Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Old Man At Sea

Well I think it may be time to admit that Tambellini isn't sitting around on his hands anymore. Hard to say how much of Pat Quinn's reassignment was Quinn's decision that his heart wasn't in another year of coaching this bunch of losers or if it was Tambellini's realization that while this club was flawed Quinn wasn't exactly the man for the job.

Now Tom Renney will get his shot. Don't know much about your man Renney except his demeanour and methods always struck me as very MacTavishish. Calm, cerebral, the type of guy that critics call dull and passive. He's a tactician, a linematcher, of course nearly all coaches are, with the exception of Pat Quinn who was of the roll them over the boards school.

Old time hockey.

Will the promotion of Renney make this a better club? Well if he shelters a few of the kids then it will likely be a bit better although like MacT he certainly realizes that its pretty hard to hide nine of your twelve forwards from the other club's big guns.

Interesting to me is how this was couched to Katz. Was Quinn Lowe's choice? If not how does Tambo explain away that choice and the big contract that came with it? Or does Quinn let him off the hook with a "Its me, not you" resignation.

Say what you will about Steve Tambellini he is certainly putting his stamp on the organization this summer. Now we will see if he can effect the same change on the ice.
Additionally - following the Twitter and Elliotte Friedman thinks that Quinn was pushed -

Can't imagine Quinn took this very well. When I spoke to him in April about coaching future, he was surprised I'd even bring it up.
So there you go.


PDO said...

Huge improvement that will make it pretty unlikely this team is in the lottery again next year.

Renney is a guy who can coach, and do it well.

hunter1909 said...

Too bad for Quinn, lol. He wasn't the right coach, but I'm more than happy to have had Pat Quinn coaching the Oilers.

Renney will be good to very good for a couple of seasons, no idea after that he didn't take the Rangers very far once he got them back into the playoffs. Where's Glen Sather(1980 version) when you need him?

Greece turned tonight's World Cup game into trench warfare for 70 minutes.

I take back everything I said about Maradona, he might end up winning the tournament with Argentina.

Tomorrow England's soap opera resumes.

spOILer said...

I'd bet money that Quinn was Katz's choice.

Darren said...

Argentina will benefit from the fact that the strongest nations (typically) will be on the other side of the bracket from them.
They also haven't played against any quality attacking nation yet, and from all 3 group games have shown an alarming vunerablity to the long ball over the top of their CBs.
In short, I wouldn't take anything back about Maradona just yet.

Black Dog said...

spOILer - a good bet

Darren - we'll see but I think you may be right, so far they haven't been really tested and the back end is supposed to be their weakness

Black Dog said...

Interesting Hunter I thought you were anti Renney. Am I wrong?

I like him but I'm interested as to why the enthusiasm PDO - can you expand on your support for him? thanks

spOILer said...

BD, hell it may have been unanimously pro-Quinn, given the willingness to spend money...

Why now, why this way?

Well, I guess this means evaluation time is finally over. Just in time for the draft and the buyout amnesty, thank the Gord.

As for the way they're going about things, I have no idea. Seems clueless, classless, utterly without cool, without style, without consideration. Communication issues might just be the politics of isolating one's self from the doomed, but sheesh, this is our head negotiator?

And that was his first really big move, the hiring of Quinn, right? Then the good fortune of the draft, then Khabby was hunted down like he's the last crack dealer in town. Damn, forgot about POS.

Tambi's done enough to be fired. Either he's not the final decision-maker, or his ass is somehow protected or immune, or he's now on a very short leash.

OTOH, I have a tough time believing Quinn couldn't guess at why Renney was named Associate. Don't ask, don't tell doesn't mean don't know. He had to suspect this was a possiblity after the dismal season.

hunter1909 said...

Renney was great in NY for his first couple of seasons, then it started getting old.

Expect more of the same here on in.

I don't want to bet the farm on Argentina just yet, but it's great to see Maradona's antics - talk about living large...always manage a smile for these types.

My dough still goes on Brazil - especially after England figure out a way to lose and return home with honour to their 70,000.00 per week "wages".

hunter1909 said...

Quinn is a guy I'm happy to think is wandering the halls of the Coliseum, regaling people with stories about the old Oil King days.

Kind of like 'Hank' from the Larry Sanders show.

Black Dog said...

Hunter - well that's the usual shelf life for a coach so I guess two very good years will do just fine.

spOILer - yeah its crazy shit - apparently the idea was Renney was to move in next season, that's what everyone is saying

I guess Tambellini didn't like what he saw. It really is confusing though. Who wanted Quinn? If Tambo did then he's got some splainin to do. If Katz that would explain a lot, same as the Khabibulin thing.

Who the fuck knows.

Pete. said...

I'm happy to see all the World Cup talk: I've tuned out of hockey completely (though I'll be tuning back in on Friday, briefly), and as you mentioned in your last post the quality of online "debate" hasn't really provided me a lot of initiative to tune back in.

I watched yesterday's Mexico-Uruguay game with a bunch of Mexicans, and there was many a variation on "chingar" tossed around as the outcome became clear. So my team has to face Argentina next. Realistically we're screwed, but maybe all the Argentinians will show up coked to the gills or weighing 280 pounds or something. I can dream. And good on Latin America in general: after the inevitable elimination of El Tri I'll be pulling for various other bands of mestizo Spanish (or Portuguese) speakers to stomp all the damn Europeans.

The last-minute American heroics today knocked out my favourite plucky underdogs (though they could have avoided their fate by beating England, which would have been completely hilarious). I was dismayed, sort of, mostly on Slovenia's behalf, but I have to admit that had it been any country but the US scoring like that I would have been pretty excited. So in fairness to the Yanks, that was quite amazing. It'd have to be fucking Donovan, though...

Deano said...

I think Quinn was Lowe's choice. Lowe seems like the master of going after the easiest alternative to see. (As opposed to leaving no stone unturned.)

If he had an idea it would die of loneliness.

Scott Reynolds said...

I'm pretty confident that Quinn was Tambellini's guy. I watched the press conference from last year again yesterday and Tambo is giddy about the set-up in a way you just can't fake. Credit to him for recognizing that Quinn wasn't the guy after a year and cutting the cord but I agree with spOILer that the whole situation was handled rather poorly. If you want to present a united front, you should maybe have Quinn at the presser rather than lobbing grenades over the phone. It just seems like he made the call too soon and they didn't have time to get a consistent story together.

Scott Reynolds said...

Sorry, poor last sentence there. What I mean is that Tamellini took too long to make a call on the coaches and then when he did decide, rushed with announcement so that it would be done before the draft which didn't allow them time to get their stories straight.

hunter1909 said...

England stand a better chance of beating the Germans next game, rather than later on in the tournament when their nerves will be shot.

Not that I expect them to win, mind.

They whipped Slovenia pretty good though, despite only getting 1 goal.

Probably back Monday, lol.

Black Dog said...

Scott - Good points, I wonder if Katz had a hand in it, maybe not. And maybe Tambellini sold it to them saying that what happened this week might occur. If not it was a gutsy move to pull the trigger on his chosen guy.

Deano - I don't think it was Lowe but of course I have nothing to back that up.

Black Dog said...

Pete - yeah it was an amazing ending but I felt badly for the Slovenes. I love to see the smaller Euros do well and most of them are not in this tourney. Its really been a great showing for South America, Mexico and the US so far.

Hunter - crazy tournament, the Germans are tough, I can't see England getting by them. Shows you what one mistake (in this case the goalie fuck up v USA) will cost you. Ghana is no joke but I'd rather face them than the Germans.

hunter1909 said...

Just watched the best game of the tournament - Slovakia astonish as Italy get booted but not before making it a game not once but twice in the final 10 minutes, as befitting one of the top three sides in the world.

And it's not like they won't be back, lol.

Am insane enough to rationalise that England are better off facing Germany because if they win(I already admitted being delusional) it looks like their next game after that is easy...

Black Dog said...

Goodbye Italy and good riddance. Its a beautiful day.

I love everything about Italy and Italians except for their soccer club.

Darren said...

The most amusing part of the Italy/Slovakia match was how every Slovak was rolling around like they were dieing for the last 15mins. It was so Italian like, and to watch Pirlo have a go at one of the fake deaths was highly ironic.

I take more pleasure in Italy going out than France.

England will lose to Germany. I just don't think England is a very good side. Everyone says they are always under-achieving, but at what stage do you stop saying its under-achievement and realize that it's simply their normal standard of play?

Black Dog said...

Darren - oh for sure they're going to lose to Germany I think.

I think in the past they underachieved somewhat. Poor coaching, lack of discipline at times, swollen egos did them in but they had some quality clubs.

Thsi team though - start with David James in net. Jesus. And missing Ledley King hurts them imo although he hasn't been healthy in years so that's no surprise. Iffy in the midfield and iffy up front too although I like the addition of Defoe finally, he's quick and he can score.

But overall this team is nowhere near the quality of clubs in past years imo.

Major surprise if they get by the Germans.

And yes to see the Italians frustrated with the Slovaks diving was wonderful after all of these years, Christ that's how they got their penalty against N.Z.