Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday Night, Saturday Night

Going to the game tonight. ADD at the ACC.

I've known my best friend since we were five. He lives in the 'Shwa with his four kids, yeah that's correct, they are a third more mental than we are. When our families get together its an instant party, double figures in attendees immediately. Last time we got together, I looked over at him across the mass of little people milling about and we both began to laugh. Good times.

So once a year we get together and go to see the Leafs. He's a bigwig so we get beauty tickets. We've been to see the Pens (pre Crosby). We saw the Oilers in the Pouliot penalty shot game, one of Ryan Smyth's last as an Oiler. Two years ago we saw the Wings in a game when Dan Cleary took a slapshot off of his face and broke his cheekbone. Last year we saw the future as we watched a young Hawks' team fall behind to the Leafs thanks to some indifferent play and shoddy goaltending by a future Oilers' netminder. Down three, iirc, the Hawks woke up and spent the third period in the Leafs' end, catching up and then winning it in overtime.

We go for dinner and a few pints beforehand and then make our way to the arena. The seats vary but they're always down front amongst the hoi polloi with their top hats and monocles (h/t JM). We don't really fit or at least I don't with my cordoruoy coat and faded 2002 lucky Olympics toque. (Its lucky alright - I started wearing it every day on the Monday that Virtue and Moir won gold - serious mojo ;)). Plus we cheer actively against the home team.

Back in September Pete asked me who I'd like to see and I said why not the Oilers and he kind of winced and I said well its been a few years. Last time I saw him in January I spent most of my time apologizing. Christ the worst two teams in the league.

Oh well it will be fun anyhow and I'm looking forward to seeing the club live for the first time since I saw them in Edmonton in 2007, back when they were actually a better team than Chicago. I'll be watching the young D especially and I'm looking forward to seeing ADD's spaz act. Should be fun and I'll post my impressions in a few days. Its a weird one for me. An Oiler win is not really what we want but I don't think I can cheer for the Leafs. Maybe a loser point thrown in there so that we get a little bit of success/failure for both?


Last night Capsule moved on with a solid win over our foes from last week. Its two game total points so a tie would put us through. A win for them and we'd go to OT and then a shootout. They score in bunches and had beaten us twice this season plus both of our wins could have gone their way so we were leery.

They scored on us early but we took the faceoff immediately afterwards and got it deep. They tried to clear and they all went flying to the blue so that when our Dman stopped it and flipped it into the slot I was there all alone with all of the time in the world. Their goalie is no hell so I turned and calmly picked a corner and we were at evens. Its been a great year for me. Its all guts and guile for me now. The legs are gone but I'm in the right position nine times out of ten and the end result has been a lot of goals and assists and quality two way play. Maybe my best year ever. The one thing I've never done is score and I've put in my share so hopefully Kevin Lowe is watching and will ignore the crazy shooting percentage and give me my shot. ;)

A few shifts later our best player potted two within a minute and from there we ended up being home and cooled even though we didn't know it at the time. They had a rush for a few minutes at the beginning of the last period but even then while we were hemmed in we were really in no danger and the minutes bled away and so did their season. Probably one of the best games we have ever played. Their thrusts were blunted early, broken up at their blue or in the neutral zone. The few pucks they got in deep were cleared quickly. We scored with a couple of minutes left and that was that. They went out meekly, in the end the old guys wore them down. They tried to bang us and push us around and we pushed back and in the end they didn't have anything left.

So we move on and now it gets a lot tougher. Still, a series win is a nice year for us so its gravy now.


The wife works quite a few Friday nights so I'm pretty familiar with Friday night TV and it basically sucks bag. With the PVR now and the interweb plus I'm a reader I can get around it but I remember when we moved back to Toronto we had an apartment and no Interweb so I'd watch some TV and I watched some Showcase because you could get some good wacking material on a Friday night.

The show that piqued my interest momentarily was called Kink but it became quite apparent to me that like the Edmonton Oilers themselves the show was not what it was cracked up to be. I guess I was hoping for, well, I don't know what I was hoping for, but basically its a lot of oddball folks and their fetishes, whcih is fine, I'm not one to judge but I guess the best way to describe the show is it has that car accident feel. You can't turn your eyes away from it but its awful. I work with a computer programmer who is full on Revenge of the Nerds geeky and he's into the S&M and gleefully shares how he and his wife have a 'slave' and basically he's the type of guy who is on this show and frankly I'd rather think of my own parents having sex than these people. At least my parents are cool and fun and even though they are pushing eighty they're still not unattractive. These people are just gross.

So the classic episode involved some huge fetish convention that the show went to and they just had everything. Your guys and gals on leashes and your furries and all of that jazz, standard stuff. And they interviewed one guy. They started with a headshot you know and then slowly began to pan out. Buddy was beside himself he was so happy to be there. He had a gigantic grin, a mile wide. Thing is he was dressed in pink latex bunny suit, including ears. His face was uncovered although he did have the drawn on button nose and whiskers.

So he's going on and on about how this is the greatest thing ever and the camera pans out farther and farther and this suit is skin tight and at the end of the shot we get a very clear picture of just how very excited your man is.

Yep. Friday and Saturday nights. You never know what you're going to get. And yes that story has nothing to do with anything but for some reason it reminds me of the state of the Oilers these days. What can I say, I'm a weirdo.


PDO said...

Well... ADD lived up to his name.

Over committing on goals #2 and #5 was pretty amazing, and that glove hand is unbelievably slow.

Black Dog said...

He's fucking terrible.