Monday, October 25, 2010

Marliez Girlz

I'm still here!

The other day Vic's post over at IOF basically asked what folks are watching on TV these days. I think we'll see quite a few of those this winter. I almost long for the dog days of summer when it comes to Oiler talk.

As for me Boardwalk Empire is it for me these days. Steve Buschemi? Seriously buddy is the greatest. And I've always had a thing for Kelly MacDonald since she went full frontal and gave Ewen McGregor a ride in Trainspotting. That shiny little silver dress, that Scottish lilt, that pale lovely skin ...

My momma told me if you can't say anything good then you'd better not say anything at all. So, you know, the Oilers ....

I keed. Well, not really. It was a bad week for the Oilers and they stand two and four and in a week November will here and that is when the schedule gets difficult. Seriously. Check it out. October is a beauty compared to November.

Its going to be ugly. And we knew that. And later this week I'll be up north so I will be without kids and should be able to get a couple of posts out about our fine collection of, er, well, about the Oilers. Its pretty awful. It really is. Just have to suck it up and take it although my mood would be a lot better if they had not completely fucked up the past four years, if the guys who had run the franchise into the ground weren't still in charge and if the franchise itself just seems to be so, well, douchey, with frontman Pat Laforge concerned about cheerleaders and a new arena first and foremost.

Third coach in three years who can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Players have come and gone including a whole lot of useful ones. The only ones still standing ... the ones who made the mess.

Hey Mr. Katz, losing money (and I certainly do not believe this for a minute)? Here's a clue for you for starters. Make the playoffs. And you might cut off the head of this stinking fish.


Just wanted to add my own thoughts to Shepso's take on the game between OKC and the Marlies on Saturday evening here in Toronto.

As Tyler said afterwards - 'Its always good to meet men from the internet' - and the truth is I've had some pretty good times with the gang who I have met in these parts. I remember the first time I went out (it was a night of drinking at the Cloak and Dagger with Chris Boutet from CinO), telling my wife that I was going to meet some random internet guy out for drinks, well lets just say that my wife knows that I've always been a little bit Joe Off White, you know, have my own drummer and all that, but that was when she really started to wonder a little more.

Its always been good times. I remember the first time I met noted pervert Mike Winters how we had a few pints with Tyler and then after Tyler left, well, its all a bit fuzzy now but I woke up in an alley with a killer headache and a slightly sore butthole. It was weird too because I only had a few pints and they don't hit me like that but oh well, it was still fun, except for the painful asshole thing and the niggling suspicion that I had been had. Twice at least too by the feel of it.

Have met some fine folks on the web that's for sure and Saturday night a gang of us got together at Ricoh Coliseum to check out the Oilers' farm club against the Marlies. Joining Tyler, James Mirtle and CinO alumni Chris Boutet and Mike Winters were third member of CinO David Berry, frequent logtime commenter Jeremy (littlefury) and Stephen Sheps(o) from Bringing Back The Glory as well as girlfriends, friends and the boy, who announced to me before the game that he would be cheering for the team from his city.

At which point I stood and shouted I HAVE NO SON!!

Anyways the company was good, as was to be expected. The boy ate pizza and popcorn and cotton candy and for the most part he sat quietly with no complaints, unlike all of the adults who had to sit through what was a pretty sad game. The entertainment value, the officiating, the venue, the announcer, the players. Only the prices were major league though I expect no less from MLSE. Oh and they had Marlies Girls (Marliez Girlz) so there you go Pat Laforge. Bush fucking league.

A few impressions.

Shawn Belle has all of the physical tools and no toolbox. In the AHL he can get away with bad reads and poor decisions because he is bigger and faster and stronger than everyone else but when you make the mistakes I saw him make on Saturday night you're not going to have an NHL career.

Jeff Petry got eaten alive by Kadri one on one but other than that (other than that!) he was fine. Still a ways to go of course.

Didn't notice Motin much which is a good thing for a young defenceman. The boy's interest was piqued by the fact that he was from Sweden and he and Tyler discussed Sweden amongst other things. Dellow's admonishments to my son to find his own self a girlfriend resulted in a few instances of grabass on the streetcar home and I had to step in to protect the boy from irate boyfriends on a few occasions. Awkward!

Plante looked good, he got beat on a pinch at the end of the game when the Barons were down two, he gambled and got burned but the timing was correct, unlike, say, Dion Phaneuf's play on Saturday night against the Flyers.

And Petoit was faceless, much like so many of the players from both teams. He got clobbered in the second and the Barons, much like their big brethren, stood around and did nothing, despite the fact that it was a borderline dirty play.

Pitton was in net, too deep in it actually. Too bad the Oilers don't have another guy they could rotate with Gerber to provide reasonable AHL calibre goaltending because that might have stolen their farm club a point or two here. Pitton does not cut it.

Up front Reddox was Reddox. Scored a goal, had his motor running all night. Best player on the Barons. O'Marra centred he and Omark and the return for Ryan Smyth looked terribly slow.

Omark was absolutely fantastic from his own blue to the opposing net but the problem is he rarely ventured inside his own blue and when he did he often made a hash of it, including a terrible turnover that led to a Marlie goal. He knew he fucked up, slammed his stick down. All he need to do is chip it out. That's whats holding him back though because he has great hands, his pass to Petry on the Reddox goal was beautiful, a hard flat pass over a defender's stick, and he wins puck battles against much bigger men easily either through speed, guile or deceptive strength. Don't know how but he was coming away with the puck all night.

And he's tough. He got run hard and went down and when he did get up he went to the bench but he did not miss a shift. There was a fight at the end with Stewart taking on Aulin. I don't think Aulin was the guy who ran Omark, whoever it was got away with that too.

Saw a tooth fly out in that fight right in front of us. Always fun to see. Not sure whose it was though.

As for the rest of the Oilers' prospects and suspects well, not much to report. Vande Velde was okay, just not very noticeable. Hartkainen had a few nice moments. He wins puck battles and has nice hands and can see the ice pretty well so that's a nice combination. Kytnar was down the depth chart. Giroux didn't do a damn thing.

It was just one of those games. Flat. Dull. I played one myself yesterday afternoon. They happen.

When the final horn blew the boy turns to me and says 'I guess my team won, eh Daddy'

I repeat. Once again.


We'll have to do it again although next time I plan on doing way more drinking.

Heal his pain.


hunter1909 said...
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hunter1909 said...
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Bruce said...

Too bad the Oilers don't have another guy they could rotate with Gerber to provide reasonable AHL calibre goaltending because that might have stolen their farm club a point or two here.

Yeah, too bad.

Meanwhile JDD sits on the bench up here that night, even for the last 15 minutes of a 5-1 game, while DD takes his turn in the press box and the two of them have a combined zero minutes of action this month. But the org. has time to get Brian F. Pitton a game, not to mention whoever it is down there in Stockton who should be backing up and not starting.


Bruce said...

PS: Glad you folks had fun at the game. I was saying to somebody the other day that Saturday was the first time in a very long time that I wished I lived in Toronto. If only for a day.

Well, part of a day, anyway.

Coach pb9617 said...

My kid's a Coyotes fan. They're red, they have a dog on their shirts and they won last year.

Honestly though, can you blame him?

macaotim said...

I bought the little guy a Gretzky jersey in Shanghai last week and I got the Eberle I like that kid. Anyway, I plan to show old re-runs of Oiler games until he is old enough to catch on. Perhaps seeing the puck go into the opposition's net might make him/keep him and Oiler's fan.

There is a good book called Pavlov's Trout (I think) and it has some wise words from the author (a psychiatrist, professor and author)about conditioning a young boy or girl into becoming a fishing addict - thus allowing you all the fishing time you want without the wrath of "The Wife" because, after all, you are with the kid(s) and she gets a break! Perhaps some of his sage advise could be adapted in order to create young Oiler fans. God knows the on-ice product will not suffice.

Swabbubba said...

The only show I watch is Sons of Anarchy. Which for some reason is not available in Canada.
The Kids are doing OK as long they stay healthy. I am not sure if u can build a winning culture when we have such sad sack PK and Def corps. And no Sheldon is not the answer. I think the forwards have to drop a bit lower and help them out it is all about spacing. Go Oilers ... I gotta say I have been entertained by this bunch. I guess having no expectations makes it easier to watch.

Coach pb9617 said...

There is a good book called Pavlov's Trout (I think) and it has some wise words from the author (a psychiatrist, professor and author)about conditioning a young boy or girl into becoming a fishing addict - thus allowing you all the fishing time you want without the wrath of "The Wife" because, after all, you are with the kid(s) and she gets a break

My father-in-law did this for me and it's beautiful. The kid wants to fish every waking moment.

shepso said...

it was good times, and the boy as you said did manage to behave himself, aside from trying to steal Tyler's woman at the end of the night (which was awesome btw.) I still can't believe how bad the AHL product is live. I don't know about you but I just saw way too many of them bad if you know what I mean. But yeah, Reddox is kinda like the little engine that could and Omark is a beauty player from his blue line to their goal.

We've got to find a way to make the summit a more regular event if we can. I know BCB was choked he couldn't come too. He and Tyler would get along a bit too well I think, particularly politically. I think it would be a riot.

@Bruce, you should use some of that newfound MSM credit to fly out for a "road game" and join us.

Black Dog said...

sheps - I think its a definite possibility plus we will probably get together at some point to watch the Oilers ger creamed on HNIC, we generally do.

Plus we usually get together once in a while to just shoot the shit and have some pints. don't expect you to come up the 401 for that though.

Yeah Derek I don't blame him one bit.

Black Dog said...

Bruce - we'll work on that pneumatic tube ;)

Tim - good stuff and it explains a lot, my grandfather used to always take me out on his coke fuelled visits to hookers and now I can't get enough of either

Mystery solved.

Vic Ferrari said...

Damn, you folks are hardcore. Going to an Oiler AHL affiliate game? I can rarely find the motivation to speed-watch an Oiler game on PVR. A shame you didn't get a better game to watch.

To put it in old-timey Blackhawks terms; I'm waiting for Bill Wirtz to die.

And coerce the CinO guys into writing again. I had assumed that they had just become demoralized with Oiler management and lost interest. Understandably so. That clearly isn't the case, I mean they're attending OKC Barons games for crissakes.

Black Dog said...

Hunter - why are you deleting your posts, pal? You're not that depressed are you?

Vic - lol, who's Bill Wirtz in this case?

Well Dave has his very good reasons, I think, for no longer wanting to write about these clowns but you'd have to ask Mike and Chris about their own reasons. Probably the same as most, a lot busier, a little less inclined to write about such a bunch of sad sacks. Not a lot of fun when it comes to the Oilers these days.

It was a good time definitely. But man oh man was it a terrible game.

Vic Ferrari said...

For me
Bill-Wirtz-Dying = Lowe-Laforge-and-Tambellini-being-fired

Black Dog said...

Hmmm, don't those guys all have 'for life' after their titles on their business cards?

LittleFury said...

I don't see why the Ginger and the Swede shouldn't be up with the big club at this point. Like someone said in a GDT at Lowetide's (Dennis, maybe?), why not get creative with the fourth line: roll a couple more of the kids in there, dress another D maybe. The season's a write-off anyway, might as well make it interesting. But I guess Steve MacIntyre needs his 1:43 of playing time a night to sit and watch Sam Gagner drop the gloves. And fucking Jones and Fraser? Jesus wept.
TV? I watch a lot of TV since I discovered torrents. Worked through the Tudors (which is trashy and dumb, but has nudity). Boardwalk Empire is good stuff. Mad Men, of course. Just watched a four part miniseries out of the UK, This Is England '86. It's the follow up to the brilliant flick This Is England from a couple years back: both are well worth your time.

hunter1909 said...

Black Dog: perhaps I'm trying to delete posts and in effect erase all contact with anything to do with the 2010 Oilers, haha.

Black Dog said...

lol - exactly, trying to forget, trying to forget

maybe opium?

Littlefury - yeah someone somewhere was talking about how they needed to get Belle up right away because he is better than all of the D up now (Jesus) - for my money he's too dumb (hockey wise) to play in the NHL but why the fuck not, its obvious that Strudwick and Vandermeer can't cut it

may as well.

LittleFury said...

Or-and this is really wild, real out of the box shit here- they could send down a goalie and bring up just one of the tweeners on the farm. Crazy, I know.

I'm starting to wonder if the boy isn't on to something with his method of choosing clubs.

Black Dog said...

LF - that idea of yours is totally out of this world. Seriously, did you ever play the game? Just silly talk.

You never know when you might need an extra goaltender. Look around the league. How many teams don't carry three goaltenders?


OK over the past six seasons how many teams have carried three goaltenders?

OK never mind then.