Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thinking, Um, Good Thoughts

My God this sweet beautiful girl.

What a performance last night. What a couple of cool kids. Moir's answer to the question about how they are going to celebrate was pretty funny shit.

Having said all of that I watched it and I had no idea. Seriously. I looked at my wife after each skate and shrugged as did she.

Still, good for them.

And tonight? Go Canada. I'm onto one problem already though. They haven't even dropped the puck and everyone is talking about tomorrow night. I think that maybe they should win tonight first of all. They were supposed to pound the Swiss too, remember?

And Babcock? Play the shit out of Toews would you?


PDO said...


... :D

Canada/Russia.... hot damn.

Canada is crushing everyone in SC's and has the best goalie in net now.

I'm saying we take it 6-3.

And it's the Crosby show.

Black Dog said...


Ah, the confidence of youth, I hope you're right.

Bruce said...

Having said all of that I watched it and I had no idea. Seriously. I looked at my wife after each skate and shrugged as did she.

My wife and I knew. Mind you we been watching figure skating since the 60s. I still can't tell you the difference between a flip and a loop, but I know quality when I see it and these kids have got it in spades, both of them. I can honestly say that twice I have gotten my first view of a Canadian pair skating and said unequivocally that they looked like future Olympic champions, and that was Salé and Pelletier in the late 90s and Virtue and Moir three or four years ago. In both cases the magic was apparent right from first look, that the partnership was somehow a single skating entity in two bodies.

As for the judges choosing among skaters, they see little details that you or I might not see the way a hockey scout might look at a couple of prospects and rank one above the other. It might be a small hint like one buddy has trouble pivoting to his right and the other buddy can turn either way, and it might only come up once in two games but he'll see it and make a mental note. In figure skating there's a million billion little things in the footwork and the spins and the synchrony that an average fan will lose against the jumps, throws and lifts, but to an expert that sort of thing is a sure sign of quality.

Anyway Quiltmom and I have both become enormous fans of Virtue and Moir who manage to present skating in a classic way, with grace and elegance and a sort of purity which is rare any more. They don't hide behind garish costumes or splashy music, they just get out there and dance. The joy in their partnership and their performance shines through pretty much every time that I've seen them. But man, it was awesome to see them deliver exceptional performances with everything on the line.

Black Dog said...

Bruce - good stuff. They're terrific athletes, the skaters I mean, I really can't believe what they can do. Virtue and Moir were rally something else as were the Americans who led off the final flight. To perform like that at that moment? What an accomplishment. Nerves of steel, huh?

But really for me its like you said, I haven't the eye for it. I watch it here and there every four years and I have to plead ignorance. Same as moguls and a lot of the other stuff with judges, I don't know what to look for.

Really enjoyed it though and what a couple of great kids on top of everything.

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