Thursday, April 28, 2011

Everybody Into The Pool

Well six and two this first round although an overtime loss here and there and a Penguins' win and it would have been three and five. Everything according to Hoyle this round, top three seeds through and the only upsets in the four/five matchups but this was perhaps the most dramatic first round ever. Four game sevens, including two that went to overtime because of tying goals in the dying minutes. Big comebacks, great rivalries, overtime drama.

The game always astounds, surviving and thriving despite those who are its caretakers, the aimless PA, the dullard media, the disgraceful stinking league office which fails to get anything right at almost any time.

Personally the first two rounds worked out perfectly. I am in two pools this year, a regular one and an under fifty pool (pick players who have under fifty points). In both cases I went pretty heavy on Boston and Vancouver and losses by either would have sunk me. I'm a long haul pool guy. I pick the teams I think will go deep and load up, figuring that three or four series of Mason Raymond will outdo one round of Brian Gionta. Of course I have to make the right picks when it comes to the series.

One year I won it all (this was over twenty years ago, 1989) I went Habs, picking guys like McPhee and Skrudland, they went to the final and I took home the pot based on their contributions.

So right now I'm down the standings in both but I have all my guys left so we'll see if I can make up that ground.

To the east!

Caps v. Tampa

I loved Roli as an Oiler but I have to admit I am surprised that he keeps on trucking. He wanted more than one year and there were doubts as to his ability to play well with others and as a result I was happy to say adieu at the time. Doesn't mean I don't wish him the very best though, I just think he may have not been the best option for the Oilers. Of course he was a hundred times the option that Khabi was.

So its Caps and Tampa and I'm not sold on the Caps. I figured the Rangers to beat them but New York's pop gun offence barely showed. Still they did get two games to OT and one wonders what might have been. The Caps have not proven anything to me yet but I'm not sold on Tampa either. Penguins and their popgun offence pushed them to seven and I'm thinking Washington brings a lot more heat. I love the job that Yzerman has done in Florida - this club is full of old pros up and down the roster - but I think Washington will be too much and will take it in six or seven.

Flyers v Bruins

A replay of last year in what should be an interesting matchup. Pronger's return makes the Flyers dangerous again although I find it hard to take any club who has now used three goalies in the playoffs any amount of serious. Still they almost rode what they had last year to the Cup so who's to say? Deep up front and on the blueline and as everyone who comes by here knows that's what I believe in.

Thing is the Bruins are built the same way. Last year injuries did them in and this year they added Peverley and Kelly in a couple of small moves that paid off in a big way this past round. Boston is built to last and I think that the winner of this series is the club that reps the East in the final, although I reserve the right to change my mind of course. ;)

I am going to say that this one goes seven and while I think I am going to regret it I am going with the Bruins. Goaltending goaltending goaltending.


Ribs said...

It looks like I went 7 for 8 with the Ducks not being able to pull through.

I'll still be cheering for the Bolts but Washington has a pretty good penalty kill unit and the Lightning are nothing without their powerplay. Washington takes it. Sorry Rolli.

My pool was relying on Philly to pull through and I only live on because they finally managed to get some pucks past Ryan Miller. Both teams have looked shaky and I think this one could be a nasty affair. I'll take Philly for the win as they will take better advantage of the opportunities that will come up.

Vancouver sure doesn't instill much confidence these playoffs. If Nashville plays some shutdown hockey this one could be close. I'll take the Canucks by a hair.

I've teetered back and forth with San Jose and Detroit. Can Detroit keep the manly men away from their zone? San Jose might be too much for them. Can Datsyuk and Franzen take over another series and end it all for the Sharks? Man...tough.

Too much going for Detroit right now. Sharks goaltending loses the series.

The pool is looking okay at this point for me. I didn't lose a single player and Philly picked up the pace a little bit. I was able to trade Carter for Briere when he went down and that was a huge boost, as you can imagine. The current leader just lost most of his players and the next in line is the guy to beat. He's loaded up on Canucks and Wings and that may not bode well for me. We'll see! Fun stuff!

Black Dog said...

Yeah it definitely makes it more interesting.

I have ground to make up too, what I need is Vancouver and Detroit to win these series and Boston to go all the way out east. A Tampa upset would help too. I actually have Malone as my last pick and not too many people took Tampa.

May be too much to ask.

Philly and Boston should be great. San Jose Detroit too.

Both could go either way I think.