Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Kids finish school today and so summer starts officially for us although with the weather we've been having it seems like it started about two months ago. When I was in Dublin it was in the twenties here and that was before Easter. Crazy but after last summer we are owed some decent weather.

Its been hectic but in a good way. Kids are playing soccer. We've been partying a little bit here and there, getting out when we can, sometimes with friends, sometimes just the two of us, we're good like that. I'm not playing hockey this summer but I am rollerblading to and from work two or three times a week so probably coming out on top in terms of the exercise thing there. Jenn's soccer season was cut short a couple of weeks ago when she was marking an opponent and they both went over hard. I'd like to say you should see the other girl but she got up and walked away. My wife on the other hand is out six weeks with a fractured heel which is about as bad as it sounds. She's not laid up but its no fun.

Other than the soccer the injury hasn't really put a damper on the summer although you might want to ask me that come this weekend. We're off to Ottawa tomorrow and if you were wondering if we are gluttons for punishment going to Ottawa for Canada Day whilst the Queen (by the way, up the Republic!) is there then yes, yes we are. Anyhow if I run into old Betty I'll tell her to go back to her own country thank you very much but the likelihood is that we won't be anywhere near the madness, here's hoping anyhow.

We've done the crosscountry trip with the kids of course, Ontario to PEI, and are doing it in August again but its strange to me because this little venture has a little more of a chance to go off the rails I think. We like these little three to four day family getaways but we just missed out on getting a suite and so there wil be five of us in a room and one of the five is almost two and acting like it and the other two are four and six and the fourth is going to be trying to walk all about Ottawa on a bad wheel so what all this means is that when all is said and done the fifth, that would be me, might be in the bathroom with a fifth of something trying to kill off that edge.


A busy busy week for the Oilers.

I liked the work they did at the draft. The first two picks were terrific and I didn't much mind what came after. The Slovak kid on D and then Hamilton and Martindale - pretty good stuff. I'm not a draft guy and I know that some folks would have preferred other picks in that range but these guys aren't crazy off the board picks at all. They all sound like picks that you get in that range. Marincin is inconsistent, Hamilton had some injury issues, Martindale could use a little more intensity by the sounds of it. At that point in the draft that's what you run into. All three have potential. After that of course its mostly guys we'll never see or hear from again although Blain and the other defenceman (Davidson?) might be longshots. No complaints here though. I know some folks wanted the Russian kid but I think that with the Nash move and the moves today we can see that the Oilers are looking to avoid any drama of any sort which may not be a bad thing considering the past few seasons. As for Kabanov or whatever his name is, pass pass pass on him. All the talent in the world and a huge problem on top of it. Forget it.

And now they are slashing and burning up front. Yesterday Pouliot and Potulny got let go as they were not qualified. The addition of Fraser has given the Oilers three legitimate pivots, albeit of varying ability, and it was no surprise to see these two get the axe. Potulny is a tweener on a team full of them (although not so much now I guess) and while he was decent he was really one of those guys who added little. With Hall and probably another hotshot kid or two coming in his PP time was going to get cut. He doesn't PK, he's not physical, he's not a great skater. I hope he catches on somewhere but you knew his time was up. As for Pouliot I think this comes down to money a bit. I've always liked Pouliot but he's injury prone and he's never really caught on. He showed flashes last season but he has done that before. My guess is that he has a career elsewhere but I don't think the Oilers wanted to pay him over nine hundred grand for what he provides when they can probably find someone to do the same for less. Of course the question with the Oilers always is will they replace him, this has been the problem for them these past few years, but I'm not surprised to see him go. Jacques is a surprise to me. He's terrible but he's cheaper and I think they figure he might still emerge. I don't see it but the difference in his salary and the other guys plus his size made all the difference there. Be nice if he could play hockey though.

And today we find out that not one, not two, but three players have been waived - Nilsson, O'Sullivan, Moreau.


So much for that logjam up front, especially as Pisani and Stone are UFA as well. Presently this is what we have going on.

Horcoff, Gagner, Cogliano, Fraser

Penner, Hall, Jones, Jacques, Paajarvi
Hemsky, Brule, Stortini, Eberle

Now I am guessing that they sign Stone and Reddox being qualified is good news for him as he tried to stick once and for all because this lot is a little thin. Tambellini has said that July first will see him trying to fill holes in the bottom six and that is the obvious place to start and of course we still await what is going to happen with Souray and for that matter with Cogliano.

Crazy day to see three guys get gassed but really no surprise. Moreau is done and its sad to see because he gave the Oilers a lot of good years but the past couple of years he's been a shadow of his former self. O'Sullivan is an enigma. Nilsson had two good months in 2008 to earn his present contract and one thinks that his career is on the line because he is a dogfucker of the highest degree. Maybe O'Sullivan's too although he has that pedigree so he may get a chance somewhere. Moreau, I think, is finished. Its obvious that nobody wanted any of these guys but maybe they can catch on somewhere playing for peanuts.

Relative peanuts I mean.

Can't accuse Tambellini of sitting on his hands anymore.

On the road for a few days but the laptop is accompanying so hopefully I can get some thoughts up on Canada Day. If not it will be the weekend.
By the way, as you can imagine, I love the Go Gos. Favourite 80s girl band, although Bananarama gives them a run.


Travis Dakin said...

Tend to agree with you on most things except.... For my money, no one could touch Susanna Hoffs and her backing group. My first true crush.

Bali villas said...

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spOILer said...

It's been a fine week for Steverino.

Nilsson dumped for a third over two years. Moreau completely off our hands. POS turned into Vandermeer.

Vandermeer's getting paid too much for what he can bring, but he's a very useful body. The opposition knows they've been in a hockey game when they play Vandermeer. They can tell by the bruises. With Souray's impending departure we needed a real ruffian.

And then Tambaloney turns around and gets what is probably the best value signing in the entire NHL on FA Madness Day (albeit that isn't saying much). And then Foster says he's been dreaming about donning the Drop his whole life.

And then Steve-a-rooney waives Souray to see if it will spark a deal or to see if he can get rid of him without taking a bad contract back. Sensible, logical stuff. It makes the jaw drop.

And then our newly beloved GM signs AHL God Giroux, who has the size and numbers to play in the Bigs, so you gotta figger he skates worse than Tim Kerr, but who is the perfect addition for OK City. And he signs Alberta beefcake Petiot, another seasoned AHL vet.

And then rumours of interest in R. Niedermayer, who might not be the guy, but the fact they're actually talking to a checking centre type of fella is damn near mind-blowing.

This is not the Edmonton Oilers of those Facepalm days of yore. These guys might actually mean business.

Culture change, gotta love it.

uni said...

I agree with everything except Kabanov. You have someone who is incredibly motivated, and has no options but to do what his NHL club says now.

It's a crap shoot that low in the draft, and I'd much rather have spent the 61st overall on Kabanov than any other player.

As for Nilsson, he's very disappointing. Been rooting for the guy since he was drafted. I hope he catches on somewhere and has a career.

Black Dog said...

spOILer - yep just posted on last week, overall I like Tambellini's work this summer, pretty good.

uni - tough one to pass over but I think the Oiler shav ehad enough drama over the past few years and a kid like this brings a lot of drama, he's the type who can derail a lot of good

I understand the angst at passing him by but I've never heard so many issues surrounding a kid and I can see why they didn't pick him.

Black Dog said...

And Travis, yeah the Bangles are up there for sure, no doubt

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