Monday, October 12, 2009

A La King, Larry, Not Dennis

Thanksgiving Monday and the house is quiet, everyone is asleep. Except the three kids, the dog and me.

Tomorrow is going to be awful at work so chances of banging something out (banging, heh) are slim to none, so in the style of Larry King, Mike Lupica, Steve Simmons and Bruce Garrioch here is a quick list of thoughts for you to read with your morning coffee before you go back to bed with your girlfriends, you goddamn punks.

Keeping in mind that it is, as we know, still early.

I hate his contract still (although apparently there is an out) but if Khabibulin plays like he did on Saturday for sixty games then the Oilers will be fine for sixty games. Guy just always seems to be in position, he makes it look easy. And his demeanour inspires confidence...Still that minor question of his backup though, I guess we'll get to see JDD pretty soon, not really looking forward to that...With Hemsky's performance Saturday I think we can say that he has woken up finally...I love Shawn Horcoff, always have, but he does need to produce some offence at some point, he just does...With JFJ its all confidence, me thinks, and if he gets rolling I believe that he could be a surprise, I know I'm in the minority here, he did produce in the minors though, its not like he's coming out of nowhere, I think when he's on the ice, btw, the other clubs is quite aware, my God the size of him...O'Sullivan's goal on Saturday was all Ryan Stone, the kid knows what he is doing out there and while he may slide down the depth chart at some point I think he could be a solid guy to fill out the bottom six for a while, he's smart, always in position, puck comes up his wing and its out of the zone everytime...Comrie is reborn, good health and your career on the line might do these things...Looks like Sam Gagner might be becoming an NHLer in every way...Cogliano, on the other hand, could use some linemates with a little more offensive skill I think...Lady Smid has emerged, not a moment too soon...Brule is a little sizzle but not much else, if they waive him he'll get picked up for sure but colour me unimpressed really...Arrows pointing the right way so far for a lot of the Oilers' prospects - Eberle, Cornet, MPS and the Finn all having nice starts, the college guys to come...Springfield apparently has issues however...O'Sullivan's game on Saturday hasn't changed my mind about the guy, good skater and playmaker, hard on the puck...Dustin Penner was meh again, second game in a row, but I'd like to see him with Cogliano, good for both I'd say...I like Grebs but would prefer if he were a little less of a gambler, that goal at the end of the second started with Brule but where was Grebs - I mean 2 on 1?, now does that happen?...Steve Staios has always had a lot of try, unfortunately that's about all he has left, I think he and Moreau may get the Gator treatment next summer...When Pouliot returns MacIntyre is a goner but what happens when Fernando comes back? That's when a tough decision will have to be made...Oiler PK actually shut the door on Saturday but it may have just been the Habs' ineptitude...actually all of Saturday may have been.

That's all I've got for now folks, have to go, I smell gasoline, the dog is whimpering and the baby just walked by with a lighter. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!


quain said...

Considering Khabibulin hasn't played 60 games since I was awkwardly feeling up my best friend's ex-girlfriend in the backseat of my '86 Camry (I like how that was only seven years ago, but makes it sound like it was the late 80's) and since his very nice night on Saturday only jumped his SV% up to .890, I think you might be setting the target a little high.

I think the hope should be more than one good game per three bad games.

doritogrande said...

O'Sullivan's goal on Saturday was all Ryan Stone

I'll bite on this one. Stone may have done some good work on the play, but I was put in awe of POS' wrist shot. It was a very tight shot to begin what with all the defending sticks in the way. He got it off lightning quick and nailed top drawer right under the bar. That's a Joe Sakic type wrister and I'd love to see that 24 more times this year.

By saying that play was all Stone seems to me like you're saying any player on the team could have scored with an opportunity like that. And guaranteed Shawn Horcoff doesn't make that a goal. True snipers know what to do when given opportunity.

Eberle, Cornet, MPS and the Finn all having nice starts

We've got two fins you know. You're just lucky they're both having good starts. Abney's racking up the PIM too, 17 of them in the tilt last night. It's kind of weird though, his team's played about half the games of some other Dub clubs. Wonder what's going on there.

I was really expecting more out of Olivier Roy, but his stats are godawful to start the season. I was taken to assume he'd be on the radar for the WJC team this year. If he's still getting an invite, our goaltending is going to have issues this year.

And no back to sleep for me. Unlike all you old buggers, stat days are the ones where us University students make money. You know, so we can go out and do things eventually. Once our 16 papers are done.

Krazy Rick said...

Good Morning BD...
I like your assessment of the play so far. Sure wish I could see more of the games but alas, I can't afford the pricey Center Ice to view them!! I'm stuck hoping Hockey Night In Canada shows more Oilers on the late games.
It seems we are running into way too many injuries on the back end and I'm afraid it will further hurt our chances. From what I have read, there doesn't seem to be too much help coming from the "farm".
As far as Khabibulin is concerned, seems to me he is coming along just fine. It takes time to adjust to playing with a new team. You have to learn a new system and how your new mates react to different situations. He's a professional, right? He'll get it pretty soon, right??
Let the dog out and grab the lighter before the wife wakes up and everything will be just fine!!


Black Dog said...

dg - yep O'Sullivan took advantage of the opportunity and it was a quality play but Stone intercepted the pass and then outworked the Habs to get the puck to him

And you're right Rajala has had a nice start too.

quain - all of that is true but I do think he will be fine, why, well, I don't know, just positive thinking for a change

as for 60 games well I did say 'if' remember ;)

Bar Qu said...

Blasted kids not only not letting me sleep in, but the baby (9mos) keeps waking up in the middle of the night - teething $#%@$!

I am more positive about Sully now that he potted that nice goal and that tip by JFJ was no fluke either.

Deano said...

I am a Jacques fan too - actually more of a fan of the idea of Jacques. Its not only the 'size of him' but the speed of him too. None of the lumbering big man al a Penner (and I am a Penner fan).

Looks to me like both our goaltenders have rebound control issues. At least its consistent for the D-men.

quain - with 8 'legit' goals against instead of 13 what is Khabby's GAA and SP? Not a scientific argument, but fully 1/3 of the goals against have been 'flukey' to say the least. This run is anecdotal evidence that save percentage, like goals-against-average, is also a team stat - just less so.

Krazy Rick - If you look, there are online video streams available to watch games on the PC, albeit at lower video quality. (Mac users may miss the odd one for technical reasons)

Black Dog said...

Bar Qu - we were fairly lucky with the teething, except for my son around that same time

a little Motrin might help if you haven't tried it

Its temporary anyways pal.

Deano - If Jacques can get on a roll and keep it going he will play in the league for a while, now that he has accepted that he has to use his size at the very least he can play on the fourth line, here's hoping for better

KR - yeah, check out the threads at Lowetide's, there are always posts as to where you can watch the game, I don't have CI either