Tuesday, March 02, 2010

House On Fire

Work is absolutely ridiculous these days so I'm going to try and do a live blog tomorrow but it may not be my usually quality work that sparkles like diamonds in the sky, with Lucy, pulling away the football from Charlie Brown, who, just like we Oiler fans, is left sprawled on his back, ribs aching, staring up at a dull gray sky, after charging forth each new season with enthusiasm, hoping that this is the year that he will kick that ball. So do we too wait on management to show a modicum of sense, instead ending up staring into the dark horizon pondering on what we ever did to deserve this and wondering if the sweet release of death might be a little too much to ask for.

Too much? Maybe a little.

With it being proven that Lubo can prop up any stiff this side of Strudwick its pretty clear that Grebeshkov is probably not as good as he was last year. Of course he's not as bad as he has appeared this year either.

Its an obvious move to clear cap space which makes it frighteningly obvious that a lot of the guys who would make more sense to move for said space are not movable. Otherwise the Oilers would move them instead of one of the three NHL defencemen they have who are under thirty.

The argument that I have seen bandied about is that they need the cap space so its a win, especially considering that they were probably going to walk away from him this summer anyhow (suddenly news to me).

Now if you don't like a guy then you can move him along for sure although a 26 year old guy whose rights you control would seem to me to have more value than guys like Sutton or Leopold. Maybe I'm wrong. In any case the problem I have with this entire deal is that Tambellini made it to fix a problem of he and Lowe's making. The Oilers are in a salary cap mess, mostly because of Lowe, but don't forget Tambo's insistence on handing Khabibulin a nice fat contract last summer. So while some applaud Tambo for clearing space the fact that they did so by moving a youngster (relatively) is akin to a guy telling his wife that he's emptied the chequing account in Vegas while on a cocaine fuelled bender with three redheaded hookers, but, never fear, we're okay because I cashed in some of our RRSPs to get us back in the black.

Clunky metaphor but you get the picture.

The one good thing out of this is that I think the choice was between Grebs and Gilbert and I have always liked Gilbert a lot better.

Other than that its another stupid failure, like the guy who pulled the trigger.

As for the deadline well I'm terrible at predicting what is going to happen because, well, I just am. I think last year I made ten awe inspiring predictions and I was two fer or something. Anyhow I have no pride, as you all know, so here goes.

1/ Oilers move Moreau and Pisani but not Staios, return is negligible, Andy Grabia weeps. Me too.

2/ Oilers move someone else young and possibly useful, like Brule or Cogliano, do not move the young and relatively useless, Nilsson and O'Sullivan

3/ Oilers come out of deadline with nothing of particular value, no great prospects, no players, no first round picks.

4/ The Flyers make a splash because they always do.

5/ The Hawks and Caps pick up goaltenders, the Caps because of the Russian's injury, the Hawks because this is their time and they don't want to trust it to Huet.

6/ The biggest firesale is out of Florida.

7/ The Canucks pick up some useful players up front and on the blueline.

8/ The Flames make at least one more move.

9/ The very useful Ponikorovosky ends up in a new town.

10/Pittsburgh and Buffalo both make nice little moves.

That's all. I know, not too exciting, but after Sunday night what do you expect? I'm in withdrawal here. After the closing ceremonies ended I actually flipped around the channels until I found a replay of the game and watched part of the first period before I went to bed.

Don't judge me. Have pity on me for after a wonderful two weeks I have nothing to fill the void except for the Edmonton Oilers, also know as the Bulgarian national womens' team.

Look it up if you have to.


Scott Reynolds said...

Don't forget Tambellini's trade for O'Sullivan either. Now, I was a fool and went along for the ride on that one but did note that the drawback was that his salary counted for 2010-11. Tambellini needed to subtract salary a year ago at this time and instead he added. I for one am not willing to give him the Lowe excuse. Sure, he came into a tough spot but he's had some opportunities to wiggle out and instead he's wiggling further in. Not that you're saying the opposite, but even the whiff of grace almost two years down the line gets me going.

edm_euler said...

You might have just hit #'s 9 and 10 in one trade, as per TSN's front page. Not a bad start.

Black Dog said...

Scott - I'm in denial, pal, or something, what can I say, I drink to forget and it seems to be working. ;)

Poni to the Pens is that it? Great move for Pittsburgh. Guy is a very good player.

YKOil said...

Nice post Pat - Ièll try to follow along tomorrow.

From my own thoughts on the Grebs trade:


Grebs for a Nashville 2nd. Tambs is in for the long haul.

Unless Nashville collapses, not a great trade.

Edit to add:

I am reading in numerous comments (made elsewhere of course :-) ) that this trade makes sense:

1. as a salary dump and

2. as a value trade because he was set to earn too much if qualified

Utter f&*king hogwash.

1. Katz has the cash to stash so if this was about the salary dump then it puts to lie every claim made that he was/is willing to spend to build a winner*

2. As an RFA every team that wanted him to stay could qualify to stay and every team that wanted him to go could just not qualify - just like a UFA**

* and sometimes that means spending on a loser so as not to get less than fair value
** which means the team that trades for him has the advantage of being to keep him - regardless of all other factors not involving not playing in the NHL - which is BETTER than UFA

I repeat: not a great trade.

More to come.

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