Friday, June 25, 2010

Draft Day Live Blog

I sit here close to ground zero of the G20 summit, the streets are deserted, the windows are boarded up, the city is empty.

My eyes are bleeding all over my keyboard thanks to some hijinks last night. Hit a place called The Victory Cafe with my good friend Higgins. They have a terrific patio and yesterday was a beautiful night so there were no tables available and I don't wait in line anymore so we went inside and grabbed a romantic little booth because we're gay like that. The thing about the Vic is the beer. Around a dozen local and regional on tap including a cask ale. Its pretty fucking groovy. So we had three pints between 8:30 and 10 and then we decided we should hit the street and see if we could find somewhere to sit outside.

We wandered down Bloor through Koreatown until we got to Clinton's which used to be a terrific place, its still not bad but not what it once was. Had a pint or maybe two there, its a little foggy, also some wings, why the hell I don't know. Sat outside in the gloom and watched the world go by and it was good.

Sometime later we picked up and left, walking east to clear our heads. It was mighty fine, as my old man says. Ducked into a back street to find an alley to have a piss and managed to find ourselves near the Duke of York at which point we decided to head in for a nightcap.

At this point our night took an odd turn. If there were a hundred people I knew as acquaintances from university who live and work in the city I would say that I have not seen ninety five of them in twenty years. Not hide nor hair. And then there are maybe three who I have run into once.

And there is one guy who I have bumped into, oddly enough, maybe a half dozen times, a stuttering paranoid who actually was at Paupers briefly for G6 back in 2006, the last happy moment for Oiler fans.

And then there is a guy named Dooley, who like Forrest Gump, is everywhere. I run into this guy at least once a year. I bump into him on the street, on the subway, in restaurants and bars. I turn around and he is there grinning and I shit my pants.

And he was there last night.

Anyhow I'm hungover and I have to get some bacon in me. Next, some draft talk.
You could fire a cannon down Yonge Street and not hit a soul. The only time I have seen the streets this deserted was when the hockey club was playing for gold in SLC and Vancouver.
My sandwich shop was shuttered up. No bacon for me. Cowardly sexy small women of some undetermined extraction, likely Mediterranean of some sort.
Went to the bank machine and there were eight cops there. I think they were protecting the cop who was getting baton money.
Pierre Maguire remains the biggest tool on TV. I forgot he is on tonight and I will have to listen to him describe each and every kid as a future hall of famer because its not what you say its HOW LOUD YOU CAN SHOUT INANITY!!!!!
Fucking tool.
As for me well I am a Seguin man but the Oilers really can't go wrong either way. I think these guys are both quality and either pick is going to be a very good one. Never mind trying to read the tea leaves as to what buddy says or how he looks when he says it or what his dad is like. They're both good picks. I think they are both going to be very good NHL players. I'd take Seguin because if they're equal and I think they are then I think you take the pivot. He has a greater impact on the game than a winger, pure and simple.
I think the Oilers pick Hall. I think they do so because they think he is the better prospect. I also think that the hype, the sexiness, the fame doesn't hurt when it comes to making Hall the choice.
Dreger says the 4th, 8th and 15th are in play and the Oilers are supposed to be hot to trot to get another first rounder so I would expect they will be after one of those, most likely one of the top ten picks. The problem? Looking at the roster you're probably going to have to give up Penner, Hemsky or a couple of topnotch kids to get one of them. Can't say I like any of those scenarios. POS, Nilsson and Souray aren't going to get it done.
Second helping of grease today to try and work the poison out of my system. Overall not too bad. Drank water and had a couple Tylenol before bed, that's the key. Five hours of sleep isn't cutting it though.
Latest rumour is Souray back to Jersey and names are being thrown about. The guy who is a fit when it comes to the money is Zubrus. Its almost an exact match in terms of cap space. Zubrus is overpaid but he's a big dude and he can play the game iirc. Could do a lot worse if that's the match.
According to Peter The Brown the Islanders' first pick is also in play. So the 4th, 5th, 8th and 15th that we know of. One thing to note is the BJs still want a top ten pick so unless the Oilers get the 8th and then swap it they're not getting that one.
Again I think that any of these picks is going to cost Penner or Hemsky and I'll take a pass on that. I wonder if Cogliano and Brule would fly? Probably not.
Other than the odd rumour though its quiet.
Goofy rumour which makes no sense to me. This idea that Boston is shopping Savard to make room for Seguin. Here's a club that has one more year before Chara and Bergeron are UFA. They may sign both but this may also be their last year with both. So why would they trade the guy who stirs their offensive drink in a go for it year and replace him with an 18 year old kid? Not happening folks.
The other thing is the eagerness to move proven players for draft picks. I might consider moving a guy like Penner for the second overall but other than that the idea of moving either he or Hemsky for a roll of the dice doesn't make sense to me. If you have a guy who is a very good player in the NHL then you probably should hold onto him if you can.
Latest rumours - Hamhuis and Philly are far apart. Bold move by Holmgren looks like it may not work out. Have to admire him for trying though. Apparently the Canucks are interested according to McKenzie. A replacement for Mitchell I guess.
Mitchell is the type of guy the Oilers could use but unless he has absolutely no suitors he will not come to Edmonton. Once he's cleared medically he'll get his contract.
UFA always make out like bandits but one guesses that this year guys like Hamhuis are really going to get their cash. So many guys have already signed extensions and the pool is shallow, kind of like the gene pool at a backwoods wedding.
Peter The Brown reports that Chiarelli says that Tambellini has made an offer on that second pick but the answer is no.
Off home in a moment here. Rollerblading. I'm at a nice even 35 minutes door to door. Looking to push that number down but doubt that tonight is the night.
34 minutes, a new record. And still nothing new. A nation yawns. The reports are tweeting things like 'Two GMs just went behind the stands". Sounds like someone's going to get a reacharound. Guaranteed Maguire is involved in that.
7:00 pm
Here we go. Taylor or Tyler? I'm sure it will be Hall.
Its Hall.
OK as you might have guessed I'm done for now unless the Oilers make a move here. Over at Ty's trading pithy remarks. More on Hall later. Congrats to the young man.


mike w said...

I can tell you got lacquered because it sort of sounds like you were describing a spirit quest.


Black Dog said...

Plus I was tweeting nonsense to you past midnight. Didn't make a comment about the wangs though. All that came into my mind was a little disturbing, didn't want to make everyone uncomfortable.

matt said...

Hall might be the better choice because there is less risk. The kid will score goals. Seguin might become a great centre and in doing so address a desperate need the Oil have, but there will be chemistry and linemates and other things that will affect his success, and I don't trust the Oil to guarantee those things. But Hall will score goals if you wind him up and put him on the ice.

mike w said...

"baton money" hahaha

Black Dog said...

matt - I like the way you put that

My only concern about either of them is that I'm afraid that Hall's style lends itself to serious injury. Love the way he plays, love the enthusiasm and the recklessness but serious concussions or a blown out knee is my worry. He gets hit hard. A lot.

Travis Dakin said...

From one heavy drinker to another... Tylenol bad. Mixed wityh Alcohol, it creates a toxic effect on the liver. Adivil is the key.

acetaminophen = bad; ibuprofen = good.

Travis Dakin said...

What is adivil?

Traktor said...

Nothing cures a hangover like sparking a joint.

Black Dog said...


really? how about Motrin because that's what I took in actual fact. I just call it Tylenol.

spOILer said...

Traktor said...
Nothing cures a hangover like sparking a joint.

It also tends to cure employment.

Traktor said...

I think there's more unemployed via booze than buds.

Travis Dakin said...


Travis Dakin said...

The key is drinking lots of water. This has the effect of allowing you to drink more booze and it keeps you hydrated. I tend to slam back a glass of water for every drink or two. I've also switched to having my drinks mixed with half-water/half-seven. Less suger. And yes, make sure you pop some form of ibuprofen when you go to bed. Tried, tested and true.

Pass it on.

Go Seguin!!!

Black Dog said...

Man I haven't smoked a joint in a long long time. And now I can't stop thinking about it.


I once lived in a house with a couple of musicians and a couple of other folks. Got high every day for about a month. Didn't get much done.

Have to write about that sometime. Weird days.

Traktor said...

So if we take Seguin does that make Horcoff the #3 or the #4?

I think Fraser's grit might give him and edge for that final spot.

Traktor said...

I smoke a couple times a day but I don't drink so it cancels out.

Black Dog said...

Yeah I drink the glass of water with every few pints as well if I can remember it. Plus I drink either Guinness or local brews. The latter are cleaner and fresher (I think anyhow, that's my theory) and I need to drink more Guinness than I ever have to really get a killer hangover.

I stay away from the generic beer like Rickards or Bud and I definitely don't drink anything with pop in it.

My hangovers remain pretty tame. Lucky but then again I don't drink like I used to. Plus having to get up every morning with the kids is good incentive to keep half reasonable.

Black Dog said...

Traktor - yeah you don't drink anymore right? I remember you saying that somewhere.

if they pick Seguin well then you have he, Gagner, Horcoff and Fraser. Not too bad especially if the wingers pan out. Both Gagner and Horcoff have to better though.

Interesting to see whether they give either Brule or Cogliano a shot at centre. If they pick Hall I presume that this will be the case.

Traktor said...

One or two beers is usually alright but after that it feels like my heart is getting stabbed so I try to stay away.

PDO said...

That's kind of weird Trak.

The best hangover cure though?

Morning sex.

Just sweat that poison out...

Black Dog said...

PDO - I hate you by the way.

God I love morning sex. I miss it so. Only happens a handful of times a year now.

Traktor - that's awful. If I couldn't drink I don't know what I'd do. I really enjoy it.

Guess I'd deal with it.

Brad said...

The rumour out here with Mitchell is that he is back to his regular off-season routine but won't skate until July. That's too late for Gillis, so unless something drastic happens with the Canucks, they won't have room for him. They want to see him demonstrate his 100% before anything gets done. I imagine there are similar situations throughout the league?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Oiler fans!

word verification; blest lol

Black Dog said...

Thanks anon!

Brad - yeah that's normal.

hunter1909 said...

Looking at Hall vs Seguins dads, its Seguin's who looks like ignorant trailer trash, while Hall's folks are a class act all the way.

And Seguin was being hyped as the 'classier' of the pair, with his idiotic tat and face that looks like it cracks every time he smiles.

And people wonder why i was worried about not getting Hall, as if both players will have identical careers or something.

Looks like Oilers dodged a bullet and gained a star.

hunter1909 said...

Traktor: With respect man, there's nothing that cures a hangover like hair of the dog that bit you.

The only problem being, as my alkie brother said, a lot of people just end up getting drunk all over again, so the secret is stopping after the second, haha.

Black Dog said...

Actually Hunter my best friend used to work with Seguin's Dad, he's university educated and works in an upper management position, according to my pal he's a good guy.

I'd appreciate you not throwing comments around like that please. There's no point and in this case absolutely incorrect. Thanks.