Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So This Is Christmas

This is the baby last Christmas. Now she's seventeen months old and a madman through and through. Any opportunity for mischief and she takes it, whether its climbing into her brother's chair and eating his supper or heading up the stairs whenever the gate is unlatched.

At least once a day I will be downstairs and hear the pitter patter over my head. A quick head count determines that the one person upstairs is the one person who should not be upstairs.

She keeps us on our toes.

She is still a little young to figure out Christmas although she is quite fascinated by the tree. Her sister and her brother, on the other hand, have had it figured out and the countdown began weeks ago. They are so excited that they are actually losing sleep. Between that and the Christmas chocolate and candy cane ice cream (seriously! can you imagine?) they are bouncing off the walls and in this case its not a figure of speech.

Meanwhile we, the oldsters, are loving every minute of it. We both love Christmas, for the time spent with family and friends, for the excitement of the children, for the sheer celebration of it all.

So from the McLeans, best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season, for belt busting meals, plenty of nog and spiced beer and red wine, for nights out with friends and nights spent with family, for the sheer delight in the eyes of your children.

Merry Christmas!


Darren said...

Merry Christmas to as well. I love your blog even if you are a Sp*rs fan! :)

HBomb said...

Merry Christmas Pat. May the Oilers deliver us Taylor Hall six months after Christmas as our collective "gift".

kanadienkyle said...

Merry Christmas McLeans. Thanks for the most entertaining part of the morning, to wit:

KK's wife: Why the hell did you donate $14.63 to Prostate Cancer Research?

KK: I didn't...what the hell?


It literally took me an hour til I remembered the mustache. Old age is killer.

Black Dog said...

lol Kyle, great stuff

Best wishes to you and your wife, to you and your family Darren and to you Tyler. Enjoy.

HBomb said...

Oh yeah - that's one cute facial expression on young Kate. Probably very similar to the one on her dad's face if he exceeds his "four pint limit".

Cory Klein said...

Merry Christmas to all of you. This blog seems to carry itself with a wink wink happy joy regardless of topic and I love it for that. I love the knowledge base at LT's but sometimes the comment section reminds me of a Vancouver winter.


Brad said...

Merry Christmas BD and all who drop by. I have to say that I found your blog because a girl I work with's husband has the same deal with the Score (does anyone here still call it Headline Sports like me every once in a while?) for the Canucks.
I have learned and laughed for 4 of 5 months now. Without this blog and the way the Oilers are playing, it could just as easily be tears.
To all a good night.

PDO said...

Merry Christmas, best to you and yours Pat.

Bruce said...

Just catching up on your 12 days of Christmas series (computer issues recently so fell behind). Great work as always, anybody who can discuss the Oilers and somehow make me laugh at the same time is a miracle worker.

Best wishes to you, Pat, and to your readers for a great holiday season.

Baroque said...

Christmas was pretty boring to me for a while - until my sister had her first. It's a holiday for the kids for sure, and I expect my nephew will run me ragged building stuff with his Lincoln logs and blocks and chasing the dogs and cats around. :)

Merry Christmas to all, and safe travels.

Black Dog said...

Thanks Bruce, best wishes to your family.

Merry Christmas to all of you. Its Christmas Eve and the kids are ready to tear the place apart. The tension is palpable, like a virgin on his wedding night.

Mr DeBakey said...

Merry Kiss-Moose!

I can't remember the name of the book that come from,
But the Heir & the Spare got a great kick out of it each year.

You're smart to cheer for Spurs
I cheer for bloody Southampton
Fuckin' Saints.

Jordan said...

Always a pleasure BD. Many thanks for everything you give to the online community here, and the very best of wishes to you and your family. May the fuzzy moments, the good times, and Christmas Spirits keep you and yours in the best of holiday cheer.

Black Dog said...

Thanks Jordan, Merry Christmas. And to you as well, Colin.

Best wishes of the season Brad and Cory, I always enjoy your comments. And of course Baroque I appreciate yours as well although sometimes wonder what a girl like you is doing in a place like this. ;)

And Brian, best wishes for a great Christmas and a great new year. Hope its terrific.

doritogrande said...

That kid is going to cause you unthinkable trouble later in life Pat. Just a look of pure mischief in those big blue eyes. At least she got her mom's side of the gene pool for looks, because from what I've read over the years it looks like she'll develop dad's attitudes.

Dinner for 16 tonight on the Ukranian side (12 meatless dishes and all that), and 16 for Christmas day tomorrow. Follow that by a 12-hour pilgrimmage out to Banff for my yearly offering of my body to the trees of the Rocky Mountain ski hills. Christmas season always seems a little on the rushed side for me, but I woulnd't have it any other way.

Merry Christmas all.

Halfwise said...

I hope your Christmas was even more than you imagined it would be. The excitement and the new layers of family memories and the food and drink and the afterglow...this is the stuff of life.

Tomorrow the World Juniors start and that will be worth following. What passes for The Edmonton Oilers will resume what they imagine is playing hockey, and that too will be closely followed but without the sense of hope that many of us began the season with.

Thanks for this year's additions to your great blog, Pat. You earn your fans' eyeballs multiple times per week and it's all worth re-reading long after the games themselves have been forgotten. Cheers!

Baroque said...

Greatest lesson of Christmas:

The "Circle of Life" hasn't got squat to do with the Lion King. It has to do with watching now grown kids struggling with assembly instructions, stickers, and multiple plastic parts as I keep the children busy with "linking logs" the same way my mom and dad used to have late-night assembly projects on Christmas Eve so many years ago. :)

hunter1909 said...

she looks like the type that figures out shes prettier than her sis by the age of three.

MikeP said...

Somewhat belated, but I hope your Xmas hols have gone well so far, and will continue doing so.

And OMG CANDY CANE ICE CREAM. I'd eat that all year if they'd sell it to me (or if I had a freezer big enough to keep it all in). There's got to be crack, or heroin, or Tim's coffee, or something in it.

Anonymous said...

awww too cute!!
Hope it was a warm and wonderful Christmas BD, and may it carry over into the new year