Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oo ee oo ahh ahh, wing WANG wolla wolla bing bang



Was in Twitter blackout yesterday for nearly six hours and I almost died. I remember a while back I was at The Communist Bar with messrs Dellow and Winters and not really getting it. Now ... well its like the crank for me ... the reason for the blackout was getting together with same to watch Spurs cough one up versus Blackpool ... I mentioned to Ty beforehand that this was the classic trap game, Spurs coming off of their big victory, Bale and van De Vaart, amongst others, out, and so it was although I have never seen so many golden chancesgo awry. In the end though Blackpool was full value making their biggest (only?) fans in Canada very very happy.

Although I could have done without the taunting and stabbing when I tried to take my leave.

Afterwards we turned it to the Oilers' game and oh dear, from an exciting passionate sporting event to probably the worst thing a person can watch. Oilers versus the Wild and it contained everything we'd expect from such a matchup. Gilbert and Hemsky getting drilled from behind into the boards with no retribution of any sort. Smid making a bonehead play to allow a Pierre Marc Bouchard goal. Khabibulin losing. A 5 on 3 wasted (ah memories of the SCF in 2006) without even a moderately dangerous play by our side. An ex Oiler traded for nothing excelling for a club way ahead of the Oilers in the standings. (If I had a dollar for every time a guy dismissed an Oiler moved out as lousy "what does it matter - Brodziak is a dime a dozen" I'd be awash in cocaine and hookers RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT!!!).

As we watched a club that once motivated all three of us to write about them (and still has the same effect on two of us) thoughts turned to the incompetence of Oilers' management and what a hateful disaster this has become.

Good times. It is always good to get together with men you have met on the Internet.

Other big news, Jenn and I are celebrating our tenth anniversary this year and are getting away, just the two of us, to the Dominican. Going to be fucking awesome. Will miss a week of the playoffs, which will be weird, but of course as an Oilers fan I can probably book a spring vacation every year until my kids graduate university and I'm probably not going to miss much.

It really is going to be great - we're going to an adults only resort and if you are like me you are thinking about porn right now. Every time I hear 'adults only' I hear the cheesy music and in this case I imagine Ron Jeremy asking who ordered the pina colada in a bad Spanish accent.

There is close to a fever pitch about Hemsky and Penner getting traded. Personally I think that Hemsky is not on the block and will sign an extension this summer but that they have gotten calls about him. Get a call, have to take it but by all accounts they are asking for a ton, as it should be.

As for Penner I think he's a goner. He's a fairly smart guy I believe and while he is not going public with any requests I am certain that he looks at this shitshow and has a calendar at home with numbers counting down to July 1st, 2012. I do not think he will extend and if that is the case then the Oilers have to move him. Unless its a miracle I would doubt that the return is reasonable value - replacing a guy who drives results and scores 25 goals or so a year is not likely.

Had to laugh at some moron at the EJ who said in comments that they should trade Hemsky and Penner because the Oilers are a 30th place club with them. Nice reasoning. I presume someone wrote the comment for him because someone that dumb likely cannot read or write. Without Hemsky and Penner these jokers would have about a dozen wins.

Keep your good players and add more. Its really pretty straight forward. Trading everyone over 21 guarantees that the team will be worse and also guarantees that those guys who are still around will get out as soon as they can.

Oh well. Job security for Lowe and Tambellini.

I will try my best to do a live blog on deadline day and I'm going to try and post on all that has transpired so far before then. It certainly has been an exciting couple of weeks. My guess for the Oilers is either a meh day with Vandermeer moved and not much else or some seriously over the top shit.

We'll see.


kanadienkyle said...

You, sir, have perfectly described the malaise I feel about this team. Good call on Idiot Abroad, I think I would like to be friends with Karl.

HBomb said...

Dominican, eh?

I'm actually headed there too. At 29, this will be my first tropical vacation (and, really, vacation of any substance) after a decade of school, work term, and job after job to get my P.Eng.

Punta Cana to the Grand Bahia Ambar (adults only!) for a week in mid-April to celebrate a friend from high school's wedding. I plan on being un-sober the entire week. Considering I'm just coming off a month of mono (the only benefit of which is that I think I lost somewhere around 20 pounds), I'm going to need to get my liver re-conditioned between now and April 7th (I paid the up-charge for "first class" on Transat so I can get good and bombed on the plane ride down).

uni said...

I sometimes wonder how these idiots would run a company.

We're currently last in marketshare for our products...let's get rid of our best two proven engineers!

Makes my brain hurt.

Black Dog said...

uni - mine too

Thanks Kyle. Also, I agree. Being friends with Karl would be amusing to say the least.

lol HBomb, the DR had better batten down the hatches, eh? This is also our first vacation of this type. We went to Key West once but its not a lie around on the beach type of place.

Should be great.