Saturday, February 06, 2010


I was going to start with the forwards but its such a fucking mess I can't even bear it. So we'll start in goal and work our way out.

First, We Kill All Of The Goalies

Was Falstaff talking about lawyers or politicians? Well in any case I'll steal the line.

The reason I'm GM is because Tambellini screwed up the Khabibulin thing so badly. A four year contract for a guy with injury problems, big money, worst of all there is no way for the Oilers to get out from under it except for the loophole, what is it exactly? If he retires this season due to the back issue?

If a guy is thirty five or over sign him to a year, two tops.

Oh well, Tambellini will never be GM again after this fiasco.

So I'm stuck with Khabibulin pretty well unless he takes the hint when he finds the horse's head in his bed. And he won't.

So I have him and I have a backup.

I like Dubnyk better myself but what I know about goalies, well, I don't know a thing about goalies. ADD is too big of a spaz to my liking. When he does well its luck for the most part, imo. And Dubnyk is just so damn raw.

I don't even know if either is a reasonable option as a backup really. And we know that which ever of them sticks is going to start at least thirty games probably.


Can I have a do-over?

I'm going to take a bit of a mulligan because really this final run is stil before us. If either kid looks like he is a reasonable option then we'll stick with him. The other fellow gets sent to the minors or sent out period.

Really what I'm doing is scanning the list of goalies available as UFAs this summer and I'm going to seriously consider looking for a guy I can get on a bargain deal. I'm going to need him and if Khabibulin goes down again I'm going to tell him and Grossman to fuck back off to Russia. I'll carry the goddamn contract and deal with the dead money.

So we have three options:

1/ Preferred (Dream) Option

Khabibulin goes on LTIR or whatever he needs to do to get me out of his cap hit. I sign a quality guy from the many UFAs and either ADD or Dubnyk backs up.

2/ Realistic Option

Khabibulin is my starter, one of the kids backs him up, the other goes to the minors or just goes away.

3/ Last Option

If neither of the kids does a damn thing the rest of the way here then I hedge my bets and get myself a veteran backup. I'm going to need him.

What do I think?

I think ADD is lousy but Dubnyk has a lot of people who have seen him good. I'm not ready to give up on him yet. Its likely option number two with Dubnyk as the backup.

And I'm looking to draft a keeper and for that matter in my wheeling and dealing a quality goaltending prospect is near the top of my wish list.


hunter1909 said...

"I think if it was as bad as is rumoured then Moreau would have been deep sixed long ago."

You mean like MacTavish was let go because everyone and their seeing eye dog could tell he'd lost the team by his last Christmas?

Or how Tambellini promised everyone big tough players then brought us Comrie?

My point being, Oilers are a completely disfunctional organisation, and have been for a very very long time. I'd argue(and have a pretty good case) they lost it the day Messier left town.

You're really interesting Black Dog, ever since you jumped ship on the Lowebellini fiasco. It's guys like you who win wars, as a matter of fact. Generally good natured, slow to anger, not particularly violent before the fact, but once motivated bringing that moral dimension which, when sitting knee deep in water in a foxhole generally pulls through to the ultimate victory.

Watching the Avs last night(for the first half of the game only), I was totally impressed with the fact they've put together a very young team, who should grow into a powerhouse withing the next season or three. THAT's the only way forward these days. See the Pens/Hawks/Kings/Capitals for proof of this argument.

Halfwise said...



doritogrande said...

No real reason to draft a goalie this year. Don't forget about the turnabout Olivier Roy's had this season.

He's back on track as a prospect.

Black Dog said...

dg - I like Roy, he's also a few years away at best. I want another guy to compete with him, not a first rounder or anything stupid, just pick a goalie

And I'm not sold on either of the present kids at all, picking up a better option would be a good move, imo.

Thanks Halfwise

Black Dog said...

Hunter - yeah sometimes I forget that these guys in management are basically retarded.

spOILer said...

List of UFA goalies:

Turco, Marty
Nabokov, Evgeni
Theodore, Jose
Toskala, Vesa
Mason, Chris
Ellis, Dan
Emery, Ray
Biron, Martin
Budaj, Peter
Hedberg, Johan
Auld, Alex
Lalime, Patrick
Backlund, Johan
Rinne, Pekka
Valiquette, Stephen
MacDonald, Joey
Dubielewicz, Wade
Niittymaki, Antero
Sanford, Curtis
Climie, Matt
Johnson, Brent
Brodeur, Mike
Danis, Yann
Legace, Manny
Raycroft, Andrew
Leighton, Michael

RFA goalies include Price, Halak, JDD, DD, and Niemi on the cap pressed Hawks.

Plenty of options, but it all depends on the timing of the news with Khabi. His situation is locking us up right now. Nor have I heard anything definitive on the retirement rule.


1. He stays & plays. In that case he's likely to spend significant time on the IR. JDD isn't good enough to handle long stretches as starter. I'm looking to dump JDD and pick up Price/Halak (by trade) or hire any of the guys above Valiquette's name for cheap. DD re-signed and re-assigned to the OC.

2. We either get out of Khabi's contract by retirement or Long Term IRathje. I still dump JDD, still re-sign DD and still try to make the trade with MTL happen. If Gainey doesn't bite, then I look to bring in two of the guys on the list above on value contracts. Something like Ellis + Budaj, or Theodore + Raycroft (just as examples). We could likely get a vet tandem for nearly the same price as NK + JDD.

Scott Reynolds said...

Pat, we need to sign another goalie. We can't risk another season on Maginot and the kids if the goal is to win some games. I figure the Oilers can reasonably spend about 1.75 on a "backup" goalie for Khabby. You should be able to get someone decent for that kind of money and so you shouldn't be a disaster in goal. To sum up the plan:

1. Assume you're stuck with Khabibulin but if you can move him along, so much the better.
2. Cut bait with JDD.
3. Sign a UFA/RFA for 1.75M or less.
4. DD to the minors.
5. If you draft a goalie, 4th round at the earliest.

Black Dog said...

Scott - I can get on board with that. Agreed on your thoughts on the draft.

It makes me crazy to throw more money at the goaltending but if they can get someone reasonable at that price (can they?) then its, what, a million more than what they are paying for JDD.

What's scary to me is that I bet they go with status quo.

Scott Reynolds said...

I'm positive someone decent will shake out at 1.75 or under. See who's left after the first day and then make that mid-level play. Surely there will be a couple of attractive pieces who are starting to get the worries about finding a job.

The Status quo would indeed be scary but I think this is one problem they go out and fix. They're going to need to blame the season on something and the goalies seem like the way to go. It sort of behooves you to fix it if it's where you're laying the blame.

Bruce said...

Price/Halak is a pipe dream, thanks to that Khabibulin contract. Both guys want to be #1s, not #1A or #2 somewhere else. Not to mention the budget implications of having two expensive goalies and tying one to the bench. Ask Chicago about how well that worked.

Black Dog said...

The thing that worries me is that Tambellini and management strike me as having little imagination, their thoughts echo what we hear on HNIC every week.

'The Oilers have had bad luck.'

'If it weren't for injuries they would be in the mix'

Paraphrasing here but these are two common themes. No look at the real issues with this team.

And on HNIC on Saturday:

JDD is developing into a quality goalie.

if it weren't for JDD they would have been blown out.

Now, the latter is partially true but really the HNIC crew looks at this guy's try (which is there I admit) and ignore the flaws in his technique and his penchant for allowing horrible goals.

But if HNIC believes it I would guess that Tambellini does as well. Birds of a feather.

Darren said...

BD- When I hear those quotes my thoughts are simply this. A way to make Oiler fans ok with the team, a way to give them excuses to keep tuning in to HNIC if the Oilers ever show up on their station again. Completely a right bashing of the the club will only confirm to everything that they are useless to watch and not tune in.

That, and a zamboni blocking your truck again.

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