luke might be the funniest kid on tv. Are the Oiler blogs concentrating on tv until the draft?

kanadienkyle said...

P.S.- Sofia Vergara.

Black Dog said...

love Sofia but prefer Julie