Thursday, December 23, 2010

Welcome, Christmas, Bring Your Cheer

When you're a kid Christmas is the end all and be all. When you become an adult and leave home then its a time to return home to get together with your family and your friends. When you have kids of your own then the magic ramps up again, along with the little ones as they get hopped up on sugar and anticipation.

Ours are seven and five and two and a half now. Its a great combination of ages. The youngest is a chatterbox now (even though quite often she sounds quite a bit like Perini Scleroso) and she has a pretty good idea of what is going on. We live in a relatively small house and so the tree dominates the main floor and a couple of times she has walked over in total awe, picked up a present and brought it over, sat down and prepared to unwrap it. The boy (Captain Serious) has been reading now for about six months and has a curiousity about everything in the world which is impossible to sate. And our eldest has a passion and enthusiasm for life that is unmatched. She also has a capacity for mischief, as does the boy, usually at her urging.

She also is beginning to have her doubts about Santa, planted in her head by one of her schoolmates. a surly little spoiled brat with a big mouth and a small mind, a horrible thing to say about someone so young, I know, but true all the same.

And not much in the spirit of Christmas to say such a thing, I guess (!).

Our daughter asked my wife about it and Jenn told her that she believes in Santa, which she does, its the magic and the wonder and the imagination of the whole thing, really, that sets Christmas apart. We were both brought up in households where the Christmas spirit was alive and well and so it has carried on the same in our home now and so even we adults come down on Christmas morning with that sense of wonder and joy. My folks are pushing eighty and they still celebrate Christmas with great relish, all the while remembering those Christmas Days when we were young.

We will have our Christmas Day and then in the days following we have many get togethers planned with friends where we will eat and drink and there will be plenty of laughter.

From our family, I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas. I hope that however you celebrate that day, that it brings you joy. And that if you have little ones then you really enjoy their smiles and laughter.

Merry Christmas.


Chappy said...


After several years, coming to read your work is something I still very much look forward to. Thank you for what you do, and a thousand wishes to you and your family this Christmas holiday.


uni said...

Don't be chinksy Chappy, how about 10 thousand wishes to Patty boy and himself and 30 thousand to his own.

I often enjoy his musing, and even more so lately since he cut back on the masturbatory references.

macaotim said...

From Cambodia with love...Dog bless us all.

E said...

i do christmas at my school here. 2-3 year old taiwanese kids, not christian, no cultural/familial background with the holiday, and they still go freakin' nuts for it. even without the presents. something about the trees and the lights and stories, i don't really know, but it captures their imagination in ways other 'imported' holidays don't.

which, selfishly speaking, is nice for me. makes it easier.

聖誕快樂! (merry christmas, from 'the free china')

Swabbubba said...

Merry Xmas... Santa will always live. best of Season to the writer and all the readers of this blog. Hope everyone gets what they need/want and spend extra time with friends & family.

Bar Qu said...

Merry Christmas to you Pat. Have a good day and a lot of good memories.

spOILer said...

Merry Christmas to you and Jenn and the kids, Pat. Seems strange to have that familiarity but then again the Internet is a strange and wonderful place. Even Santa has switched to using Amazon dot com.

Hope the New Year is the healthiest and happiest of years for you and your loved ones... and I hope Team (Time?) Capsule goes deep and wins all the marbles.

And may your new cellphone never see the bottom of a toilet bowl, lol.

All the best,

Black Dog said...

Thanks for the kind words, all of you. It was a wonderful Christmas for us, the best moment of all being the look on our youngest's face when she came downstairs. Just pure joy and wonder.

Paul said it best, as he often does. Here's hoping for a happy and healthy new year for all of you.