Friday, December 11, 2009

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me two sausages and Lubomir Visnovsky.

I'm just finishing up a sausage from John, my friendly neighbourhood sausage guy. He cuts a fine figure with his cap, his mustache and his charming European accent.

I always get the Polish sausage. Throw a little corn relish on there and I'm ready to go.

I ask for it and he always smiles:

Polish Polish, yessir. No box!

No sir, no box.

When I was a single man living on the Island in my apartment I would have sausages for lunch and sausages for supper. Fry em up, yes sir. Eat them right out of the pan. Alternate that with a fry up of ground beef and onions.


Of course the entire triplex reeked of my culinary masterpieces and I forever suffered from a pretty good case of bad gas.

Oh well. If I had a last meal planned a steak would probably be tops on the list or maybe bacon and eggs. And lamb. I fucking love lamb, those little wooly bastards taste so good. But a good old sausage on a bun and a beer sits right up there.


spOILer said...

Wow, are we going to be treated to a post a day? There really is a Santa Claus!

Now if I was being given a choice between lamb, sausage, and bacon for my last meal, there'd be no need to kill me because my head would explode all by itself.

I once worked at a Greek restaurant for 7 years just so I could eat lamb 4 times a week.

Word verification: ovenon
The one for the Soviet post was "redis".

I'm telling you, this place is freaky.

A lot of interesting times at the Greek taverna...

I can remember one night, standing on the meridian out front of the Greek place at 4 am, way way back in the day, with my boss and a certain Oiler nicknamed "Sammy", seeing who go drive a golf ball the farthest down Whyte Ave. Let's just say the proprietor had a wicked slice. I'm pretty sure Sammy's ball is still rolling. Good times.

Of course this was before Whyte was polluted with young crazy people. Should have left it for us more sane types.

spOILer said...

Sorry: "go" = "could".

Dennis said...

Pat: Ty tells me that you're like the older, more mature and grown up version of me and I have to tell you that I'm starting to believe him:)

From the tales of drinking and whoremastery right down to your choice of foods, it's beginning to get eerie:)

Black Dog said...

Dennis - maybe its like the movie Fight Club, ever think about that? ;) Can't talk about it though, first rule.

spOILer - my first trip to England I was over there for ten days for work and I must have had lamb for dinner five times. Love it.

Sammy, Sammy .. hmmm

ranford4life said...

Bobby Essensa's nickname was Sammy...

Halfwise said...

That would have to be Yianni's restaurant, where The Cup once spent a night because, uh, the boys forgot it. Not run by Yianni anymore, but still a first class place.

Speaking of sausages, I make Ukrainian Sushi at Christmas. Take a Triscuit, put a piece of garlic sausage on it, a dab of wasabi and a slice of sushi ginger from the jar. This, my friends, is multicultural epicurean quality.

And it is also, I promise, the one and only "cooking" tip I will post. No actual cooking required.

B.C.B. said...

Meat = Oilers. mmmmmmmmm, lamb wrapped in bacon.

eggie said...

It's a total sausagefest up in here.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm all this talk of food. Love the sausage especially Toulouse sausage and don't get me started on lamb. Any sausage worth it's salt must have at least 90% meat content. Venison and red wine are another favourite.

My late father used to work at New Zealand's biggest export port and would bring hone sides of lamb. We had a chest freezer the six foot long x 3 feet wide x 4 feet high and as part of a family of six it was usually full. While I love lamb (it cost a fortune here in the UK, more than beef pork and chicken per kilo. Don't know whether it's a vailable there but I have tasted hoggart and mutton better than lamb. Some of the best lamb I have tasted apart from from home countrys is Shetland lamb that eat a diet that is predominantly heather. There is a breed in Orkney if I recall eat seaweed washed up on the shore whch apparently tastes a mazing.

This may be my first post here but Dennis and I go back aways to the early days of the internet. Enjoy your post BD. Keep up the great work!

spOILer said...

Actually, Anonymous, you post here quite often.

Halfwise, the one and the same.

Back in the day, the basement bars and the basements of bars saw some crazy shit.

Anonymous said...

Usually post as Oiler_Kiwi very occasionally. Keep forgetting my login details

Black Dog said...

Oiler_kiwi - I was wondering when I saw the anon post, two Kiwis read this blog I wondered?

I like the NZ lamb we get here in Canada but don't love it, of course its travelled the world and its frozen so to be expected.

Really enjoyed the lamb in the UK although no idea as to where any of it was from.

One recent time in PEI we had lamb from Nova Scotia, of course very fresh, it may have been the best I have tasted. This Friday we are having our company Christmas party at a Moroccan joint, we had to order ahead and I am preparing myself for the "Lamb Feast".

Oh yeah.