Friday, December 03, 2010

Dance Like You've Never Danced Before!

If I could only ask for one thing, it would be to live in a world where folks break out in spontaneous dance like they do at times in the movies. That would be fun.

Well really it would be down the list I guess. Bring back the big fella. A night with Anne Hathaway. Go back in time to June 19, 2006 and have the game go to OT and have good old 94 finish off the Canes.

But its up there.

Anyhow its the weekend. The Oilers just swept through Eastern Canada. They have three lines clicking. Sort of. Hall and Eberle are flying and Paajarvi has woken up and Sam Gagner is shoving it up the backsides of his critics and Dubnyk and Teddy Peckman have had another fine week. A fun week to be an Oilers' fan and if we're talking handjobs well both the Montreal and Toronto games qualified.

Mighty fine shit.


spOILer said...

Excellent road trip, results wise. Not so much processing/development-wise maybe, but these kids need a few breaks along the way.

I missed your movie post earlier this week. Damn!

I'd like to recommend two:
--Shutter Island should already be showing on your package. Scorsese has come a long way since the disaster of Goodfellas.
--Inception. Pure, utter, brilliance. Perhaps the best movie made to date, but it might be awhile before it shows up on the movie channels.

Chloe is on my must see list too, can't wait for next month. I just bought another of Egoyan's more recent films from the bargain bin but havent watched it yet. Can't remember the title. Watching Sweet Hereafter nearly destroyed me.

Lord Bob said...

You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind. 'cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine.

Black Dog said...

Ssssss Aaaaaa Ffffff Eeeeee Ttttttt Yyyyyyy Dance ....

spOILer - The Sweet Hereafter was devastating. What a film.

If you have not seen it I would highly recommend Away From Her, Sarah Polley's directorial debut. Just a wonderful work. Very sad.

As for the Oilers well a few wins is a nice break from the monotony and there have been a few positives that we can dwell on. Dubnyk had a nice game in Montreal. The pairing of Peckham with Gilbert seems to have brought out the best in both and Teddy's development is probably the biggest surprise of the season.

Up front Hall has really had a terrific stretch. Dennis was talking about how he was impressed with his compete level and as a guy who was happy with Hall but would have liked Seguin I have to agree. Long way to go but Hall really gives 'er and this club has needed that for a while.

Paajarvi has woken up, not a surprise seeing as he's playing with a bona fide centre now. If Hemsky can get healthy and round out that line I'll bet Magnus might start making some noise.

And Penner is dragging 13 and 67 to respectability on some nights anyhow. So that black hole is gone.

So a few positives.

Swabbubba said...

Check out my argumentagainst people dancing. I enjoyed the habs game the most as Subban was burned twice. Well the Leafs just because that must caused Burkes BP to rise. Go Oil

hoil said...

Liked the To Have & Have Not reference in the movie thread; I was a fan of Bogart back in the day and Bogy's nickname "Slim" for Bacall's character got borrowed and applied to my girlfriend. That was over 25 years ago and she hasn't outgrown it yet.

Speaking of dancing, the wiggle Bacall does as she dances out of the bar at the end of that movie is priceless.

Check out the short dance sequence from the funniest sitcom on TV right now; Community.