Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Interweb Says Irish Brothers Get The Call

Was getting the gears last night (just slightly mind you) about my age. I can remember when a bag of chips and a can of Pepsi cost fifty cents, all in. LT remembers when it was thirty five cents.

I am sure that Mr. McCurdy can beat that. Five bees for a quarter we used to say! ;)

I'm old but not too old to get on this Interweb bandwagon. I love the Internet. I have booked vacations on it, flights, lodging, vehicles, tickets, planned an entire two week trip, found pubs I want to visit. Are there any travel agents left anymore? If so, er, why?

There is the email and Skype and Youtube, all favourites of mine. I also have one of these new cellular phones that allows me to get my email, surf the web and tweet. Considering that I never even had a phone before its pretty wild and crazy shit let me tell you.

Its really unbelievable shit. When I was growing up we had two channels. And I'm not that old. And now the world is at your fingertips.

And the porn! My God.


And so of course that is how I found out this afternoon that Linus (rhymes with Penis apparently) Omark and Ryan O'Marra are getting the call with both Hemsky and Horcoff now out for a while.

For Omark its his chance. Now we will see if he is Rob Schremp, Rob Nilsson or Rob, well, some guy named Rob who is really good. Robert Hull? ;) I saw Omark and I saw him good about a month ago. He can skate and he has great hands and he can win puck battles despite his size. The question is whether he will give back more than he creates. If not I then I think he's a player. He'll slot in the top nine and it looks like Ryan Jones has proven that he will hold down a role there as well despite the fact that he apparently leaves his skate guards on when he leaves the dressing room.

The problem for the Oilers is they are now down two of their tough minute guys and Penner or Brule will now move to centre which means that 13 and/or 67 will have to play without the big guy and we all know how that has worked out. Anyhow here's a guess:

Hall/Penner/Eberle - Penner being the one guy left who can help the kids out in Horcoff's place

Jones/Gagner/Paajarvi - Jones is producing and Paajarvi has found his game, why break up a good thing

Omark/Cogliano/Brule - I think this one gets ugly but who knows.

As for O'Marra, well he is the second piece of the Smyth trade to get his shot and while ideally we'd see Jacques eat it, my God he is terrible, and Reddox come up and have O'Marra play between Liam and Stortini, I guess we'll see what Renney gets out of this bunch. O'Marra may play the wing I guess? Not sure. He'll get a shot anyhow and he had better make his mark as Vande Velde and Kytnar and Lander are all coming on in his rearview mirror. And Colin Fraser? It wasn't a bad move moving a sixth round pick for you but my God you haven't done a damn thing. Last chance pal.

The pictures haven't a thing to do with anything except I found them on, you guessed it, the Internet!


Adam Dyck said...

I don't see Penner/Bru moving to the middle if we're calling up O'Marra. Unless you're playing him at C there is absolutely no reason to call him up ahead of Pippi Longstocking, and I doubt they'll slide Fraser to the side either.

Black Dog said...

Adam - I sort of agree with you. The fact that its O'Marra points to what you are saying.

I just can't see either him or Fraser in the top nine. And I am assuming that they are bringing up Omark to play in the top nine.

That makes sense right? If he isn't going to play top nine then you should bring up Reddox.

But if he is top nine then you have him and the eight guys who composed the top nine with Horcoff last night.

I guess the other possibility is that Fraser moves up and Omark is going to play on the fourth line with O'Marra and Stortini.

That doesn't make sense to me though.

So ... what you are saying makes sense but it requires Omark on the 4th line or someone else to slide down. Its possible but doesn't make sense to me.

Adam Dyck said...

I can definitely see what you're saying, and it's not something I really considered earlier.

That being said, I wouldn't be shocked to see Fraser slot into the top 9. He seems to have been picked up to be Horc-Lite and now that they have a couple of openings they might as well give him a shot on a skill line. It's not like it'll tank our chances for a playoff run. Even then, there's still the point of either Omark or one of the other top 8+Jones having to fall onto the bottom line that Renney limits to scraps and crumbs.

macaotim said...

It's time to let Omark have a good shake of the dice. I hope to hell they don't 4th line him. That would be a joke. He needs a shot so that management (misnomer if there ever was one) can make future decision wisely.

I also hope that the Cogs, Brule, Omark line is a sick joke you found on your internet.

Black Dog said...

Well apparently Gagner is moving up between Hall and Eberle and the Penner line is going to stay together.

Can't really argue against either except it leaves Paajarvi and Jones with Fraser likely. And Omark on the fourth line.

Interesting to see how long this lasts. That third line is probably going to get murdered.

Swabbubba said...

Ok the Kaptain was taken down by a CIA operative. I am good with the call ups but who is going to replace the guy at the dot. We need to replace the wins at the dot. The D zone faceoffs were Horc's now who

Adam Dyck said...

Gregor says Brule drops to the fourth line and Omark-Fraser-Jones picks up the third line duties. Take that however you will, but it at least makes sense.

Adam Dyck said...

Gregor says Brule drops to the fourth line and Omark-Fraser-Jones picks up the third line duties. Take that however you will, but it at least makes sense.

Black Dog said...

Adam - Brule has done little so its not a surprise, this is Omark's chance to take his job I think. If he can provide more than Brule can then Gilbert will be on his way out.

Going to be a tough road for a while here. Basically the third line is the fourth line with Omark instead of Stortini.

That isn't good.

kanadienkyle said...

I still don't understand why the Oilers do not put people in positions where they have the best chance of success. Even if they dont want the player long-term, this still helps with trade value, no?

uni said...

Renney has apparently come out and said that he'll try to put Omark in the best position to succeed, and since there's no point having him on a 4th line he'll likely be moved up the lineup (read shuffled around) since he's capable of doing that.

Here's hoping.

Black Dog said...

Kyle - exactly

They are getting better. Tambellini has done a nice job with OKC and this has helped the kids down there. And the draft has begun to pay dividends.

But the past few years has been a real shitshow for development. Woodguy made the point about Chorney playing in the NHL last year - buddy should not have been there but he was the best option. And so he gets just wrecked. No way he should have been there.

Depth at the NHL level is sorely lacking, especially up the middle. I do think they figured Fraser would bring more to the table though.

Black Dog said...

uni - well even if he's not in the longterm plans its in their best interest to pump up his value

Personally I think he eats Brule's lunch. I have nothing to back that up, just a feeling. Brule is POS redux although there's more effort there. But if he's not scoring he's just filler.

spOILer said...

Is there still an Ireland? I thought they had sold their sould to bail out bankers and bondholders.

spOILer said...

The superfluous "d" is silent, above.

spOILer said...

Tough match for the Spurs this week... but if you look at Chelsea's sched the next 3 weeks, and the fact that neither The Scum or the Gunners have a decent back line this year, top 4 is a definite possibility for your upstarts.

Black Dog said...

Oh please please please a victory on Sunday. Although VDV is out which makes it difficult.

Poor Ireland. I have friends there and they are hanging in there and I have no doubt that the country itself will bounce back. But what a fucking disaster.

Bruce said...

Well like Adam said the whole reason O'Marra got called up over Reddox was because he's a C. Judging from Friday's minutes he slipped right into the top 9 while Fraser stayed on the fourth line which is a damning thing in itself, and at the same time both O and O went right into the line-up while Stortini stayed in the pressbox which is also pretty damning.

But that "third" line of the two call-ups and last year's waiver wire pickup (Jones) got absolutely fucking owned by the Bolts at even strength. It was ugly.

Black Dog said...

And then last night was ugly as well. Lottery here we come! Which is the point of the whole exercise anyhow.

Yeah Fraser has been a disappointment, he hasn't even met the sniff test as a reasoonable fourth line guy.