Wednesday, October 14, 2009

After Monday Bruce's Love Has To Be As Deep As An Ocean

Its true. Bruce did come to Stortini on a summer's breeze. I believe that he touched Zorg in a raging blizzard though, not the falling rain. I wasn't there but I heard about it one time when I was at this bar. Or did I read about it in Hello!

Can't remember.

Anyhow, congrats to Bruce, we know how proud you must be. A fine moment for Bruce Jr. Here's hoping for many more.


Bruce said...
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Bruce said...

BDHS: Thanks ... I think. I'm fairly certain that was the first, first-star performance of Zorg's burgeoning career. Cause for celebration for his legion of fans ("legion" = me, BCB, and a few family members in Elliot Lake).

Unfortunately I missed the game entirely, was on a slow boat to Vancouver Island at the time. I've watched enough video since to see Zorg clearly win what appeared to be a long and tiring fight on his first shift, then have enough left to pot a pair of goals from close range later in that memorable first period, including a powerplay goal and a nifty backhand dangle. His Sh% for the year is now 66.7%!

As you know I've backed this guy since very early days, and continue to see a solid if limited upside. Looks like Quinn plans to pencil him in the line-up every game which is the right way to handle him IMO. Limit his ice time, sure, but not his GP ... with his infectious attitude and work ethic Zorg can help the team every night. He sure did on Monday!!