Sunday, February 28, 2010


Every game is a story unto itself and within a single game a story will weave and wander. Slovakia beat the Russians and then struggled against Norway and then turned around and beat the Swedes. On Friday night Canada handed the Slovaks their lunch for fifty two minutes and then Lubo scored a softie and then the Slovaks came in waves and by the end of it Canada was lucky that time ran out.

Does it mean anything now? Not really. No more than the American victory over the Finns or what happened last Sunday means anything.

These are two good teams but if you were a betting man you would lay money on Canada who have outplayed and outchanced every opponent by a wide margin. Its likely that they will do so again tonight and that the only way that they will lose is if Ryan Miller is outstanding and the Americans are a little lucky.

And based on what has happened in this tournament before today and what we know about the game of hockey we know that this is entirely possible.

Canada is going to come out in a tremendous wave. Here's hoping that that wave washes the game young Yankees right out of the rink.

Lets go you Canucks! Lets go now! Lets bring home that gold!


Baroque said...

It's a good thing this is the final game - you must be running out of superlatives by now.

Hoping for an excellent game.

(but go usa.) :)

Brad said...

To paraphrase my boy "I AM AWAKE NOW!!!"

Burky and Wilson (what does everyone call Wilson? Willy?) gave the boys all the bulletin board material they could ever want yesterday.

3 hours and counting!

PDO said...

So, I know you're not big into the medal count... but it must mean something that our athletes, if the men come through today, can win more golds as a group than anyone in the history of the competition has? :-).

5-2, just like last time.

PDO said...

For Canada, that is.

Brad said...

This stat sounds pretty fukin good:

"50% of all Canada's medals won in 2010 were Gold."

Damn. How cool is that.

Halfwise said...

Great game. Ups and downs, ebbs and flows, all that good stuff throughout.

Thought they were pissing it away during the last two minutes where no one would skate it out and take a shot at the EN. Tie game was inevitable after Cuthbert's stupid comment about a gold medal with about 50 seconds left.

Satisfying, gratifying outcome. What an unexpected shot from Sidney.

Now we return to our normal programming. Gawd I hope the golf course opens early this spring.

Bruce said...

A gargantuan win in a leviathan game. (Way to) Go Canada!

doritogrande said...

Jonathan Toews is a Winnipeg MONSTER!

Anonymous said...

Funny how a lot of Oiler fans pumped Miller for this game, and even though he's never won a freakin thing, put him ahead of Luongo in quality of goaltending.
I've waded through the shitshow over at Lowetides, and i'm tryin to figure out if its just natural Luongo hate cause he's a Canuck, or cause he's not regarded as very good?
That OT goal Miller let in was brutal, and yet no one has called him on it. He lost the US a chance at the Gold with that odd angled whiff.
Anyways, go Canada. As a Vancouverite, i've never been more proud of Canada.
These olympics will live on for a while here, 110% success in my books.
Ps- I posted here some time ago, but life has gotten busier and i've forgotten my login password.
Pps- Kesler was unreal today, I cherish him as a Canuck.

PDO said...


There's this stuff out in Alberta called Brewhouse.

It's basically the cheap version of Pilsner, which is the cheap version of Molson.

24 for $20!


Krazy Rick said...

Hey BD...

It's a proud day to be Canadian!!
I've spent the last two weeks watching our athletes compete against the world and have lived and died with every second spent on the ski runs, ice surfaces and sled runs! It has been an amazing two weeks for all our athletes.
Capped off by the nail-biting win today over the Americans, this has been the greatest gold medal haul EVER by any one country!! And us QUIET, POLITE and EVER SO HUMBLE Canadians did it!
What makes me so proud is not the Gold total, not the 26 total medals, but, the way we as Canadians came together throughout the Games to celebrate and show the world just who we are.
GOD, I feel so good today and I'm sure it will last for quite some time!!
Keep up the good work. I look forward every day to experiencing life from your perspective.

Black Dog said...

what a game


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