Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Deadline Day Live Blog! Blog! Blog! Blog! Echo! Echo! Echo! Echo! Crosby.

4:13pm - Heading home, a mixed couple of days for the Oilers, three defencemen out the door, a total cap savings of around 8.5 million next year certainly good but at what price? Will try and have some more thoughts later.

4:03pm - Oilers' fans' heads exploding everywhere over Lubo going away, here's a nice deal though, Staios to the Flames for Aaron Johnson and a third. Loved Staios but they had to move him and the fact that they actually got anything for him - nice move

3:46pm - Falmes trade useful Dustin Boyd to Nashville for nothing. Does Poile have nudie pictures or something, wtf?!

3:34pm - Oilers trade best player for Ryan Whitney. Colour me underwhelmed and unsurprised.

Too damn bad, Lubo is terrific and about the only fun guy to watch on this club. Whitney has a fair sized ticket so its not like they get a lot of cap relief. At least he is a younger guy but he's not much of a player yet imo. More on this later.

3:27pm - going out with a whimper? Mathieu Roy heading to the Panthers. Slips on banana peel trying to hail cab.

3:15pm - Kings pick up Modin as they hope to pick up a round at least, Canucks bring in Andrew Alberts, I expected more from them, looks like the Hawks are going with what they've got, may not be a bad idea

3:11pm - Caps match Yotes by adding their fourth player of the day, Joe Corvo, wow talking about loading up on bodies

3:07pm - Phoenix picks up their fourth player of the day, Stempniak for picks. very active Yotes looking to win at least a round, maybe more? Can't see them hanging with the big boys though.

3:01pm - all quiet but of course there will be some announced now, there were a dozen last year, Souray is out for the year with an infected hand (?!) so he isn't going anywhere

2:49pm - Caps add Jurcina, no goalie yet though, nothing for Chicago or Philly yet

2:42pm - up to 15 now as McArthur gets moved from Buffalo for two picks from Atlanta, weird kind of sideways deal I think

2:24pm - well my bottom three have come to fruition as Les Sabres pick up Torres, nice call by Regier

2:11pm - if I'm McWhinney or whatever his name is, I'm having a crisis of confidence right now. They'd rather have Toskala then me? Damn I'd better look into finishing that degree.

1:57pm - just had a piss and it had that sour asparagus smell, either that or I have the clap again

Mirtle tweets that its a dozen deals so far, only half of the average. Weird its seemed busy to me. Maybe its just age again. Did I ever tell you how I used to walk uphill to school? Both ways.

1:48pm - another useful Washington addition, Eric Belanger; apparently Kaberle may be in play as well according to all of the tweeters

1:34pm - I count eight moves with actual NHL players so far plus a handful of minor moves and I would bet a lot more to come. I'm beside myself with excitement. Seriously. I wouldn't even joke about this.

1:31pm - seems like a lot more happening than usual, Schneider goes to Phoenix as the league tries to set the Yotes up for some sort of playoff run, that's three players added now, Jeff Halpern goes to the Kings, I liked him a lot but apparently he's not the same since he wrecked his knee. And Lukowich clears waivers so the Canucks probably about to make a move I would guess.

1:12pm - apparently two D coming up from Springfield so tonight the Oilers will possibly have two thirds of their D being minor leaguers. Definitely not fucking around on this tank job. Question is who is heading out from Gilbert, Staios, Lubo, Souray, Strudwick? Better not be Gilbert is all I can say - whcih means it will probably be him.

12:46pm - here's one I don't get Wolski goes to the Yotes for a disappointing Mueller and another prospect, apparently its about money but Wolski has size, decent numbers and is only 24. Everything I have read about Mueller suggests bust.

And Yan Stastny to the Canucks, wow is he ever well travelled already.

12:30pm - Walker to the Caps, Caps and Pens loading up for a possible second round matchup; now am I mistaken but was it Walker who sucker puched Ward last spring? and then they were teammates this season? talk about awkward

so far more trades than last year I think

12:21pm - PDO is making me hungry, luckily for lunch we have pork tenderloin and asparagus and by we I mean me

Apparently Jones is like Jacques only he can actually play hockey. First good move by Tambo ever. He's quality. I take it all back.

12:12pm - Oilers pick up Ryan Jones, good move, the Stones were never the same after he left the band. Also we have a customer in Montana and after every sentence they all say uh-huh. Funny little quirk.

11:47am - things picking up - Aaron Ward to the Ducks for Pogge and a pick. Pogge's career is going down the toilet. I remember when Ferguson made that deal with Rask and I wondered why you would move a kid goalie when there was no guarantee that the second one would pan out. Now the Leafs have no young goalies while Rask looks like the real deal.

11:41am - Seidenberg to the Bruins, nice pickup. And Steve Simmons shows once again why he should stick to something, not sure what he does well, as he wonders why the Bruins move Morris (shitty) for Seidenberg (quality)

11:18am - rumours still floating around about Tom Gilbert, considering that the Oilers had three young defencemen before they moved Grebs, moving Gilbert would be a sure sign that the apocalypse is upon us. Lets see, we are rebuilding so first thing we do is trade our young defencemen. Based on Tambellini's track record in his first gorounds as Oilers' GM I expect nothing less than this sort of thing though. Buddy can't get out his front door without a roadmap.

11:02am - another guy who was expected to be good who turned into a journeyman, Skoula, gets flipped to NJ. Oh Martin, we barely knew ya! Vito from Woodbridge didn't even get to call the Fan to explain how they were going to trade him back to the Pens for Crosby. Depth for the playoffs although I'm thinking right now that Jersey is going to have an early exit this spring. Caps and Pens with les Sabres and Philly as the darkhorses, assuming Buffalo catches Ottawa and I think that they will.

10:39am - Cox tweets Derek Morris - one of the reasons the Bruins haven't been very good this season - nice; for a fourth? If the Oilers move Staios or Moreau they're taking salary back or sweetening the deal

10:36am - if Morris isn't a bachelor he will be soon, back to Phoenix, second deadline in a row he has been traded, second goround with the Yotes, one of five teams he has played for. Morris never lived up to the expectations but strangely continues to make a lot of cash playing, kind of like McCabe, more famous than good imo. This summer he'll probably get another nice one year deal and be on the move again next spring.

10:17am - waiting for a shoe to drop, any shoe, the rumours are out of control, Carter for Vokuon being one of them, Staios to the Caps, Souray softening on list of teams he will go to, Whitney to the Caps, Oilers and Rangers talking, the list is endless

10:04am - this sandwich is really good, its a mom and daughter who make them, they are both tiny and cute, Spanish maybe? anyway the sandwich is good, how's that for excitement

9:22am - there's this little hole in the wall joint across the street, they're the best kind you know, anyhow I'm going to get a sandwich with bacon egg and cheese, oh you bet, and all for like three bucks

8:59am - a little bit of a slow day here at work here as well, nice for a change, just was over at Tyler Dellow's site. He's absolutely on fire, not literally of course, well I hope not, with all kinds of great stuff over the past couple of days. I'm sure everyone who comes here goes there as well but if not then check it out. He's hitting it out of the park, as they say. Plus he throws a nice little soiree. Its true.

8:46am - Nothing yet at all. Overhyped as always.

Actually just once I'd like to see nothing happen just to see all of the dead air on the sports networks. Nick Kypreos might throw himself in front of a bus, which might be a good thing.

8:35am - Deadline day in the old days was a time to say goodbye for Oilers' fans for the most part, to say so long to guys like Janne Niinimaa. I was saddened by that one although it quickly became apparent that it was a good move.

In 2006 Lowe added Roloson and Samsonov in what was a terrific year for him. These two, along with Spacek and Tarnstrom, four quality NHL players, obtained for Marty Reasoner, some picks and some marginal prospects. Golden.

And then the year after, the day that the music died, Ryan Smyth shipped out of town. The club still hasn't recovered.

In case you care here are my predictions from yesterday. Last year I predicted that the Oilers would not trade any kids (yes!), except for Nilsson (doh!), and that they would hang onto Cole and pick up some depth for a run at the playoffs. Also that Detroit would pick up a goalie. And that Rachel McAdams wouldn't sleep with me. So it was a mixed bag all around.

So in other words none of this shit is going to happen. Except Poni has already moved to the Pens in what is another terrific move by Shero. That's the way he works it every year. Good stuff - the big Ukranian is one of the best guys available, imo, and he will help the Pens in a pretty wide open eastern conference. So I'm at 15%, already better than last year. ;)

1/ Oilers move Moreau and Pisani but not Staios, return is negligible, Andy Grabia weeps. Me too.

2/ Oilers move someone else young and possibly useful, like Brule or Cogliano, do not move the young and relatively useless, Nilsson and O'Sullivan

3/ Oilers come out of deadline with nothing of particular value, no great prospects, no players, no first round picks.

4/ The Flyers make a splash because they always do.

5/ The Hawks and Caps pick up goaltenders, the Caps because of the Russian's injury, the Hawks because this is their time and they don't want to trust it to Huet.

6/ The biggest firesale is out of Florida.

7/ The Canucks pick up some useful players up front and on the blueline.

8/ The Flames make at least one more move.

9/ The very useful Ponikorovosky ends up in a new town.

10/Pittsburgh and Buffalo both make nice little moves.


Good Muckin' Tonite said...

Highlight of my trade deadline morning thus far:

Vintage Gino.

Enjoy the sandwich.

PDO said...

I made my own friend egg sandwich... it was pretty spectacular.

The coffee tastes off tough.

Needs more baileys, I guess.

YKOil said...

Typical TD day, flurry of action with an hour to go and until then... crickets

Nice flip by Burke. No idea if his pick-up was worth it but the Skoula trade was smart, quick, work.

Siedenburg to the Bruins.

Black Dog said...

good stuff GMT

its pretty active now YK, this may be a heavy duty day by the end of it. and yeah Burke is showing how to do it although that Kessel deal is going to hurt, looks like a top two pick

PDO - any meat in there? or at least some cheese? I make a killer egg and cheese

coffee and Baileys would be pretty good right about now

PDO said...

Cheese, ketchup, lemon & pepper, crushed chili's and cayenne.

Two pieces of whole grain toast and two eggs.


Black Dog said...

wow you go right to town

nothing like breakfast food

YKOil said...

Wouldn't be surprised to see Kaberle head to Boston for the 2011 1st and 2010 2nd.

YKOil said...

Lubo for Whitney & 6th apparently.


I expected bad but this one takes the cake.

Another 1.6 in cap space... so that adds up to approx $4.5 million in cap savings (depending on the waiver pick up) at the cost of a massive downgrade in defensive skill/depth/capability on the blueline and two of the teams best/better trade assets.

Tambellini still has a job...

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