Saturday, June 26, 2010

Draught, er, Draft, Thoughts

Taylor Hall with the come hither look, the little scamp.

I watched the whole damn thing somehow. I swear if someone could invent a button that would automute the TV everytime Pierre Maguire opened his mouth then they would make millions. And here's hoping that he interviews in Calgary next and gets that job. The most inane moment out of many was when he questioned Dallas for picking Campbell because they have Lehtonen. In Pierre's world every first round pick is a future hall of famer who is ready to step into the NHL and be an impact player RIGHT NOW (remember his ranting that Paajarvi would be the best player on the Oilers right now at the WJC) and one imagines the longterm damage he could do to a franchise if he was in charge if only for a few years.

I've said it before.

I will say it again.

Pierre Maguire is a tool. Massive tool. Keep on trucking stupid.

Watching Dale Tallon work to get his picks was impressive. Watching Burke and Sutter sulk and grump and sweat for nothing for three hours was even better.

I would have been happy with Seguin but I've barely seen either kid play and I trust in the choice of Hall absolutely. I think in either case the Oilers would have been right and the enthusiasm and recklessness of Hall will be a terrific addition to a club that seems to have been lacking both recently. Having a prospect's stable that now includes he, Paajarvi and Eberle on the wings to go along with veterans Penner and Hemsky certainly makes one smile. Here's hoping for a long and healthy and productive career as an Oiler for the kid.

Apparently the Oilers had a deal in place (according to TSN) for the fifteenth to pick McIlrath (LT predicted as such weeks ago - impressive!) but when Sather took him at ten then it was moot. Good to see that Tambellini at least trying to do something and also to have outside confirmation of such (rather than the Oilers' say so - God knows over the years the stories we have heard of the the one who just got away).

Its early but winners so far are as follows:

Oilers and Bruins.

Ducks - somehow had two players fall ten spots to them. Coming away with Fowler and Etem where they got them - nice.

Panthers - three first rounders and five second rounders plus a couple of players for Ballard. Nice work from Tallon.

Hawks - a first rounder and four second rounders? Seriously? Restocking the cupboard with cheap kids to replace guys who have to be moved over the next few years. Good work by Bowman.

The losers are the Leafs and the Flames. At least the Leafs have Kessel to show for it. The Flames' trade for Jokinen meant they could not resign Cammalleri. They gave up Lombardi. And no first rounder this year. That's pretty awesome.

We'll see what goes down today. There are some quality guys who have slid to the second round who the Oilers get first crack at. That's exciting. This Pitlick kid sounds good to me. My guess is that they may be able to pry another pick or two out of someone. It will cost them Cogliano or Nash though. And then when all is said and done we'll see if they buy out Nilsson, POS and Moreau. My guess is yes. There is no market for these guys and with Hall and Fraser added to the depth chart up front there's no room at all.
Fun night last night and a fun week to come.


Psyche said...

I am curious why Slats was so enthused about McIlrath that he used the #10 pick on him?

Maybe he picked him for the Oilers and we'll hear about the swap for Souray and Nash today? ;)

Black Dog said...

Psyche - all I can say is that these guys make their lists and when they go up they take the guy who is there who is highest on their list. Same as the Blues with Schwartz. My guess is that he is the guy the Rangers really wanted.

Psyche said...

BDHS: That makes sense. A well-deserved reward for McIlrath. I was impressed when I first saw him play in January and wish the Oilers would have managed to get him. He billeted with friends of mine in Moose Jaw and word is he is an terrific young man.

Coach pb9617 said...

Tallon is all over the place, but he also had to take Bernier and Grabner back. Though, in the southeast, they might find their careers again.

hunter1909 said...

I'm just relieved they took the fucking BPA instead of acting like their usual idiotic selves.

England v Germany tomorrow, biggest game of the last 16. England dominated in their last game, but blew enough not to win their group.

Germany too can't be too happy about having to play such a desperate game at this stage either. My money goes on the krauts, but my black heart is with the island apes.

Black Dog said...

Derek - yeah he had to take those two but hell you need someone to play when you're rebuilding and if Bernier does anything then they can move him for another pick in the future.

And Oilers take Pitlik. Nice.

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing Hall just beaming all over the place. Does an Oiler fan good.

I'm glad we got rid of Nash; I distinctly remember his reaction when he was picked and thought he had an 'oh crap' look on his face. I had always wondered if it was my imagination.

Black Dog said...

anon - well its hard to say, there are a lot of folks down on Nash and I guess it depends on whether you think buddy was screwing with the org. or not. I think there were communication issues, that they wanted him out of school and he resisted, probably partially because the Oilers have been a bit of a mess.

Sports tends to be a pretty conservative arena and the Oilers more than most orgs I think so Nash's failure ot toe the line did him in pretty quickly. Some don't like that attitude. That's fine. Hope he does well but the pick they got for him does better. ;)

spOILer said...

Why on the world's biggest stage for a single sport, there is controversy nearly every single game due to officiating is fucking beyond me.

What would it take to put an official behind each net? Sweet Fuck All. And yet nearly every game there are missed off-sides, hand balls in the box that lead to goals and then complete blown calls like Lampard's non-goal this morning. It's utter shite and completely fucking bush league.

That goal goes in and England's not all-up, susceptible to the break, like they were. Completely changed the complexion of the match that blown call.

That said, full credit to Germany and the quality of their finish. They surgically cut out the hearts of the Lions whenever they had the opportunity. England's back line was useless today, horrible efforts from each and every one of them. And England only has themselves to blame for the first goal.

But the biggest error all tournament was Capello's insistence upon playing Gerrard out wide left and Lampard behind Rooney. Rooney scarcely saw the ball all tournament long. The kind of service you see from the rookie 18 yo waitress on a packed Friday night. The Lampard-Gerrard experiment has gone on for about 10 years now. Can we finally say it does not fucking work?

/world cup rant

spOILer said...

Sorry, "That goal gets counted..." It very obviously went in.

macaotim said...

"Pierre Maguire is a tool"

Actually BD, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think his TV persona might be an act that he thinks will keep him on the tube. Why else would someone act like such a complete fucking moron...unless. I guess, they were a complete fucking moron.

Ahh hell...fine you're right, he's a complete fucking moron.

Black Dog said...

spOILer - yeah that was a weird one, I understand the argument that Lampard's goal would have changed everything and the Germans certainly seemed to tighten up after England began to come on, but then I look at England's back end and how shitty they were and I think it really doesn't matter.

Having said that the whole thing was such a fiasco. No judge or replay or anything that would ensure that that might not happen.

I live the New York Post headline:


I love it but everytime I watch it I get a bit pissed off - the officiating is usually horrible and the diving is unbelievable.

Oh well.

spOILer said...

I doubt it mattered too, Pat, in the long run (especially if it went to penalties) but we'll never know for sure. And it would be nice to watch just one bloody match with a clean effort from the officials.

Mere minutes after I wrote the above rant, Argentina was gifted with an offside goal.

Good Muckin' Tonite said...

The shitty part about the whole thing is that it ruined a great half of soccer - some sloppy defending aside- with both teams playing hard-nosed and not taking dives. There had been barely a foul called to that point. It's likley to be the only game we'll see with two countries showing minimal acting abilities. I also think it halted England's first "got their shit together finally" moment in the tournament and although the Germans showed more youth and speed, it will forever in my mind remain a what-if. It truly soured the whole thing for me, and I'm a lifelong fan of the sport.

Pete. said...

That England non-goal was outrageous. I was pulling for Germany, and I'm pretty sure they would have won handily either way, but we'll never know.

I'd just got over that and sat down to watch the next game when my team got fucked over with that clear offside goal. Mexico was looking solid up to that point, too: it was infuriating. Yeah, Argentina's next goal was due to a colossal fuckup by Osorio, their third was a thing of beauty, and they'd likely have won anyway, but again, we'll never know. That's some pathetic bushleague garbage, and I'd like to think that when both games are ruined on the same day, in front of an enormous global audience, it might inspire some kind of change, but I have little faith. Anyway, today's games were good, and unmarred by such nonsense.

Word verification: conpante. Sounds like it should mean something in Spanish ("we were robbed!"), but it doesn't.

Black Dog said...

lol guys, yeah its a fucking mess, these FIFA clowns actually make the NHL look competent which, well, I mean that's impossible I thought.

Because as has been said you had Mexico getting screwed, the Americans getting it up the ass and don't even get me started about the Irish again.

Hard to believe hard to believe.