Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Deeper Thoughts

Liam Reddox may never be more than a tweener, a guy who is a very good AHL player but just a serviceable fourth liner in the NHL. Having said that, anyone who saw him play last night knows that he belongs on this team. Hopefully that anyone includes Lowe's monkey. Reddox can skate, he is smart, he is aggressive and he doesn't handle the puck like a case of the clap. In short he is a far better player than JFJ, MacIntyre and possibly Colin Fraser as well ... If Tambellini wants size, the one thing that Reddox cannot provide (although I would bet that despite his lack of size he is a magnificent and generous lover) then that's fine but the guy who is a bigger player should actually be able to play hockey ... Until you have that guy on the roster then play Reddox ... We have friends who are big port drinkers. When I was in university a buddy and I used to drink a port. It was cheap cheap stuff, Balls Of An Old Mule port or some such thing ... Usually we'd crack it open after a dozen beers or so because we were such sophisticates. The last time I drank it I was stone cold sober and I never touched it again until last summer when it was reintroduced to me and I discovered that all port doesn't taste like ass, its actually pretty good shit!! ... At the beginning of the WJC I tweeted that I thought this Canadian team was better than last year's which was the worst that I could remember - poor goaltending, shaky D, little up front (Nazem Kadri? Seriously?) - and still came away with the silver medal. This club may end up with a silver itself although if Visintin is solid I would guess they will beat the Russians handily ... The best international game I have ever seen Canada play was the quarterfinal rout of the Russians in Vancouver, the best junior games were the consecutive finals where they shut the Russians down a few years back ... the game Monday ranked up there in terms of executing so well that they absolutely dominated a pretty quality club.

The best news from the WJC - the play of Curtis Hamilton and Anton Lander. Both look like the real deal, big kids who can play ... Olivier Roy not so much but a goaltender's development is a twisted ridiculous path so I'm not going to put too much into a couple of bad games ... And yes I realize that I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too by saying nice things about the other two from the same small sample size ;)

Not sure if its based on anything but Terry Jones tweeted multiple times that he expects Anton Lander to be the third line centre in Edmonton next season ... based on Tambellini's work so far I don't see that as a far fetched notion ... inert is far too dynamic an adjective for him ... here is a question though, if Lander is slotted for that spot and the Oilers draft a centre then does that mean Sam Gagner gets traded? ... Gagner gets hacked on a lot but he's on pace for ~ twenty goals and fifty points, not too bad for a twenty one year old centre ... Plenty of questions about this year's draft class, Nugent Hopkins is small, Larssen has not had a great year (apparently he has had injuries) although he was great in the SF against the Russians, Couturier's skating looks Jason Allisonesque plus there is Landeskog (fucking the dog for Landeskog as someone said at LT's), this is going to make last year's 'debate' look like a tea party by comparison.

The emergence of Theo Peckham is a godsend for the Oilers, not just because of what he brings to the table - size, some skill and smarts, thuggishness - but because out of nowhere, relatively speaking, he fills a hole on the roster. A guy who looked to top out as a six or seven looks to be a possible four or five and there is one less crack that needs patching ... we expect that guys like Hall and Paajarvi and Eberle will be good NHL players but you only have so many first rounders and not all of them will work out either, as we know ... you need those guys down the draft list to become players, if so then you can start talking about a quality club ... hopefully Petry will be next, he certainly has the physical tools and he doesn't look overwhelmed at all. And if Omark can cement a spot as a top nine guy ... maybe I'm asking for too much here.

Ray Ferraro said it but I can say it better because I won't be censored - why the fuck would Jim Vandermeer think he can stickhandle through a bunch of Red Wings at their blueline? Ales Hemsky trying it is one thing (and not right either by the way) but Vandermeer? When he is the last man back? That's atom shit right there. Just terrible.

The boy cheers according to geography and geography only. He cheered for Russia over Sweden because 'Russia is closer to us, just a little jump over Alaska and a little jump over the water and you are there'.

Nothing more ridiculous then watching Andrew Cogliano try and defend. The guy tries and he should be commended for that but its time to move this little dogie along and come summer I would guess that he will be gone ... Brule too, just as Reddox > JFJ so to is Omark > Brule ... I know that first rounders seem to get a never ending series of chances but I would have to think that Brule's next club may be his last ... he just looks lost ... too bad because he doesn't seem a bad sort but I think he's going the way of POS and Nilsson soon.

And because I always beat this drum, how about bringing back Patrick Thoresen to play next season. Terrific fourth liner who can fill in on a higher line if need be. My guess is he isn't coming back unless he gets a good offer and its a one way deal, don't know what he makes in the KHL but its probably better than minimum in the NHL. Buddy can play though.


Bruce said...

Good stuff, Pat. Not sure there's room for both Reddox and Thoresen on my ideal team, but there sure in hell is room for one such. Given that the Electric Norseman is locked away in the KHL for now, I'm glad to see the ginger kid finally get another shot.

I was at the game last night, and at one point in the first period described Cogliano checking Bertuzzi as a terrier grabbing onto his ankle. Grrrrr, meanwhile Bert just carried on doing what he was doing. Later in the game he just shrugged Cogs aside, took the puck to the net and scored.

Black Dog said...

Thanks Bruce, yeah I agree, one is probably enough and if I had a choice I'd take Thoresen. He's not coming back though I think.

Reddox is what he is, too bad he's not a couple of inches taller and thirty pounds heavier, but he's still a good hockey player and a useful guy to have around.

Yeah that goal was something else, shrugged him off is a good way to describe it.

spOILer said...

Sure yeah, you don't post in forever and then all of a sudden it's a frenzy.

Re: the last entry

-I think Pitlick is a ways away from helping this team. Lander or VV will be there first. And I'm hoping they give Lander a couple of months in the AHL first.

-Marincin looks like he's gonna be a solid top 4 D, or as about as for sure as we can say about an 18 yo Dman

-Petry has all the tools and looks like he will be a player, but much in the same way Peckham did 2 years ago. I think he is up to two years away from contributing and we may have to suffer for through the learning curve

-Smid and Omark have to be added to the tradeables list. Love Smid -- it would be hard to give up on all the time invested, and he's likely to remain cheap, but he has to be tradeable especially in a deal for a better Dman.

-I think about dealing this summer's pick, or trading down, if MBS isn't too high on the top 4 guys.

-a cedar shake bathroom? Really?

-absolutely agreed on Brule, Cogs and Fraser. I don't mind the Fraser and Jones signings, except the 2nd year given to Fraser. They're bets that didn't cost a lot of chips and one of them has paid off. I'm leery on trading Jones because he looks like he loves hockey and the Oilers, is living the dream and is still pretty self-deprecating, but that performance is as unsustainable as Brule's last year and we can't give him a real payday. He's a different animal than Glencross, the guy we should have kept (with Brodz). Problem with trading Jones at the deadline, as with any of these guys, is the injury situation and the lack of real NHLers in the system to take their place.

Black Dog said...

lol spOILer - two in three days is a frenzy? I wish I had more time on my hands (sighs longingly).

ok so a nice long list of comments

1/ Agreed on Pitlick being after VdV and Lander on the depth chart right now. I think he might even go back to the WHL next season although obviously who knows, right? And while Lander could see the A I think if he comes to camp and looks ready he gets a spot with the big club

2/ agreed and agreed on Marcinin, a long way to go but a good pick

3/ I think if Whitney is gone for the year then Petry stays unless he totally falls apart, I think he's another good one, early of course

4/ Smid is not long I agree but I think they keep him until they have another kid or two ready, which is good because if he happens to turn the corner then all the better, as for Omark, I'd keep him until the next wave of bigger guys are ready, I think he can be a top nine guy, let him establish that

All sunshine and light today eh? Everybody has upside. ;)

5/ Regarding the pick this summer, well they had better be sure. Every guy has warts but they had better get value for this shitty season somehow. I think they would be happy with any of the four but probably would trade down if its RHN, no reason other than the whole size thing.

6/ Yes a cedar shake bathroom. It was fucking retarded. Whole house was.

7/ Yeah Jones is well, he leaves me cold, don't know why. And there is the whole fact that he is an 'actual NHL player'. Nobody to take his roster spot right now but if they can get an asset for him then Stortini can take his spot in the lineup and when Horcoff and Eberle come back then you have Reddox and Omark.

As for Fraser it was a reasonable bet and it just hasn't worked out. Even with the second year. its like Foster, not a terrible bet and a low cost one.

Garnet said...

As a lover Reddox would cuddle after, stay the night and make breakfast the next morning. The greatest breakfast? Maybe not, but he'll do whatever it takes just to stay.

spOILer said...


well, after all, he just gets out of bed and executes, lol.

Black Dog said...

Gets into bed and executes as well by the sounds of it.

Bruce said...

Isn't "executes" the antonym of

Ribs said...

He just kills it!

Gord said...

Patrick Thoresen is tied for 3rd in the KHL in points... Is tied for 2nd in goals with 22 over 40 games.

He led the KHL in +/- last season; presently sits at +14.

His faceoff percentage was 50% last season; rose to 57.6% in the playoffs. Is presently 56.8% this season.

Why would anyone be concerned about a one way deal? And why would we be thinking league minimum?

Give Thoresen $1.5 million per season for two years; we have the cap space and we have good 3rd line talent in the pipeline that does not need to be rushed.

In three years they should be ready; at that time we choose amongst Thoresen/ Lander / Pitlick / etc...

Black Dog said...

Gord - I'd be glad to give him that but based on the fact that he's still over there I'd bet nobody else feels the same way.