Friday, January 29, 2010

Something Good

I'm a big Olympics guy. I know the IOC is horseshit and all that but I still love the whole show. I'll be glued to the TV for two weeks in two weeks.

Clara Hughes was named the flagbearer for Canada on Friday. Couldn't think of a better choice. A medallist in two sports. Imagine! And her work for Right To Play is admirable.

One of the local papers with a little bit of an interesting tale about Clara. Good stuff.
Lets hope that she and her teammates bring us a some good results; it would be a nice relief from the shitshow that is the Edmonton Oilers.


Bruce said...

An awesome choice. First class all the way. All positive attitude, all smile, and all guts. And as you say, what she (and other athletes, especially speedskaters) has done with Right to Play is top notch.

From a sporting perspective, Clara's win in the 5000m was absolutely The highlight of the Turin Olympics.

PDO said...

What's with Canada's refusal to acknowledge that Hockey is our sport?

Now, I'm not saying Sidney Crosby was the obvious choice, I'm just saying... ;).

But it's something I constantly notice with flag bearers, "Canadian Athlete of the Year of Awards" etc, etc.

Not to take anything away from the young lady, I'm sure she's fantastic at her sport and a great Canadian...

I just don't get the need this country feels to love and ignore hockey at the same time.

Just my $0.02.

Black Dog said...

I'm with you Bruce, she is the best choice. Probably the greatest of all Canadian OLympians.

PDO - usually we agree, pal, but not this time.

Although I am with you on the Athlete of the Year thing, at times anyhow.

Danielle Goyette carried the flag into the games. And in 24, 28, 32 and 48 the flag was carried in by a hockey player (and I did look that up btw) ;)

I don't think there is any doubt in Canadians' minds that hockey is our sport - they run those polls as to which we would prefer - only hockey gold or an overall win at the Olympics - and the first either wins out or does quite well I think.

But in this case when it comes to a choice between someone who is pretty close to a true amateur and a professional hockey player then I think the right choice is Clara Hughes. Crosby or whomever has made millions of dollars, plays in front of huge crowds, has won the Cup.

I like the NHL guys in the Olympics, mostly because its the only best on best right now. I'd be happy if they went to, say, an under 20 format.

But a pro need not be the guy carrying the flag. Not necessary.

Brad said...

I'll be volunteering at the Athlete's Village in 2 weeks (yah me! no autographs please).
As part of that I was at the world speed skating championships doing some training. I got to meet Clara as I ushered her thru the throng of 6 Canadian press folks. No turning it on and turning it off for the media. She was a great person and you damn well needed sunglasses when she smiled. Of anything that may or may not go wrong for the Olympics, she embodies what it means to represent her country.

Doogie2K said...

PDO: Also, Crosby has already won the Lou Marsh twice in his first four seasons as a pro player. Not a bad record, all told.

Me, I'm baffled by the fact that Clara Hughes (a) is 37, because no fucking way, and (b) had this whole other athletic career before becoming "famous" (relatively speaking) as a speed skater.

doritogrande said...

Go Winnipeg!

Bruce said...

Doogie: Atlanta, Sidney, Salt Lake City, Turin, Vancouver. 2 summer games, 3 winter; 2 summer medals, 3 winter, with hopefully another to come. Always loved her attitude, that 1000 watt smile shone through whether she was riding a bike or the blades.

She was already famous before she returned to speed skating. Double medallists generally don't miss out on the spotlight, especially ones with personality plus.

Bruce said...

Now, I'm not saying Sidney Crosby was the obvious choice, I'm just saying... ;).

PDO: A minor problem with that idea is that the Penguins are hosting the Rangers the night of the opening ceremonies. NHL plays right through opening weekend in Vancouver, and the men's hockey tourney doesn't start until Day 5.

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