Monday, February 28, 2011

All Or Nothing, Trade Deadline

3:22pm Dreger says thats all for the Oilers. JVM and Jones staying. Wha?

Will post later on the Penner deal. More stuff trickling in. Canucks bring in Higgins and LaPierre. Nice.

2:46pm Simmons again hits the nail on the head. Does not help them get better. Maybe longterm. Maybe.

Tuebert having a bad year in the AHL, believes he should be playing in the NHL. Um. OK then.

The Hat says he's maybe a fourth or fifth defenceman in the NHL. Maybe.

He's a fourth defenceman in the AHL right now so probably the same for this Oilers' club.


2:39pm Its either love it or hate it on the Penner deal. Funny that all of the media think its fantastic. Although this whole thing where the Oilers are getting cap space is pretty fucking goofy. Who gives a shit.

What bugs me is that it sounds like he may have had interest in signing with the Oilers. We'll never know I would guess but if thats true then its shit. Trading a proven player for lottery tickets, and thats all they got, is poor management. Now if he was not going to sign then that changes things.

Apparently Smid and Hemsky not going anywhere. I would bet Jones and JVM still to move.

The key to this is Teubert and people a lot more connected than me are saying he's not all that good. A poor man's Alex Plante.


2:25pm There's the big one. Penner for a first, Teubert and a conditional pick.

Pierre says a huge bounty and MacT seems to agree.

Paajarvi slides up the lineup. And I would bet that Hemsky extends this summer. Great news on that front. But the Oilers are a whole lot shittier right now.

Penner is going to help LA. A lot.

More later on this.

2:12pm Bryan Allen, who had a no trade (WTF), for Samsonov. Okayyyyy.

Brad Winchester to the Ducks for a third. If he's worth a third could Ryan Jones not bring in the same?


2:09pm Matthew Barnaby the voice of reason when it comes to the Oilers' situation. Moving 83, 27 and 5 for picks would be stupid.

Peca makes it simple. Trade them if it makes them a better club. If not then forget it.

Smart guy that Mike Peca.


2:03pm Campoli brings in a second and old friend Ryan Potulny. Potulny will probably get a roster spot I would think. He's good enough to play on a terrible team. He proved that last year.


1:57pm Chicago picks up Campoli for a pick and player to be named. Pierre says they are still looking for another. Allegedly they were after Smid. I wonder if thats it for Laddy.


1:43pm And Ferraro makes the point - why move MacArthur - he's a good player and if he goes then you need to replace him.

I made the same argument about Penner and Hemsky a couple of weeks ago. If they want to sign then moving them for futures is stupid unless we're talking can't miss kids. Hemsky leads the team in scoring, almost a point a game. Sure Hall and Eberle are great but doesn't it make sense to have as many good players as possible?


1:39pm I wonder if next week they'll move the show to a start date two weeks prior. Might be necessary by the looks of it. Four deals so far.


1:27pm Oiler scrimmage, light hearted and lots of fun, guys wondering if they will be the lucky one to get moved from this horror show. ;)

Shawn Belle gets moved, this will be what, his seventh club? Can't crack this lineup, you're a career minor leaguer.

Coming back - Bernard Montgomery? Montgomery Clift?

Kevin Montgomery. I think he owns our neighbourhood deli.

Maguire says Penner is not even worth a first round pick. Oh Pierre please get a GM's job somewhere. MacT defends Penner, he's been very good the last two years he says.

MacT is pretty classy.


1:26pm Not sure if its the inaction or the fact that I had sex last night but I feel strangely at peace.


1:20pm Discussion as to why there have been no trades.

Bissonnette laments the loss of his running mates Lepisto and Upshall, the only two single guys on the club. Now he'll have to hang out with the married guys when they go out on a beaver hunt.

The Hat just said that Smid is the key to Chicago defending their title. Naw I must have misunderstood that.

Philly, Boston, Pittsburgh, Washington may all be done. Anything that happens will probably be out west I would guess.


12:53pm Klesla for Upshall and Lepisto. Meh.

You want excitement? I just had lunch. Chicken nuggets and fries.


And the cat just knocked a plant over. Fucking retard.


12:16pm You'd think they'd just start this around noon although they did have some nice in depth look at the Canadian teams in the morning. For example Pierre found out that Hemsky is a better winger than centre.

Now replaying last year's deals. Quality.

Apparently Jones has rejected the Oilers' offer. It was low. Has Tambellini figured this out?

Not likely but there is always hope. Actually that's all we have left.


12:08pm Just back from picking up the boy. Wideman to Washington for very little. Wonder if Vandermeer brings a third? He has been far better over the last two months - certainly a lot more anger in his game.

And Atlanta picks up Schremp. Last stop before the Italian league.


11:15am Oh yes and Pierre asks if Hemsky is a better centre or winger.

Wow that's a fucking quality. MacT just looked at him. "Um, definitely a better winger."

Oilers asking for a tonne, again they say. Very good.

Interesting debate on whether or not Tambo HAS to make a move. I would say no. Hopefully he and his bosses think the same.

Schenn not in the conversation. The Hat says Simmionds, Forbert and a first.



11:03am Steve Simmons makes sense for once - trading Hemsky is stupid. Then he says Smid is their best defenceman. OK so that did not last long.

Farber says ST has done a good job selling the rebuild. Easy to do when the media does the selling for you.

Sophisticated hockey fans says the Hat. Simmons says rubes.

There are both, same as any other team. Problem is same as other teams the rubes outnumber the sophisticated.


10:56am Hire Craig Button now, would you? He says - young players don't help you win. At some point you need to stop getting younger or it spirals out of control.


lol, MacT begs off on the Penner or Hemsky question but he does give Hemsky a boost - big performer he says; Ferraro and Pierre also say they would take Hemsky.


10:45am I don't know a whole lot about Bergfors but trading a kid that you wanted for Kovalchuk for a pending UFA doesn't make a lot of sense. Pressure to make the playoffs must be pretty strong because this realy makes no sense unless Bergfors is a complete bust.


10:35am Nothing yet. Twitter says they asked for Leddy for Smid. ST definitely swinging for the fences apparently.

I say Vandermeer definitely moves. I'd bet Smid does as well. Jones apparently has an extension on the table, if he does not take it then they move him. Penner or Hemsky possibly as well.

If ST sticks to his guns then it will be interesting to see if Lombadi caves. Ownership may tell him to pull the trigger.

That's a lot of guys on the move.

First trade - Dvorak to Atlanta for Bergfors and Rissmuller. Atlanta kind of looks like they're fucked imo but it looks like they are buying.


10:20am If Vandermeer and Smid are in play and Peckham is concussed does Gilbert play 45 minutes a night?


10:07am Had a lot of fun at the Leafs' game Saturday night btw. Very entertaining. Saw John Shannon on the way in, he was checking his Blackberry. "Big trade to announce there John?" I said. He chuckled. "Nothing yet."

Dreger repeats that Hemsky is likely gone today. He also says that Tambellini is asking for a huge return. Better not flinch you fucker.


10:02am Justin Williams signs four year extension with LA. Here is the thing with LA - is Brown a RW or LW? He is listed as a RW but he must play LW as well, why else would they be interested in Hemsky.

I like Williams a lot, he's injury prone but he's a good player.

Apparently the Oilers have to have Schenn in any deal for Hemsky. If that's the deal (Schenn plus) then while I'll be unhappy if Hemsky goes at least the return would be quality for once.

9:54am Duthie remarks that Edmonton wants to go with youth youth youth and get rid of everybody; if you need me I'll be hanging from a rafter in the basement. Fuck me.

9:45 am Working from home today so I'm going to be posting here regularly on what's happening.

Watching TSN last night and went to bed nervous and pissed off. Discussion revolving around the Oilers focussing on Hemsky and Smid with Dreger saying that with the exception of the kids all bets are off, which is fine and to be expected.

But what twigged my interest - Smid not fitting into the cluster that they are building in Edmonton, not because of his play but because of his age.

That's right folks. Laddy Smid is too old for this club.

Remember what Lowe said - four to six years? This confirms it. They're not done burning this sucker down yet. We're looking at top two pick this year and likely next year as well by the sounds of it.

Its the Nordiques' model. And all I can say is if this is the case then the only acceptable result is a Stanley Cup. If we fans are going to have to put up with a terrible team for the foreseeable future after five years out of the playoffs already then there had better be a Cup.

Dreger echoed my thoughts about today. We could see Vandermeer moved and little else or we could see a massive amount of movement. Smid is in play. Hemsky and Penner are garnering interest but the Oilers' price is apparently huge, at least for Hemsky, as it should be.

I want Hemsky to stay and extend his deal but I have a feeling today is going to be a day of sorrow for Oiler fans, much like the deadline day in 2007.

Lets hope not.


Coach pb9617 said...

But what twigged my interest - Smid not fitting into the cluster that they are building in Edmonton, not because of his play but because of his age.

They really have no idea what they're doing. It's still surprises me.

Coach pb9617 said...

Dreger seemed to insinuate that the Oilers were only going to move Hemsky.

Black Dog said...

Apparently they asked Chicago for Leddy for Smid.

I think they go crazy or nothing happens.

Coach pb9617 said...

Duhatschek can't pronounce Paajarvi

Black Dog said...

Pfft, that's easy.

Its pronounced:


Coach pb9617 said...

Tambellini should've offered Jacques, Bendfield, Abney and Czerwonka for Wideman if it was size Tallon was after.

Anonymous said...

I've been marginally more productive than the TSN Tradebreakers this morning.
I've made 4 puppies.
- Joey

kanadienkyle said...

I don't like the deal. The Oilers will never get better if they keep doing this. The return isn't great, but you could have likely brought in something similar next year at the deadline if you knew 27 wouldn't re-sign.

McGuire is a tool. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

dude i have your dos doppleganger