Saturday, August 28, 2010


And so it has come to this. Khabibulin will be going away. Maybe for a month. Maybe for longer. As the father of three young children my tolerance for folks who have a bunch of drinks and then get behind the wheel is pretty well zero. People talk about deterrence not working in terms of stopping folks from not thinking but I'm pretty sure that if the first drunk driver stopped tonight was executed at the roadside by the cops that would probably get a lot of people's attention.

Our millionaire goaltender friend was lucky in one respect, that being that he didn't run into anyone that day.

And so he is going to go away and then he may be suspended and if anyone thinks that an aging goaltender coming off of back surgery who is going to miss camp and then probably a portion of the season is going to be able to provide even adequate goaltending for the Oilers this year, well raise your hand. We could probably fit the lot of you into a Honda Fit. More likely on a moped.

The biggest losers in all of this are the Oilers of course. This signing is the one that just keeps getting worse and worse. It makes the Souray deal look like the gold standard in comparison. Four years for an aging injury prone keeper was bad enough and inevitably he went down last year. Now its probable that another year is going to be wasted with DD and ADD between the pipes. The best part about the Khabibulin deal, other than the Oilers are stuck with it, is the fact that the market has been flooded with younger cheaper alternatives each of the last two summers and will probably be again next year. They could likely have this year's Cup winning goalie for half of Khabibulin's ticket and just a single year if they so desired.

This team hasn't missed the playoffs four years (soon to be five) because they need a new arena or because of Edmonton or the fans or bad luck. Its been bad management through and through and here is just another example of it. Oiler fans get ready because we're heading for the lottery. Again. And then get ready to wave goodbye to Hemsky and Penner because I would guess that playing through their primes with these losers probably isn't what they have in mind when it comes to their futures.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say once again, fantastic job with the Summit series.

As for Re-Khabibuhlin, and Oilers management; you couldn't be more right. One big bunch of losers.

Oh, also found your latest quoted on Puck Daddy. Hat tip for some excellent writing.


JohnQPublic said...

The most negative and pessimistic blog in the Oilogosphere.

I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. Everytime I come to this site, it's the same old life in Oil Country sucks.


The man needs a enema.

Black Dog said...

Funny thing JohnQ this was once the most optimistic blog around but four years of poor management and losing will wear you down.

What should I write? How awesome it is to see a Stanley Cup finallist dismantled piece by piece? How ownership seems more interested in a new arena than winning hockey games? How bad decisions have made the team a joke?

They were last overall last year and while there are plenty of nice kids coming up its a good bet they will be last again this year. As a fan are you happy with that? If so then you're getting what you deserve. Shitty hockey.

And of course as always if you don't like what you read here then don't bother reading it. Save yourself the bother.

Black Dog said...

Thanks KDM appreciate the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Really JohnQ?

You obviously haven't been reading this blog that long if you think Pat is a pessimist...

Oh my.

I think Pat may have been the last man standing when it came to falling to the darkside.

Don't like it? Don't read it. Simple enough no?


uni said...

Ah JQP, nothing like taking a shot at something while having nothing worthwhile to contribute yourself =).

I used to accuse BD of being a 'blueskier'. I think 4 years of futility and near grenade misses (Vanek offer sheet, Heatley trade etc.) would have this effect on anyone sane. I'm saddened that BD has become more conservative in his optimism, while at the same time I'm glad to see that he isn't delusional.

Personally I wouldn't mind another lottery finish and shot at Adam Larsson in the least. Last place finish is worth it for a all-world franchise defenceman, here's hoping the kid pans out and the Oilers grab him. If you're going to lose then do it right =).

Vic Ferrari said...

If the Oilers set out to alienate their thinking fans, starting in the summer of '06 ... they have been spectacularly successful. In fact, if they were doing it purposefully, the word 'supergenius' belongs in the conversation.

Unfortunately, I think it is much more likely that we are dealing with garden variety incompetence here.

And JohnQPublic; you may well be a fine person in real life, but your comment above colours you as a complete dink.

Swabbubba said...

Ah John q made a boo boo. I know that BD/Pat is writing seems negative but it is true. We can sugar coat the shit but it is still shit.
There are wild things that can happen but The Bulin Wall getting pissed while on injured reserve. I think the NHL will have to bring Morality clauses in. The mismanagement of the team/assets has been epic. It is pretty funny that think the 06 run was harbinger of the future. It was an anomaly kind of like the Flames run
it was a one off. The Flames spin doctors still think they can win with Iggy and clowns they brought back I say nay.
Oilers hockey is going to be ugly but there should be some rays of sunshine this year as long none of the keys get hurt.
it is always something to read on this blog.

doritogrande said...

We could probably fit the lot of you into a Honda Fit. More likely on a moped.

Be careful about saying that Pat. They're rather roomy vehicles.,r:16,s:0